A second chance...just in a different way!?


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Hello, If you are reading this, you must have bought my bestseller novella. This is a story of tragedy, love, and redemption. How I almost lost the love of my life and how a tragedy gave me the second chance I needed. So, without further ado, let us begin.
My name is Mitcheal Braxton. I own a small guitar shop in New Jersey. I am 22 years old, and living happily with a very special "princes". Her name is Jamie and she means everything to me. On the outside, Jamie is your typical 21 year old young woman. She has piercing blue eyes, blond hair, and cute little sunspots on her face. However that is were the typical observations end. On most days, you will see her bouncing around my house in a Jumper with a T-shirt and overalls. You might notice a diaper bulge. Her hair is often in pigtails. She loves her bunny slippers, and goes everywhere in the house with them.

Now I know what you are thinking... "Why is your girlfriend dressed like a 3 year old, and why does she act like a little kid?" Well, to answer that we would have to go back a year ago to a very dark place in my life. And she's not really my girlfriend anymore. She's more like a daughter to me now.

It was a very troubling time. The recent changes in the economy had left most people with not enough money to spend on musical equipment. Sales were staggering and I needed a way to make ends meet. My girlfriend at the time, Jamie, was living with me, after being disowned by her family for being bisexual, something I resent her family for to this day. I had slipped into a deep depression. I began drinking, I stopped talking, and even began to abuse my back pain meds. I was heading down a slippery slope and our relationship was hurting because of it.

The two of us would fight for hours, sometimes for the stupidest reasons. I would loose my temper often, and even smashed an old guitar against the wall in a fit of rage at one point. Eventually after weeks of running in circles, it was clear I needed help. That faithful Wednesday, Jamie got me in the car and took me to her psychologist. She wanted her loving boyfriend back, and if I had been watching, I can't say I'd blame her. Once we entered the office building, I began to clutch my lucky guitar pick. That was how I released my anger when in public. It was then we where called in.

The Therapist was warm and welcoming, but I didn't let my guard down. As the son of a Military Officer I was on full alert.

"OK Mr Braxton, your girlfriend has been seeing me for the past year and wants you to join in on our little chat." The doc said

As the appointment dragged on and on we where getting nowhere. The real nail in the coffin for that appointment is when I produced my large drinking flask, and drained it until there wasn't a drop left. All of a sudden, Jamie ran from the room shouting..

"Mitch, you are never gonna change..." I could see the tears in her eyes.

I ran after her, past the waiting room, out the exit until I saw her heading for the street. As she ran she failed to see the truck that was heading right for her...

And before I knew it, she was on the ground. Motionless. What had I done. I rushed out and moved her off the road, and swiftly called 911. Before you know it, my angel was being put in a stretcher and we where both led into the ambulance, and where rushed to Jersey General. I was told to wait in the waiting room while they did what they could. During that time, I paced, and reflected on how wrong I had been. Hours passed. Then even more hours, as I fell asleep in the waiting room. I don't know how long I was asleep, but I was suddenly awakened by a doctor.

"Mr Braxton, your girlfriend got very lucky. Only two broken legs and a concussion."

Oh thank god, I was in the clear. I thought about all the things I was going to say to her. I was gonna be a new man. But, what the doctor said guaranteed the new man part.

"However the concussion has caused an anomaly no one in the medical community has ever seen."

"What do mean?" I was getting worried again.

"I think it is best you see for yourself." the doctor said as he lead me down a hallway painted with balloons and kites.

"Why are we in the children's ward?" I asked.

"This is the only place that can accommodate your girlfriend properly."

When we entered the room. Everything made sense. In a hospital bed, with a thin medical gown, leg casts and a clearly visible diaper was my girlfriend, sucking her thumb, with childlike innocence in her eyes. When we entered the room, the doctor left me to be with her and the nurse.

"D...daddy?" was my girlfriend's response!
------------------------------------------end of chapter 1--------------------------------------------------------


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Can't wait to read the second chapter!!


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-------------------------chapter 2----------------------------
"Daddy? Very funny Jamie..." I retorted with some sass before the doctor cut me off.

"Mr. Braxton, she really thinks you are her father. She must have really loved you, because something in her subconscious pointed you out as a father. We don't know why she has started acting like this, but we ran some tests, and I'm sorry to inform you that she functions at the level of a 3 year old. The minute she woke up she wet herself. She talks childish. She has no bladder or bowl control. She couldn't even tell me the date. This is a lot for one man to take in, so I will be assigning you a nurse to help you adjust to your new life."

"New life? Excuse me?!" I replied.

