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Quick edit: before I forget, I have to introduce this story a bit.


I've written a few stories before. I've posted some of them anonymously or under pseudonyms. I generally got good feedback on how to improve, and not a lot about what worked well. Suffice to say, they weren't very good stories in the first place, but still...

Anyways, I've been trying for a while to write a better story. I would say that this story is my best so far. I can recognize the faults in it, but I put a lot of thought and a lot of work into the story, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

A Single Step Backwards
By DustRabbit

Chapter 1

Suzan had been frantically preparing for weeks. Getting appropriate bags, scheduling and unscheduling, dealing with two rowdy, excited kids...yes, it was all in a Mother’s day of work as she prepared for the upcoming road trip. Right now, she was stuffing clothes and toothbrushes and junk into a duffel bag that didn’t look like it would even fit through the door, let alone fit in a car with 5 people and their luggage.

“Mommy, Mommy!” said a voice at her feet. Suzan smiled -- her 6-year-old daughter Ellie was standing there dressed in an adorable little skirt and T-shirt. Her light brown ponytail flew into her eyes as she bounced up and down in excitement.

“Yes, Ellie?” Suzan said, taking a break from packing.

“Ben’s been teasing me!” she said, not at all seeming sad or angry. In fact, Ellie seemed rather happy to be tattling on her older brother. Suzan sighed. She patted Ellie on the head.

“I’ll talk to him later,” said Suzan. Ellie, seeming disappointed, walked away. Just then, Suzan remembered something.

“Wait, Ellie?” called Suzan, “Could you come back here for a minute?”

“Huh?” said Ellie, poking her head around the corner.

“Did you already change into your diaper?” asked Suzan. Ellie kind of half-smiled, swaying back and forth.

“Uh...yeah?” said Ellie unconvincingly. Suzan sighed.

“Don’t lie, Ellie.” she said, reaching quickly and pulling up her skirt a little. She shook her head and sighed once again. “Come on, Ellie. You know why you have to do this.”

“But Mommmmmy!” Ellie groaned, “I’m a big girl now!”

“Of course you are, Pumpkin,” said Suzan, grabbing her hand and pulling her down the hall from her bedroom, “but even big girls have accidents sometimes.”

“But it only happened once!” pleaded Ellie. Suzan shook her head as she led the girl down the stairs.

“It happened three times, Ellie,” said Suzan, “three times this year -- on every trip we’ve had that’s longer than a few hours. We’re not riding in my car this time around, and I can’t have you peeing on Katie’s mom’s car seat.”

“But it’s so unfair!” said Ellie as they entered her pink-colored room. Suzan tripped over some dolls and a teddy bear as she beckoned Ellie to lie down on her bed. “I mean,” continued Ellie, “Ben doesn’t have to wear a diaper like a baby!”

“Ellie, Ben doesn’t have a problem with wetting himself,” said Suzan, walking over to the dresser. “Besides, he’s two years older than you.” Ellie groaned again -- she didn’t like to be belittled because of her age. Suzan pulled out a folded diaper with a soft crinkle. “Alright Ellie, lie down for me...”


Elsewhere, Ben was having a conversation with his dad, who was outside.

“So Ben”, said his dad, “Are you still sure you want to go on the trip? You could stay here and have fun with your friends.”

“No,” said Ben, “I want to see the Grand Canyon too!” His dad sighed.

“Remember though, Ellie’s friend is a girl, and she has her mom coming along too. You’ll be the only boy. Wouldn’t you rather play with other boys?” Ben shook his head. His dad sighed again.

“Alright, I guess...” he said finally, “You’d better tell your mom that you’re going to come too, before she leaves without you.”

“Ok Dad,” said Ben, “I’ll see you later.”


“There, that wasn’t so hard was it?” said Suzan as Ellie stood up.

“Ugh,” said Ellie overdramatically, “It’s so thick and crinkly.” Suzan laughed a little. Ellie returned this by pouting.

“Oh, Ellie,” said Suzan, “I know this is hard for you, but it’s just while we drive. You don’t have to use it necessarily, it’s just...just in case.” This seemed to perk Ellie up a bit.

“Ok Mommy,” said Ellie. “I won’t need it though!”


Ben, Ellie, and Suzan all got in the car after the bags were packed. It was a big blue van -- big enough to hold a whole family and friends. In fact, this was exactly what was happening. The car was actually that of Ellie’s friend Katie’s mom -- the two families had decided to go on a trip together to the Grand Canyon.

“Hi Ellie!” said Katie, “Ready to see the Pterodactyls?”

“Pterodactyls?” asked Ellie, “Really?”

“Yup,” said Katie, “They’re all over the Grand Canyon. If you don’t bother them they won’t bother you. That’s what I read in a book.”

Meanwhile, Suzan and Katie’s mom, Karen, were laughing at their kids’ exchange.

“Honey,” said Suzan, “there are no pterodactyls in the Grand Canyon anymore. They’re extinct.”

“Awww...” said Katie, “Really?” She pouted a little, as if her one reason for going on the trip had just been crushed.

“Oh,” said Karen, “Did you actually decide know...have Ellie wear them?” Suzan nodded.

“Wear what?” asked Katie, looking to her mom and then to Ellie. Ellie looked away, her face blushing red.

“Sweetie,” said Suzan, “Ellie has to wear a...a big-girl diaper for the trip.”

“REALLY?” shouted Katie. Ellie looked down and away even more. “That’s so cool! Can I see it?” Ellie looked at her confused for a second. Then she smiled big and pulled down her skirt a little, showing the white diaper..

