A small but huge gesture


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With COVID 19 in full swing I haven't seen my girlfriend in about 2 weeks. She knows I am an ABDL and is okay but doesn't participate. A few years ago I had a mental breakdown and took my wearing way too far (still live at home) and bombarded her with this side of me when it was all still new. 5 weeks in an institute, a manic depressive diagnosis and a long bout of depression were granted on me, and unfortunately I had scared her away from my ABDL side. It was only this year that we managed to get to open communication again about it.

As I said, we've been apart which is tough but we've talked on the phone and now we're playing Animal Crossing together. I was wandering my town and my mailbox lit up with a postcard with a simple message, the decorating on the postcard was of bottles and bears and strollers. I was shocked to open it and my heart was racing. It was such a tiny gesture but in my mind this is the epitome of "I accept you" after so long of silence on the issue.

I know I won't see her for a long time but that tiny thing has made my day and I'll probably think of it for a week.
It's a dark time, and it's what I needed.


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I'm glad that happened. In these tense times, it's so nice when someone reaches out to another in such a meaningful way.