"Mr. Braxton, due to the circumstances and considering this condition has never been seen before, we had no choice but to assign her a legal guardian, and seeing as Ms. Williams family has cut all ties to her...it looks like you are now her legal guardian. I understand that you will have some difficulty with this adjustment, and our staff agrees. Oh Nurse Chifkosky."

Chifkosky...crap! That was my ex girlfriend's last name. With my "daughter" in diapers, and potentially my ex in the picture, I was LITERALLY in deep shit.

"Yes Doctor Johnson?" A familiar female voice chirped. A young redheaded nurse with sunspots and a nurse gown came in. It was Ginny all right. She stopped the happy nurse routine when she saw me.

"Theodore!? What a surprise..." she said holding back tears. She used my REAL name. My birthname. The name I changed because of how much it reminded me of my past.

"Well, you two seem to know each other." The doctor said. "Now that all the formalities are out of the way, Ginny here will be escorting you two home. You will also be provided with a month's worth of diapers. Your girlfriend is fine otherwise. Just keep her away from lights and loud sounds, and keep her in bed for a few days. We will be providing a wheelchair for you to make this easier."

After the doctor finished giving me the lowdown, Ginny picked her up and loaded her into the wheelchair. I was given some painkillers for Jamie, and with that we left. Ginny had been instructed to take us home in her van. After we loaded Jamie in, we began the drive home to my house. I was silent on the way home, and for good reason. My Ex, who I still had some feelings for, was going to be my "daughters" nurse. After 30 minutes of silence we arrived at my place. Jamie was tired, and it was 11:30 at night, so I tucked her in in my bed, giving her a kiss before shedding a tear. Jamie seemed to still understand emotions because she looked at me with her blue eyes and asked.

"Why are you crying daddy?"

"Daddy has done some bad things, and he just feels bad about it." I said, communicating like the doctor had instructed.

"But...daddy isn't bad, daddy just needs love. Me think daddy's heart is broken. Daddy loves me, but he needs to love himself." She said as she fell asleep.

There was still some of adult Jamie in there, but I had to face fact she was my daughter now and I had to give her the life that neither I nor she had. Our rough childhoods had brought us together, and maybe they could change us for the better. As I quietly exited the bedroom, I noticed Ginny sitting downstairs on the couch. I realized she should get some rest too.

"Guest room is right next to Jamie's room. I'll be sleeping on the sofa bed in my office." I said to her. "You can probably fit in one of Jamie's nightgowns."

As I left for my office in the other room. Ginny looked at me and asked.

"Ted...Why did you leave that day? Why didn't you let me help you?"

"Ginny, I was only slowing your schooling down. I would've ruined you. And by the way...it's Mitch now, I got rid of that name a long time ago, and the man you once knew died a long time ago!" I said, trying to end the conversation.

"He's still there." She said. "Because, I love you, and I know you still love me. We can make this work. I never dated after you left. I kept searching for you, and now I've found you again. I will not loose you again! We both know Jamie needs a mother. Think about it. I'll be waiting." She said, before going upstairs and shutting the door.

That night was the worst night of my entire life. For the first time in 7 years, I cried myself to sleep. Ginny was right. I did still love her, and I loved my new daughter too. Her idea could work, but I had a lot of work to do to prevent history from repeating itself.


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----------------------------------chapter 3---------------------------------------------
I thought I woke up, but I was not in bed. I was at the Jersey Musician's Festival. I was reliving the worst day of my life. The day I changed my name, left my hometown, and swore to never look back. It was around noon, in August. I was 19 again. There were tents everywhere with different musicians. Amplifiers and cables littered the corner of every booth. The PA rung out.

"Ladies and Gentleman, please silence your playing for our special guest. Theodore Braxton will be playing an original piece written and preformed by himself. Let us all give him a hand."

I looked left and right. Everything looked the same as it did that summer. As I walked out onto the stage, I saw Ginny on the side, smiling and cheering me on. I went on the stage and took the mic. Everyone was clapping. I was reliving my greatest hardship, as I said in my pre-baritone voice

"I dedicate this song to the one I love. Virginia Chifkosky you are my life! This is for you!"

On the inside I was crying because I knew what was going to happen after I started playing. After I picked the intro on Bessie, my old acoustic, and before I could even begin singing, and rude young man in crowd shouted

"This songwriter is a fraud and I have proof! I have with me a Mr. Axel Waxingshed who has claimed this very song as his work. I have sheet music, and transcripts to prove the song belongs to him!"

Axel was a former band rival of mine in high school. He was always envious of my talent, and would do anything to sabotage my success. He would cut the strings on my guitar, and glue the jacks on my amps shut so they would have to be replaced. He caused me a lot of damage, but police never charged him with anything, probably because his dad was a police chief. This was the day he ruined my life.