“That’s so awesome!” yelled Katie, “I’m really jealous.”

“But they make her look like a big baby.” pointed out Ben. Katie and Ellie looked at him like he was stupid.

“I think they’re really really cool. Way cooler than pterodactyls.” said Katie finally. Ellie agreed, tentatively. It was clear that she was still uncomfortable being regressed back to babyhood.

“Ok, does everyone have seatbelts on?” asked Karen.

“Yes,” said the 3 children in unison.

“Then let’s go!”

Chapter 2

As the car drove down the thick, congested freeway, it soon became apparent that having 3 kids and a baby in the back seat wasn’t the best plan. 15 minutes into the trip, and Ben was already fighting with Ellie.

“No tag-backs!” yelled Ben.

“Oh Lord,” cried Suzan from the passenger seat, “They’re playing tag in the back seat of the car?” Karen just laughed.

“Hey,” said Karen, turning back for a second, “Why don’t you play something a little less physical?”

“Like.....” pondered Katie, “Like tennis!”

“No, Katie, that’s more physical.” corrected Karen. Katie thought another moment.

“How about we try to find Bigfoot? There are a lot of trees over there, I’m sure we’ll see all sorts of monsters on the side of the road!”

“That should keep them entertained for awhile,” whispered Suzan happily.


An hour later, and the kids were still scanning the trees. They were sure that they’d seen at least 20 different creatures in the woods, ranging from grizzly bears to unicorns and T-rexes. Katie in particular had seen what seemed to be every possible imaginary beast, including a few she made up herself.

“She’s very imaginative, isn’t she?” asked Suzan.

“Katie?” said Karen, “She’s been like that ever since she got a crayon set a few years ago. Since then, she draws so much that I bet she’ll be an artist someday.” A moment later, Ellie tapped Suzan’s shoulder.

“Mommy?” she said, “I need to pee.”

“Really?” sighed Suzan. “We literally just passed a rest stop. Can you hold it?”

“Maybe!” yelled Ellie, fidgeting noticeably. Karen pulled over to the right lane, preparing to turn off at the next rest stop along the way.

“I reeeally need to go now Mommy!” she moaned, still fidgeting in her seat.

“That’s what the diaper is for, honey,” said Suzan, “If you can’t hold it, then go and I’ll change you when we pull into the next rest stop.”

“But Mommy--” protested Ellie, still fidgeting. Then she stopped, slumped down in her seat, and began to cry. “Waaaaaah!” she bawled, just like a baby in need of a diaper change. Suzan sighed.

“Alright, Ellie,” said Suzan, “Just wait for a bit and I’ll go and change you when we get to the next rest stop.” Ellie was still crying. Katie and Ben were kind of awkwardly looking away, trying not to be involved.

A few minutes later, they had stopped at the seedy-looking rest stop. Suzan was off in the restroom helping Ellie change into new clothes and a diaper. Karen put a towel on the seat -- it was dry for now, but it was best to be safer. Just then, Ellie and Suzan came out of the bathroom. This time, though, Ellie was only wearing her shirt and a diaper. Ellie was still sniffling as Karen, puzzled, asked Suzan why Ellie wasn’t wearing her skirt.

“Well,” she said, “Her diaper just barely leaked. Apparently she forgot to go to the bathroom when we left home, so she had a full load saved up. It’s a miracle that your seat is fine. Since her skirt has a big wet stain on the front now, and we only have a few more changes of clothes for her, it’s better for her to just go like this for now.”

“But Mommy, I look like a baby like this! It’s embarrassing!” complained Ellie.

“Sweetie, I know it’s hard, but it’s only until we get to the hotel.” said Suzan. Ellie sniffled, obviously not agreeing with her mom’s logic. They both got in the car, as Karen drove out of the rest stop and back onto the freeway.

While Ellie wasn’t happy about her new attire, Katie was actually really fascinated.

“Ellie, Ellie!” she badgered, “I was wondering, how does wearing a diaper feel?”

“It’s really crinkly and thick,” replied Ellie, still noticeably sniffling. “But it’s also pretty soft.”

“I think it looks cute.” said Katie, patting the diaper. Ellie blushed, but she appreciated the compliment.


45 minutes later, and the kids were bored again.

“I’m soooooooooo bored!” moaned Katie. “Soooooooooooooo booooooooored...”

“How about...” pondered Suzan, obviously getting into a routine about trying to find ways to entertain the children, “How about you tell jokes?”


As Katie got to the punchline of her next joke, the entire car, including moms, burst out into laughter.

“Where do you get all these jokes?” giggled Ellie.

“I made them up!” replied Katie, obviously looking proud about herself. Ben was still laughing from the last joke.

A few more jokes later, Suzan noticed something. At first, she thought it was just her imagination. But after Karen sniffed the air and whispered something in Suzan’s ear, she turned around and confronted the children. She looked at Ellie.

“Ellie,” she said, “Did you wet your diaper already?” Ellie stopped laughing. Slowly, she felt inside her diaper.

“Nope!” she said, seeming relieved. Then she looked at Katie, and then at Ben...and then she noticed the stain on his pants. She gasped.

“Ben peed his pants! Ben peed his pants!” she yelled, pointing at Ben. Ben pushed her away, but Suzan had already seen the damage.

“Ben!” she scolded, “You peed your pants in Katie’s mom’s car! I thought you didn’t have problems with that!”

“I...” said Ben, beginning to tear up, “I just kind of leaked. I laughed too hard at Katie’s joke.”

