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A Shy Wolf's Introduction


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I've been a long time lurker on here, I recently stepped out of my comfort zone and made my first ABDL account on Reddit a few weeks ago. Someone suggested that I should make one here too since there is a decent furry community on here. So today I finally decided to make one.

Here is my introduction that I wrote for Reddit:

I'm a DL in my mid 20s, male, straight, i'm a furry (Right now I hide my DL/diaperfur side, i'm also kinda a kidfur but not exactly a babyfur). I am a little weirded out by the AB side, I have no desire to go 24/7, i'm slightly curious about the more kid like side since i'm already kinda kid like (I have no desire to have a nursery, but i'm open to small things like sippy cups, footed pjs, pacifiers). I am still embarrassed and disgusted by the fact that I like padding. I like the feel of the soft padding on my butt and crotch, the pee trickling and pooling,the warmth, and the squish. I hate and kinda like messing at the same time. I love the feeling of pushing it out and sitting in it feels so kidish but I hate the cleanup (wipes would probably help), I hate blowouts, the lingering smell, and the post regret. As soon as I make stickies in a diapers or "paw off" to art, pictures, or a video I want nothing to do with this.
I think this interest might of started when my dad made me wear a pull-up to bed when I did not want to use the bathroom before I went to bed. At first I really did not want to but of course I had to. Once it was on I noticed that they were kinda comfy and soft. I was never a bedwetter so I woke up dry but I did have to go. I really wanted to just go in it but I knew that my mom would of been mad. Ever since then I was curious about pull-ups/diapers. I remember being upset when my mom took the last pull-up left from when I still wore them to use on my sister since she ran out.
Later when I was a little bit older one of my grandparents developed incontinence and needed pull up adult diapers. Since I was over there all the time curiosity got the best of me so I "borrowed" some to try. So "curiosity crinkled the cat" (or dog/wolf in this case). I went through a lot of long purge cycles with usually short binge cycles. I got caught one or two times but it was quickly forgotten about. My longest binge was when I accidentally discovered "making stickies" while in a wet diaper when I was 10. I had no clue what it was but that it felt really good. During this period I would pad up at least once a week. I would wet and usually mess and then make stickies which then I would be disgusted and cleanup. I later figured out how to "paw off" without the diapers so I purged. Later after finding the furry fandom i mostly switched to just pawing to diaper art. Only occasionally using a diaper mainly because of cleanup. This was what I did from middle school-high school. Then the grandparent that the diapers were for passed so I lost my supply after what was left ran out with me only indulging sparingly. My other grandparent ended up needing something later so I had diapers again (crappy trufits though)but that supply is gone too since they moved into a nursing home. Ever since then I have times where I want to pad up but can't. I live at home and don't have my own car or friends so I cant buy. I've tried using old underwear with pads that I found but those leak and are not the same. especially with messing them being the worst with blowouts and cleanup even worse. Hopefully once I get my own car at some point I can get padded again.
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Hello PaddedWolfie and welcome to the group.
Hello and welcome, this is a good place to explore all the things that you have mentioned above.
I look forward to seeing your post
Welcome, @PaddedWolfie. And thank you for your honesty! I'd never have guessed it was a "used" introduction if you hadn't been forthcoming. :)

Good to have another fur aboard, even if he’s up the food chain. ;)

Anyway, I can relate to a lot of what you've shared. I think it's hard to know exactly how this stuff is going to fit into your life until it's allowed to expand a little, and it sounds like you're not quite in a position to let that happen. You'll get there. Certainly having a way to discreetly obtain supplies will be a step forward. I hope you can avoid further purges and hang on for the rest of the ride!

Take care and enjoy the site!
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Puppy! 🤗

Not into furry stuff myself but the babyfur/kidfur art and characters are always utterly adorable and heartbreaking. 🥹😭🫠💔

The ABDL comic Shine is actually furry so I have a FA account just to follow Babystar to keep up on that. But it's so focused on the ABDL part it's easy to forget the characters are animals aside from the extra expressiveness (purring, tails going straight, ears drooping, etc). Shine is what got me to join here and register for my first CAPcon this year even though I'm still kinda terrified.

I kinda envy furs as it solves two major issues for ABDLs wanting to socialize. First you can look however you want and actually be cute with those custom suits. Where with us no matter how cute we feel in shortalls we are painfully reminded how little we aren't when passing every mirror and it stings to the bone. Second the heads and suits afford a level of anonymity where as ABDLs faces are fully exposed or struggling to hide behind a stuffy terrified well run into someone we know.

Anyway welcome to the weirdo den. 🤪
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I’m a little late because I’m new here but I can relate to the purge and shame feelings. I haven’t ever used diapers in forever but I’m building up to it! I’ve peed in underwear and always feel bad right after but also so good during it!
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