The host looked over the papers, and made his decision.

"Plagiarism will not be tolerated in this festival. Theodore Braxton is hereby banned from this and any future festivals!"

The crowd erupted with boos. I was pelted with soda cans and trash. I ran off the stage for my own safety. I saw Ginny look and me and shout

"Wait Ted! That was a lie. Those guys were in your flat the other day! Let me explai-!"

It was too late I dashed off, reliving every painful tear I had shed that day. I remember going to the lawyers office downtown, and changing my name. I remember leaving Ginny the note, and promptly moving out of town. I remember bouncing from motel to motel until I found my current house. I remember leaving my friends and family behind. I even relived the opening of my guitar store, and meeting Jamie: my first customer...

I woke up yelling, I must of made quite a stir, because I was on the floor, drenched in sweat. I felt sick to my stomach. I went over to the table, lifted up the secret compartment, and wrote down my dream in my dream diary. Fifth one this month. I went into the kitchen to make myself an Irish Coffee, that always cheered me up. It was 7:30, and no one else was up. I figured I'd enjoy some alone time as the sun rose. I went in the liquor cabinet to get the Whiskey to find all my alcohol gone, with a note that said.

I noticed Jamie's diary in the nightstand next to her table when I went to change her last night. She wants you sober, and she needs a sober father, and I need a sober boyfriend. You hated your old man's drinking, and the way he left you and your mom. Don't be a hypocrite.
Ginny :)"

I was furious. That was over 1000 dollars worth of fine liquor. It was then I woke up and had what most call a moment of enlightenment. Alcohol was my enemy. Thanks to my drinking Jamie got upset, and got hurt. It was my fault I ran away from everyone that cared. I just poured myself a plain cup of coffee, and sat on the porch. The sunrise was gorgeous. I got out my sketchbook, and began to draw. I drew my dream home against the beautiful sunrise. One day I would buy that house, if it even existed. Suddenly, I felt a ton of weight on my back, and I fell over to see Jamie in the onsie Ginny had given her. It was still awkward seeing the diaper peek through the leg holes.

"Good mornin' daddyyyyyyyy!" Jamie shouted, eyes full of life.

"H-hey pumpkin..." I said with my paternal instincts kicking in. "Where's Nurse Ginny?"

"She's in her room with the door shut. I couldn't open it with my walking sticks."

"Jamie those are crutches, and you need to use them. Now be a good girl, and go back inside while I wake Nurse Ginny."

"Kay." She said with cutest girly tone ever.

We went back inside. I set up Jamie on the couch with an episode of some kids show that was on. Surprisingly, the kids channel was already on. I figured Ginny set up the channel for the morning for when Jamie woke up. Boy was I wrong. I thought I had heard the T.V before I fell asleep, but I could've sworn I was dreaming.

I went up stairs, and walked up to the guest room door. When I opened the door, I saw something so shocking I felt like I got hit over the head.

"What the devil is this!" I shouted before covering my mouth. Ginny was in a pink onsie, sleeping with a stuffed unicorn, with a pacifier. "Well, that explains the adult baby supplies."

My ruckus clearly woke up the 'Nurse' because she shot up like a missile, red as a beet.

"I can explain...." She shyly trailed off.

"I guess we both have a lot of catching up to do." I said as we embraced, and shared the best kiss I had ever shared.

"By the way..." she whispered, "You look like hell!"


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-------------------------chapter 4-------------------------------------------------
"Are...are...you...a..." I stuttered. I was babbling like a fool trying to get some context.

"Little, yes" she said. "You remember my anxiety attacks...this is how I cope."

Ginny and I talked for a bit. She explained her quirk to me, and I was able to grab the gist of it. It was odd, but better than drugs and crap. I then proceeded to tell her about the nightmares, feeling I owed her that much. I took her into my office and showed her my dream diary. I also showed her the sheet music for songs I wrote about my pain. She looked genuinely sad. I felt like I needed to lighten the mood.

"How about I make the 3 of us some grub, and we can plan our day. I assume we got some shopping to do and such. I've closed my store for the next week, so the next week is open." I said. "I heard the local Medzone is having a medical supply sale."

"You? Cook? Says the man who lived on canned and frozen goods back in the day. Last time you tried to cook, the landlord was on your case for months." Ginny remarked.

"Hey! I've learned to cook since then...and by the way I'm sorry. Sorry for everything. I'm sorry I left you. I should probably call my mom. It's been 5 years." I replied.