“Well ‘kind of leaked’ is the same thing! Do you know how much it will cost Katie’s family to replace the seat?” Ben looked ashamed -- ashamed of wetting his pants, ashamed of being a burden. Ashamed of beginning to cry as his mom bore down on him. Ashamed that he was crying and peeing his pants in front of his sister and her friend.

Karen pulled over to the side of the freeway. Suzan got out and pulled Ben with her to the back of the car, opening the trunk and removing a few bags to make room for Ben to sit there. First, she removed the pants and stuck them in a garbage bag. Then, she removed his underwear, which was already soaking wet. He felt embarrassed as his mom took off his shirt, which was slightly stained as well.

He was even more embarrassed as he saw Katie and Ellie peeking over their seats at him. Ellie had seen Ben naked before -- they used to take baths together -- but not for at least 5 years. And Katie had never seen any boy in that way before. As Ellie giggled, Katie stared, jaw dropped, as she learned another mystery of life. Suzan gave the girls a stern look as they sat back down in their seats.

“Alright, Ben,” she said, “I hate to do this to you too, but I can’t afford another accident.” She pulled out one of Ellie’s crinkly white diapers. Ben immediately knew what she was going to do.

“No!” he yelled, squirming to get away. Suzan grabbed him and sat him back down.

“I’m sorry, honey.” she said as she unfolded the diaper. Despite Ben’s complaints, Suzan managed to diaper Ben. She found a replacement shirt in one of the bags in the trunk, and put it on Ben. She decided against having him wear pants -- with two diapered kids in the car, it was a lot more convenient that way, in terms of changes and diaper checks.

Suzan brought the red-faced Ben around, and let him back into the seat. Katie was just finishing a whispered conversation with her mom, presumably about what she just saw with Ben. Ben awkwardly scooted into his seat, obviously annoyed at the restrictions of leg motion that the diaper posed.

“Now we’re even.” said Ellie. Ben sighed, and smiled.

“Fine,” replied Ben. “I’m sorry for making fun of you.”

“I’m sorry for looking.” said Ellie. Ben and Ellie hugged -- two siblings making up. The two moms “awww-ed” audibly. Meanwhile, though, Katie was sitting, obviously not happy. As Suzan began to restart the engine, Katie intervened.

“Wait!” yelled Katie. Everyone looked at her. “With Ellie and Ben both in diapers, I think that it would be best for me to be put in them too.

“Sorry Katie,” said Karen, “But Ben and Ellie are dealing with bathroom problems. You aren’t.”

“Well if you don’t let me wear them then I’ll...” threatened Katie, “I’ll wet the seat! I can do it too!” Karen and Suzan were taken aback by this threat. Karen looked at Suzan.

“...Alright.” said Suzan, unbuckling her seat belt, “Come around back.”

Chapter 3

And so it happened. Moments later, the car accelerated down the freeway, with three crinkling diapered children in the backseat. Ben was feeling the softness of the diaper, while Emma was bouncing up and down in her seat. Katie was listening to the soft crinkle of her diaper.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” asked Karen, skeptical of what was going on in the backseat.

“I think it is,” said Suzan, “There’s a good reason to have all the kids in diapers. Suppose that you have three children, at least one of them who is bad at holding her bladder. They have different bathroom cycles, will need to go at different, non-synced times. Imagine the hassle of pulling into a rest stop or a gas station whenever they have to go to the bathroom. Wouldn’t that be a huge time constraint? Wouldn’t it be faster to have them go in their diapers, and then change them after a while?” Karen considered this. Finally, she agreed, it would be more convenient.

“Alright, kids,” said Karen, turning around, getting the children’s attention, “Here’s the plan. There’s still a long way to the hotel, and we might not make it there until late. So to make the ride quicker, is it ok if you just use your diapers?” Karen waited for a defiant response, but heard only agreement and affirmation from the children. She turned back around.

“That was easier than I thought it would be...” said Karen.


A few hours later, the group stopped at a rest stop to do diaper changes. Everyone had peed their diapers by then. Ellie and Ben actually didn’t even want to get out of the wet diapers -- they were apparently so comfortable that they thought they would be better off in them. In the end, though, everyone was changed into clean undergarments and put back in the car.

Finally, the group arrived at the hotel, around 7:30 pm. After putting pants, skirts, and actual underwear back on, they checked in and went up to the room. Because it was cheaper, they opted for a single room -- the kids could all share a bed, and the adults could sleep on the fold-out bed and the other bed.

By this point, it was clear that Ellie, Katie, and Ben were like close siblings. It’s amazing what a car ride in diapers can do for friendship.

They brought in all the bags and luggage from the car. Karen also brought the baby bag from her car too -- she oftentimes babysat Katie’s cousin, so she had a whole big bag full of baby wipes, spare diapers, and assorted baby things like bottles and pacifiers. It was always good to have it around, especially with these three kids around.

“Ok, kids,” said Suzan, having just changed into her swimsuit, “You all ready to go to the pool?”

“No!” they all said in unison. As Suzan gave them a confused look Ellie stepped forward. “We want to stay and play in the room.” Suzan looked at Karen, already changed.

“Sure,” said Karen, “I’m fine with it, as long as they don’t leave the room.”

“Well,” said Suzan. She hesitated for a moment, and then smiled. “Alright.” Katie and Ben cheered.

“We’ll see you later!” said Katie. “Don’t get eaten by squids~!” Karen chuckled as she and Suzan left the room. A moment of pent-up silence filled the room.

