A size too big?

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Just wanted to know what would be the best solution to use diapers (don't want to waste) which are a size too big?
imho diapers tend to work better when a little oversize. Just have to move the tapes a bit. It becomes more important to tape the lowers AROUND the leg, and not try to aim them toward each other in the front. Otherwise the leak guards and leg cuffs don't stay up and in place and you'll get leaks. Try to keep the top tapes going around your beltline. (avoid taping them as high as possible) If the diaper is a lot longer (front to back) than you need, you may be pulling the front up quite a bit, so it's not even with the back. That can lead to a bit of a "front overhang" but that's ok. If a large diaper has a lot of "dead plastic" (no padding) in the front and is going to overhang a lot, I'll take a scissors and cut most of it off. (always leave at least an inch though)
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