"Listen, one thing at a time Ted. And I will continue calling you Ted. Mitch does not suit you at all. Let's get you situated in your new life...I should probably tell you something." Ginny said.


"I'm also technically your nurse. I got your file. I will take care of both of you. You have some issues we are going to have to talk about. As long as you are open with me, this will be easy. I promise."

We went into the kitchen, holding hands while I hummed an old Beatles tune. I was really beginning to soften up. Ginny remarked how my voice really had deepened. While I cooked, Ginny and I talked. We caught up. While I was gone, she had graduated from medical school, gotten her nursing license, and had been searching for me. She even hired a P.I to look for me. My store had given me away. She wanted to see my shop , and I offered her and Jamie a private tour. After I completed breakfast, I served Ginny her portion, and went into the living room to feed Jamie.

"Princess, it's time to eat. Daddy made you the perfect breakfast." I said.

"Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Breakieeeeee!" She squealed.

So, I fed her spoonful by spoonful, careful that she only took small bites. She loved my meal. Ginny even came in to compliment my cooking. My paternal instincts had blossomed overnight. All of a sudden she began to squirm, and then looked down shyly. I knew what this meant.

"Sweetheart, do you need a change?"

"Mhm..." was all I got.

Ginny offered to do it for me, but I stepped in. For once in my life I was going to take responsibility, and nothing was going to stop me...no matter how awkward. It was awkward changing a grown woman's diaper, but it felt good to provide someone with care. After I cleaned Jamie up, I had to get Ginny to help me with the diaper tapes. After I sat Jamie up. She gave me a hug.

I left Jamie with Ginny for awhile while I did some housework. I changed the sheets on Jamie's bed. I then proceeded to box up all of her adult things, and put them in the closet for safekeeping. I packed up all her outfits she could no longer use...due the diapers and all. I then went next door, to the guest room, and decorated it a bit. I opened the curtains, and added a sitting chair to the room. It was Ginny's room now.

I then went downstairs to the basement to make a play area for Jamie. It was to be a surprise for when her sprain recovered. The basement was my area originally. It was my guitar room, filled with every make and model of guitar and amp imaginable. Since it was a big basement. I boxed some of my older amps up and put them in the crawl space. I then moved the sofa over. That was all I could do until I bought her some toys. All of a sudden as I was drawing up some blueprints, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Ginny.

"Wow, look a these beauties. Hey, you still have her...the guitar I gave you. Awwwwwww...you framed it. You softie!"

"Stop it...it's a rare model...you don't know...oh OK, I admit it! I never truly let go of you. I always told Jamie it was from my mom." I said blushing.

"I like the idea of giving Jamie a play area! Don't worry i'll keep it hush." Ginny winked.

As lunch time approached we both starred at the picture frame on the wall, holding a black '79 Les Paul Custom with the words to my dearest Ted, engraved on the truss rod cover.



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Excellent narration! Wonderful character development and the storyline is very captivating as well! Can't wait to read more! You're a great writer!


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--------chapter 5-----------------

I decided to order in for lunch. I hadn't been to the store in ages and breakfast had cleaned me out. I was a regular at the local pizza parlor, Gino's. The guys over there knew my voice whenever I called, always asking if I wanted the 'usual' order (a large half-cheese half-pepperoni). Since Ginny moved in
I was gonna need a bigger order. I was getting the meat lover's pizza. Jamie was getting a plain cheese small. Ginny just wanted a salad. After I dialed the local pizza parlor's number I began to place my order.

"Oi, it's Mitch! Howsa my favorite customer? Can I get you the usual?" said Gino, the owner. I was friends with Gino. We did a lot of business. He sold me pizzas, and I sold him the guitar he gave his son, Tony.

"Sorry Gino, I've got a large order for you today." I said as I read him the order.

"Salad!? Are you sick boy?" he asked. "You never eat greens!"

"I have someone moving in." I replied. "I'll give Tony a tip."

After I hung up, I set the table. Ginny and Jamie were in the living area watching some cartoon. While I waited for the delivery, I watched Ginny. I was falling in love with her again. I knew what I had to do. My heart was racing. I stepped into my office, locked the door, and called up my old high school friend.

"Hey Bosco...how..."I said before he cut me off.

"Mitch, you old bastard, how the hell are you!?" He said, almost shouting.

"I'm good man." I replied. "Listen, you know how you have it good with the owner of the jewelry store?. I need a favor..."

"Awe, someone is in love." He said.

"Can you have a locket made with Ginny inscribed? I'll pay double." I asked.

"The locket yes...the price no! You are my friend, I'll fetch you the old Bosco discount!" He said.