“Soooo....” said Katie, “You remember the plan, Ellie?”

“Wait, what plan?” asked Ben. Ellie smiled mischievously.

“Ben,” asked Katie, smiling just as deviously, “have you ever played “house”?”

“N-no...” mumbled Ben.


“Ok,” said Ben, “I think I understand now. We need a “mom”, a “dad”, and a “baby”. I’d assume I’d be the dad?”

“Maybe,” replied Ellie, “The real question is who has to be the baby. I say we draw straws. The short straw has to be the baby, and the remaining two will choose the mom and dad.”

“Sounds good to me.” said Katie.

A few minutes later, Ben was in the bathroom, holding a rather short straw, changing himself into a diaper again. Why do I, the oldest one, have to be the baby? he thought, irritated. This is going to be so embarrassing...

The boy stepped out of the bathroom, where Ellie and Katie were already standing by ready. Ben was wearing his diaper and nothing else. Ellie was wearing her short floral dress that she brought, and Katie, as the “dad”, had changed into some of Ben’s clothes: a polo shirt and jeans.

“Ok honey,” chided Ellie, “what should we do first?”

“The first thing we need to do is take care the baby of course!” said Katie in a silly, gruff voice. Ellie walked over to Ben, who was already red with embarrassment at this point. Ellie tilted her head, anticipating something from Ben. Ben looked confused.

“psssst, Ben!” Ellie whispered, “ you’re a baby, you can’t walk around normally! You have to crawl, and talk baby talk.” Ben rolled his eyes and got to the ground, and crawled towards Katie.

“ goo.” said Ben unconvincingly.

“The baby is acting a little weird, honey,” said Katie, “You mind giving him his bottle?”

“Sure, honey,” replied Ellie, reaching into the diaper bag that Karen and Suzan brought in. She pulled out the baby bottle.

“Wait --” said Ben, obviously not expecting this degree of roleplaying. But before he could fully protest, Ellie stuck the nipple of the bottle in his mouth. They had filled it up with warm water from the sink beforehand. Ben decided to just go with it -- he was thirsty anyways. He sucked greedily on the bottle.

As Ben drank, Ellie looked at Katie with a look that screamed “Oh my gosh!” in the way that only a 6 year old girl can. Ellie kneeled down to Ben, who was sitting down drinking the bottle. She laid her hand on Ben’s shoulder and let his head down onto her lap, holding the bottle in Ben’s mouth. Ellie and Katie were ecstatic. Ben, on the other hand, was kind of oblivious to the girls’ antics -- just drinking from the baby bottle was kind of mesmerizing for some reason.

After Ben wasn’t thirsty anymore, he stopped suckling the bottle. Ellie pulled it away, and, after considering the idea, decided to pull a pacifier out of the diaper bag and put it into Ben’s mouth. Ben now noticed this, and started to protest again -- apparently drinking from a baby bottle was a whole different level from sucking on a pacifier for him. But the pacifier went in before he could talk. He spit it out.

“Wait, Ellie!” said Ben, sitting up from her lap. Ellie grabbed him and pulled him back. Ben could have overpowered her, but her cold hands on his belly kind of surprised him, so he complied. As much as he hated to admit it, his little sister’s touch kind of reminded him of his mother’s. Calmly, Ellie reached back into the bag and pulled out another pacifier, this one with a strap on it to hold it in. She placed it in Ben’s stunned mouth and fastened the strap. Ben seemed to start to resist, but then relaxed, half-realizing the implications of his situation, and half-stunned by his sister’s cool touch.

Ellie and Katie were now looking at Ben with 6-year-old “awwwww!” puppy eyes. Ellie was surprised how much Ben was, well, not being mean or resisting. It was like he was enjoying being babied. Ben closed his eyes and continued to suck on the pacifier.

“Dear,” said Katie, “We have a great baby, don’t we?”

“Yeah,” replied Ellie, “He’s really cute, and really nice. Thanks, Ben.” Ben smiled, now fully aware that he was the girls’ plaything at this point.


“Hahahahahahaha!” laughed Ben, rolling on the floor. “S-s-stop!” Ellie was holding Ben’s legs down as Katie tickled his toes.

“I-hahaha-m-mean it!” said Ben in between fits of giggling. Finally, Katie stopped tickling him, and Ellie and Katie giggled almost as much as Ben had been. Ben pouted -- the girls had been nice to him so far, but the tickling was a little mean. Then Ben felt a familiar sensation. He made an upset face -- he realized what had happened. It wasn’t all that bad -- it had happened before in a similar way. But he remembered that as a baby, he had to play the role.

“Waaaaah!” cried Ben suddenly. Ellie and Katie looked confused. Then Katie pointed to the yellow spot on his diaper. Ellie gasped.

“Oh, don’t worry baby!” consoled Ellie, “It’ll all be fine. You just had an oopsie, it’ll all be fine.” She looked at Katie, “I think it’s your turn to change the baby?” Katie caught on.

“Yeah, I think it is. Give me a second to grab a new diaper.” Ben also caught on. He stopped crying. Change my diaper? thought Ben, The pacifier, the bib, the bottle -- that was all just part of the costume. But changing my diaper?

“Um,” said Ben, realizing the implications of this.

“Don’t worry honey,” said Ellie, patting Ben’s diaper, “We’ll get that sorted out in just a second.”

“Alright,” said Katie, “lay down on the bed -- it’ll only take a second.” Ben thought for a long moment. He sighed, smiled, and laid down, legs spread apart.

Katie grabbed the tabs on Ben’s diaper and tore them off. The three points of the diaper unfolded simultaneously, revealing Ben’s privates. Katie observed them for a passing moment (she had already seen them when Ben was being changed in the car), and then casually grabbed the new diaper.

“Wait,” said Ellie, “what about the powder stuff in TV shows?”

“Uhhh....” said Katie, looking through the bag, “I found some wipes, will that do?”

“Sure,” said Ellie. Katie grabbed a wipe from the packet. She breathed in, and breathed out, proceeding to tentatively wipe Ben’s privates clean. Ben’s face was bright red, and his thoughts were a mess. Katie handed Ellie the dirty wipe, which she put in the trash. Then, Katie lifted Ben’s legs and butt in the air. Sliding the new diaper underneath, she let his legs down, and sloppily taped it shut. She stepped back and admired her handiwork for a second, and clapped her hands.

“Perfect!” she exclaimed. For Ben, it was finally over. Once he got past the insecurity of being seen intimately by his friend and sister, he actually began to enjoy the experience.


“Ok,” said Katie, after playing with Ben a little more, “I’m done being a dad.”

“I’m done being a mommy.” said Ellie. She looked at Ben. “You were awesome, Ben!”

“Yeah, Ben!” exclaimed Katie, “You were great! I had soooo much fun!”

“Hold on now,” said Ben, standing up, “We’ve still got 2 more hours before mommy and Karen come back.”

“Aw,” said Ellie, “you’re right.” Ben smiled, somewhat mischievously. Ellie knew that look, just like Ben knew Ellie’s “evil plot in motion” look. He was up to something.

“What, Ben?” asked Ellie.

“I was thinking,” said Ben, “It’s not quite fair if one person gets babied and changed, especially if he’s the older one. We have two hours left.” Ellie realized what he was talking about. But before Ellie could say no, Katie stood up.

“Of course!” said Katie, grabbing Ellie’s hand and the diaper bag. “Come on, Ellie!” Ellie made a kind of distressed face as she was dragged into the bathroom.


Ellie and Katie sat on the floor, in only their diapers. Ben had already given them strap-on pacifiers, and was getting out something from the bag that he noticed. As he pulled the folded fabric and plastic bars out of the bag, it sprung up into the stroller he had remembered. It was a two-person stroller, which was odd, considering it was Katie’s old stroller, and she was an only child. Then he remembered the stroller from his own babyhood, with him and Ellie, and realized that his mom had probably given it to Karen after they had stopped using it.

He picked up Katie first, putting her into the left seat. Then he picked up Ellie, who was confused. She tried to say something, but the pacifier in her mouth stopped her from speaking legibly.

“It’s ok, Ellie,” said Ben, “I’m not going anywhere with this.” Ellie’s fear subsided. Ben, holding Ellie awkwardly, sat her down in the right seat. Then, he fastened the five-point harnesses. Ellie tried to tighten hers, but realized that her size made it impossible to move her arms over to her lower body, where the buckle was. Ben helped her tighten it, and tightened Katie’s.

Katie was sitting patiently in the seat. Ben first took Katie’s pacifier off and gave her a baby bottle, which she could just barely hold. Then, Ben looked over to Ellie, a glint in his eye. With the girl immobilized, Ben went down to her feet, and began to tickle. Ellie spit out the pacifier, laughing.

“S-s-stop! Ahahaha!” giggled Ellie. While it was kind of mean, Ellie actually seemed to be enjoying it -- she was guilty of the same thing. As Ben saw the stain appear on Ellie’s diaper, he smiled -- his work was done. He went over to tickle Katie, but saw that she had already wet her diaper on purpose. She giggled, and Ben laughed at her sportsmanship.

“Ok,” said Ben sticking Ellie’s pacifier that she spit out back in, “You wet little monkeys both need a diaper change.” He unbuckled Ellie’s seat first -- he had been waiting for this moment of humiliation to be passed back to his baby sister. He lifted up Ellie by the armpits and laid her down on the bed.

Heart thumping, he grabbed the tabs. He closed his eyes and tore them off. The previous enigma of the female body was instantly corrected for him. He didn’t stare, he took the wet diaper off and put a new one on.

Katie’s diaper was no different. She completely complied, and giggled when Ben blushed at her body.

After the girls were in clear diapers, Ben stepped back. He yawned -- it was getting late, and Karen and Suzan were almost going to be back.

“Ok,” said Katie, taking off her pacifier, “I think that that’s probably good enough. We should probably get to bed.”

“Yeah,” said Ellie.

“Ok,” replied Ben. “By the way, you two were great babies too!” Katie and Ellie giggled. “Oh, said Ben, “I think we should all sleep as babies tonight. So I’ll go and get my diaper on.” Before either girl could say anything, Ben went into the bathroom with another diaper. Katie and Ellie looked at each other.

“He’s smarter than you think,” said Katie, “he really likes to be a baby.”

“We’re not objecting either,” giggled Ellie, “This is just really really fun!”

“Ha,” said Katie, “I agree!”


Karen and Suzan walked into the door to a quiet, dark room. Karen turned on the bedside light, and noticed all three kids sleeping in one of the beds. Ellie and Katie were both hugging Ben in the middle, and all three of them were sleeping peacefully. Karen saw that neither Ben or Katie were wearing pajamas. She lifted up the sheet a little, and noticed the diapers. She laughed a little. They’re really enjoying that, aren’t they... she thought.

Chapter 4

“Karen,” whispered Suzan, shaking Karen’s bedroll.

“Mmm?” grumbled Karen, sitting up, still groggy.

“Can we talk?”


“So you’re concerned with the kids then?” asked Karen.

“Yeah,” said Suzan, “I mean, you’ve seen them. They’ve literally gone from normal 6/8-year-olds to wearing diapers on their own accord. I’m very concerned.”

“What is there exactly to be concerned about?” asked Karen, “They’re getting along well, they’re entertaining themselves, and they’re returning back to their childhoods. Isn’t this a mother’s dream? To have their babies back, even after they’ve outgrown their behavior?”

“I just don’t know...” said Suzan, looking down, thinking. “...Do you think I should be concerned?”

“’re always so determined and thoughtful. Maybe even too much. Take an example from the kids. Sometimes, acting younger isn’t all that bad.”


Ben woke up first, and in getting up, woke the two girls up. Immediately, the three of them noticed the obvious: they had all wet the bed. Or rather, the bed was perfectly dry, but their diapers were soaked through.

“Huh?!” yelled Ben as soon as he noticed it. “I didn’t...I mean, it wasn’t on purpose...” Ellie was similarly distressed, although Katie was simply a little disappointed-looking. Suzan and Karen were staring at them.

“Ellie? Ben too?!” exclaimed Suzan, not expecting this.

“I’m more surprised by Katie!” said Karen. “Come on, we can’t just all stand here, let’s get this mess cleaned up first.” Karen took Ben into the bathroom, while Suzan led the three girls over to the beds.

Inside the bathroom, Karen began to be very serious.

“Ben,” she asked, “Why did you pee your diaper? You don’t have problems at all, right?” Ben looked ashamed and embarrassed. Karen shook her head. “No, not like that,” she corrected, “It’s perfectly fine. But this doesn’t seem like it was an accident.”

“I...I woke up and noticed that Ellie had wet her diaper. And I didn’t want her to feel sad and left out so I...” Karen stood up.

“Thank you, Ben.” said Karen, “You’re not in trouble. I just wanted to know, so thank you. Now let’s get you cleaned up.”

Ben walked out in a new diaper, and a t-shirt and jeans. On the beds, the girls were already dressed. It was obvious from the bulge in their skirts that they were both diapered as well.

“You had the same thought I did?” asked Suzan.

“Yeah,” said Karen, “They’ll need them for the car ride, and maybe more.” Ben looked at Ellie and Katie, and giggled. They laughed too. Suzan looked hopefully at Karen, who smiled back.


In the car, Ben, Ellie, and Katie played another odd game, in which a giant rhinoceros was apparently chasing the car and they had to shoot him down when he got close. It may have been loud, but it certainly kept them occupied until lunch.

Around 1:00, the five of them got out of the car. As Suzan took out the bag, Karen gave her a confused look. Suzan just winked as she pulled out the dual stroller.

“You’re going to use that?!” exclaimed Karen.

“Sure,” said Suzan, “They’re acting like babies anyways, so this would be just the kind of appropriate thing to do.”

“Surely they can walk on their own --” Karen said. She stopped halfway through as Ellie and Katie jumped in the stroller, leaving Ben pouting because he didn’t get a turn. Karen shook her head and smiled. Honestly, these kids... she thought.

“Mommy!” he said, “I want to ride in the stroller too!”

“Hmm...” pondered Suzan. “How about I carry you? Can you take the stroller, Karen?”

“I guess so...” she said.

“Ok then, Ben...” said Suzan, crouching down. She grabbed Ben by the armpits and hoisted him up like an infant. She put him over her shoulder, his arms wrapped around his neck. One hand patted him on the back, while the other hand held him up from his butt.

“Mommy,” said Ben, “This is kind of embarrassing...”

“Well isn’t a stroller too? You’ll just have to live with it.” replied Suzan. Karen buckled the girls’ harnesses and began to push the stroller as they set off in the direction of the restaurant.


When they arrived to the cafe, they got a few odd stares. Thankfully, though, the children were small enough that it wasn’t overtly obvious that they were way too old for being carried or riding in a baby stroller.

“Two adults, 3 children. Do you have high seats?”

And so, Karen and Suzan sat at the table, opposite from the three children in high chairs. Katie, Ellie, and Ben were all wearing bibs. Katie and Ellie were all wearing shirts, while Ben was bare on the top. All three of them were bare, albeit the diapers, from the bottom down. The harnesses for the high chairs were tight enough to restrict most of their movements.

While Karen and Suzan ordered sandwiches, Suzan decided to order mashed potatoes for the kids. When the orders came, they had trouble holding the silverware, since the chairs were so tight. It became obvious quickly to Karen that this was all according to Suzan’s plan.

“Do you all need help?” she asked.

“Can we sit in normal chairs?” asked Katie.

“Sorry, sweetie, but babies need to sit in baby chairs.” replied Suzan. “It looks like you three need help, regardless.” Suzan proceeded to scoot her chair over near Katie. She took the spoon, grabbed a small helping of mashed potatoes, and began to feed the girl. She at first resisted a little, but some strategic tickling got her in the mood to open her mouth, letting Suzan feed her the potatoes directly.

Next, she went on to Ben. At this point, Ben was already pretty aware of his predicament. Although he wanted to just eat his food, he couldn’t. Besides, was being fed really all that bad? Ben opened his mouth wide as Suzan made train noises.

Finally, it was Ellie’s turn. She resisted -- she wasn’t as comfortable being force-fed her lunch. The tickling worked on her a bit, but she still tightly closed her mouth.

“Come on Ellie, you can do it!” goaded Suzan, hovering the potatoes over her mouth. She let them hit her closed mouth and dribble onto her bib.

Suzan, however, seemed to anticipate this. She lifted up Ellie’s shirt a bit, as if she was going to tickle her again. Instead, she pushed hard on Ellie’s gut. Ellie was confused at first, but as a small gurgling sound came out, she realized what was happening. Sadly, it was too late. The poop came out without Ellie even knowing it was coming. Her diaper caught the waste, but Ellie still let out a small welp. Suzan took the opportunity to thrust the potatoes into her mouth. Crying a bit, she left behind her resistance and submitted herself to being force-fed.

Meanwhile, Karen looked on with concern. As Ellie finished the meal and Suzan took her into the bathroom to get changed, Karen asked the two remaining children a question.

“Are you enjoying this at all?” she asked. “Are you having fun?”

“Kind of” said Katie. “It’s really fun to just wear diapers and not have to worry about bathroom breaks. And I like being changed because Suzan and Mommy are really nice when they do it. But I don’t really like to not feed myself or walk.

“I feel really embarrassed,” said Ben, “but I still really like it. Mommy is warm when she holds me and I like to wear my diaper and get changed. And it is fun to act like a baby again!”

“Hmm...” thought Karen as Suzan carried a newly-diapered Ellie back out.


As they exited the restaurant, Ellie refused to go in the stroller.

“No no no!” she said.

“Do you want to be carried instead?” asked Suzan honestly.

“No Mommy!” she screamed, “I don’t want to!”

“Sweetie,” Suzan said calmly, “It’s either the stroller or me carrying you.

“I don’t want to!” yelled Ellie again, stomping her feet.

“Then you’re being carried. Ben, it’s your turn in the stroller now.”

“Noooo!” yelled Ellie as Suzan grabbed her and picked her up. Ellie hit Suzan’s shoulder and kicked and struggled. Suzan, clearly on the edge of her temper, sighed.

“Ellie,” said Suzan, “You’re a baby now, but that doesn’t mean you can hit me and misbehave.”

“No no no!” screamed Ellie. Suzan snapped. She thrust Ellie over her shoulder again, this time making her hang down over her shoulder. Reaching into her pocket, she got out a pacifier, which she stuck in Ellie’s mouth. She fastened the straps on the binky, so that Ellie couldn’t spit it out.

“I’ll deal with you later,” she said. Ben just sat in the stroller, buckled in, as he listened.


When they got back to the car, Suzan opened the trunk and set down the defeated Ellie in the car.

“Now, Ellie,” she said, “You’ve been a bad little girl today, so we have to punish you so you don’t do it again.” Ellie, pacified and disheartened, began to cry a little. Suzan emotionlessly pulled down Ellie’s diaper, and pulled off her shirt. She rolled the naked girl over, and with a loud “Smack!”, spanked her butt. Ellie squealed in pain. Again and again, Suzan brought her hand down upon Ellie and she clenched her face and cried, as her skin turned red. Finally, Suzan sighed, and re-dressed the girl.

“Don’t...” she wavered, “Please don’t do it again.” It was obvious that Suzan was kind of uncomfortable with it.

“Suzan,” said Karen, stepping out of being a bystander, “That was just horrible.”

“But she was being a...” Suzan started. She stopped. “It was, wasn’t it.”

“You should apologise to your little girl, Suzan.” said Karen. She sighed. “These kids don’t want to lose control of what they want. They don’t want to become babies for that. They just want to take a step back. A single, small step backwards.”

“Then what about the diapers?”

“They like the attention,” replied Karen. “They also probably like remembering what it was like to wear diapers back when they were babies. They remind them of the security they had before they grew up.”

“But...I just don’t understand. Wanting to be a baby, yet keeping some control...Isn’t that kind of contradictory? Doesn’t one want to lose control? Diapers don’t give control, they take away!”

“It does seem odd, yes.” said Karen, “Honestly, it does seem kind of silly even to me. But it’s not about acting younger, or not having to use the restroom yourself. It’s about taking one step back, and that’s it.” Karen got in the car. Suzan stood there, thinking. She shook her head and got in the car, where all three children were quiet.

“I’m sorry, Ellie,” said Suzan. Ellie didn’t say anything -- she simply sniveled and pouted. Suzan lowered her head as she pulled out of the parking lot.

Chapter 5

That night, Katie hatched a plan. It was crazy, but Karen thought it was ok, so it was bound to work. As Suzan fell asleep, Katie snuck out of bed. She went into the bathroom, and came out with a cup. After the deed was done, she went back into the bathroom, washed the cup, and went back to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be an exciting day.

Suzan woke up with a start. Something was amiss. She looked around, then sniffed the air. Someone sure peed themselves... she thought, smelling the urine. Then she noticed.

“EEEEEEK!” she screamed. Everyone else woke with a jolt.

“What is it, Suzan?!” said Karen, standing up immediately.

“It’’s...” hesitated Suzan, pointing at her bed. At the sheets beneath her. They were stained yellow with urine. Suzan’s pajamas were ruined, as a huge wet splotch had grown around her midsection. The children immediately knew what happened. Katie just giggled. It had worked!

“Mommy wet the bed! Mommy wet the bed!” chanted Ben.

“How the hell...” muttered Suzan.

“Suzan,” said Karen, “Come with me.” Suzan grabbed Karen’s hand as she led the mom into the bathroom.


“And so here we are,” said Karen, standing in the middle of the room. “Every single one of you is diapered, for varying reasons. Suzan fidgeted uncomfortably, the crinkly undergarment obviously disturbing her.

“You’ll get used to it,” said Ellie patting, the diaper. Suzan blushed as Ben and Katie giggled.

“But in all seriousness...” said Karen, “I’ve got a confession to make.” She waited for a moment, and then pulled her own pants down. Ben, Ellie, and Suzan gasped as they saw her yellow-stained diaper.

“All this time,” continued Karen, “I’ve been wearing this. You see, Katie already knows this, but I wear diapers 24/7. At first it was a medical condition -- I had just had surgery and needed to wear diapers for a few days. But, just as these children did, I realized that it’s actually really fun and exciting. Because I’ve been using these for years, I’ve become effectively incontinent -- that means it would be hard for me to go back.”

“Mommy always wears diapers, all the time!” piped up Katie, standing next to her mom. “She always tells me to do whatever I want. I don’t usually wear diapers, but sometimes I let her put one on me, just to remember being a baby. It’s always really fun, which is why I really had fun doing it with you two!” she looked at Ben and Ellie, who giggled.

“So, Suzan,” said Karen, “You’ve taken your first step backwards. You can go as far back as you want. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, you can always step backwards. Others may think you’re weird, but with me, Katie, and your kids, it’ll always be normal.”

“...I’m so confused right now,” said Suzan, shaking her head.

“It’s fine,” said Karen, “It’ll all work out in the end.”


As they all got in the car, they took off their skirts, and pants, showing their diapers.

“There we go, everyone!” said Karen, starting up the car. Suzan sat in the passenger seat, thinking.

As the car sped down the road, approaching the Grand Canyon, Suzan began to talk normally with everyone else. They all laughed. All along the highway, they had a good time. Suzan herself ended up peeing her diaper, and giggled a bit when she did. At first she was a little reserved about letting other change her, but Karen insisted it was part of the effect -- you couldn’t do it alone. Ellie and Katie went into the rest stop bathroom with her, and they all came out laughing together

Karen took Ben into the women’s room to change him -- there were no family restrooms there. As she began to change his diaper on the public changing table, a girl a little older than him noticed him. He blushed, but Karen laughed and actually asked the little girl if she wanted to try changing “the baby”. She said yes, to Ben’s embarrassment. The strange little girl ended up changing his diaper.

But then the flip side happened as Ben helped Karen out of her diaper, in one of the stalls. Ben giggled as he taped her diaper flaps, and Karen patted Ben on the head -- a job well done. They both walked out together, also laughing. The little girl who changed Ben was standing there at the entrance, and kissed Ben on the cheek, saying that it was payment for letting her change him. He blushed as the girl ran back around to her confused parents. He smiled at Karen, who led him back to the car, where Suzan and the girls were talking like best friends.

They rode off, and it wasn’t long before another changing session, and another. Even though they had just arrived at the canyon, it wasn’t long before they had to go again. Although they had fun there, the real fun was just being together, laughing together, having fun together. And they still had the entire ride left. As they all fell asleep in their diapers, they had the reassurance that the next day would be even more fun.


- - - Updated - - -

A quick thing to add -- my personal view of the story.

Suzan’s transformation was the most significant of her family. By nature, the kids were already close to babyhood. The fact that Ellie and Ben were made to wear diapers on the first day was significant enough to show that they were closer than they thought. But as everyone gets older, it becomes harder to step back, to become a child again.

This story doesn’t just apply to the ABDL community. In everyday life, we try to become more mature. I see people shell themselves off from fun and enjoyment simply because “it’s too ‘kiddy’, or ‘it’s for children’”. These people end up being boring individuals, sheep living normal lives, never stepping back, or ever looking back and who they were, and what they came from.

The problem arises when you realize going back -- even just looking back -- is hard. Stepping back is even harder. For Suzan, doing so was a kind of forced, in the moment thing. Yet it benefited everyone in the end. For us, we may step back privately, wearing diapers and acting like babies. But there is a greater lesson to learn from our odd habits. What would happen if we stepped all the way back, and acted like kids again?

We know people who do this. We say things like “They’re just big kids in adult bodies” or “They never really grew up”. Oddly, we say this in a positive way -- these are people that are silly, but very fun. Childhood doesn’t mean innocence or age to these people, it means abandoning feelings of embarrassment or shame for doing something different or fun. Now think -- do you see these people being bored, or sad, or angry often? Do you see them being mean or unfriendly? Exactly.

In the same way, Suzan (and her kids) step back, and with it, leave behind their petty annoyances, their knowledge of good and evil. They become more innocent, not caring that much about things like nakedness or gender. To children like them, they don’t see men or women, black people or white people, Christians or Muslims or non-believers. They just see people. And people are people, whatever they might think of them as. Even the worst criminals are still just people to a kid. They don’t judge, and they don’t hold undue grudges.

I might be digging in too deep, but I think that the heart of why we like what we do is because of this. It makes us feel more comfortable. It makes us remember why being a kid was fun -- because life wasn’t complicated back then. The world was friendly. And if everyone is friendly and nice and not complicated, maybe we can get along just a little bit better. If we all step back a bit, maybe we can get past our differences and problems and anger and boredom and happy.


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The story was pretty good. There are some things that need some work. Such as the way the children act. They seem much older than they are told to be. And I found the little boy helping the adult changing was a little weird. But it was fairly well written.


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Cute sweet and without filer. It never dragged or felt tedious, it had a real nice flow.
All in all a very nice and enjoyable short story, good show!. thank you for sharing. :)