"Thanks old friend. I gotta go, before wandering ears pick up on our 'talk'." I said.

After I hung up, the food arrived. I paid Tony (Gino's son) the total, and he left.

Lunch was fairly quiet. The three of us ate our meals quickly. I was focused. We had some serious shopping to do that day. After lunch, I cleaned up Jamie, and helped her into my car from her wheelchair. My car is one of those old SUVs. Jamie used to call it the 'junkerolla'. After I strapped her in to the back seat, me and Ginny got into the driver and passenger seats, and began our drive to the medical supply store.

The trip to the store was fairly simple. We parked close. Ginny got us a handicap ticket so we would get top parking. We went inside. I grabbed about 2 cases of some premium adult diaper brand. As I wheeled the cart and Ginny wheeled Jamie's wheelchair to the checkout, I recognized the cashier: Mrs Whiteson. She was a sweet old elderly woman who basically ran the town. As I was paying she looked down at Jamie (with a grandmotherly smile) and said.

"Oh, hello dearie. I heard about your accident."

"How'd you no?" Jamie asked shyly.

"Sweetheart, I've lived in this town for 60 years. I know everything that happens. Your 'daddy' is a good man." she said looking towards me.

"Thank you m'am." I said.

After we exited the medical supply store, we went to one of the adult baby shops Ginny told me about called 'Little Hopes and Dreams'. Ginny knew the people who worked there, so we were able to get Jamie a whole wardrobe of day and night outfits for a good price. We got her cute little dresses, some toys, overalls, t-shirts, onesies, and all the other essentials. The cashier even helped us load everything into the car. She was very kind.

We drove home in stone silence. I had a lot on my mind and Jamie fell asleep. We had bought a lot of stuff, and she was tired. When we pulled in to my driveway it was evening...around 5:30. Ginny took Jamie into the house to change her, while I unloaded the car. Once we got inside, I went into my room/office and put on my swimsuit. I was going to do some laps in my pool.

I headed out into the backyard and was about to lower myself into the pool when I heard an older adult yell...

"You ruined my daughter...asshole!"

I turned around and it was Jamie's dad, Carter. He stunk of cheap beer and aqua velva. He was holding a large shotgun. Why was he so mad? He legally disowned her years ago...yet again he was drunk. He started ranting about how he heard about the accident, and how I was 'out of time'. Right as I opened my mouth to try and reason with him, but I heard a loud bang...a pain in my gut...then nothing, just black.


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------------chapter 6------------------

I didn't know what happened. The moment had happened too fast. I didn't know where I was. I woke up and saw a large white room with flower pots everywhere. There was a window that overlooked a blue horizon. Was I dead? I began to panic. I started to cry, until I felt a gentle hand touch my back. I turned around to see a girl that looked just like Ginny, but taller. She was wearing a white robe, and she had...wings.

"Relax Theodore." she said. "I am your guardian angel. Welcome to the waiting room. You probably have tons of questions and are most likely scared. You are not dead. This is where you go when you are in limbo."

"Limbo?" I asked.

"You took quite the hit. Carter shot you right in the stomach. You fell into the pool. Ginny pulled you out, and stopped the blood loss. She really loves you. Carter ended up taking his life shortly after shooting you. A final gambit I suppose. Limbo is when you aren't dead, but your body is not able to hold your soul. There is someone here to see you." The angel said, as a second girl appeared next to her.

"Jamie is that you you?" I asked, starring like a teenage moron.

"Yes it's me you old goof." Jamie said. "I'm the part of Jamie that is still adult. I'm in limbo, and I need a favor of you in order to move on. The Jamie you know is me now, and the body can't hold two souls. I want her to have my body. You've taken such good care of 'me', even if it's only been for one day. I need you to tell me something. Why didn't you tell me about your old life? I always had a feeling there was something holding you back."

"I was humiliated in my old life and I wanted to move on." I replied.

"But, you had someone who you loved. Why did you just disappear? She could've helped you. Well, that doesn't matter. I need to know something. Will you love Ginny? Give her the love you can't give little Jamie?" She asked.

"I will." I said bursting into tears. "I'm so sorry Jamie. When you get to heaven, can you wait for me?"

Suddenly the white room began to fade. The walls began to bleed into nothingness.

"Looks like your'e on your way home." said the guardian angel. I guess this is goodbye..for now.

"Goodbye Jamie...you truly saved me." I said as the two figures faded away.

When the fading stopped, I opened my eyes again...this time with much resistance. I felt weak. I could hear machines humming and monitors beeping. When I came around I saw Ginny sitting in a chair next to my bed, praying with tears in her eyes. There were tubes all over me. I felt like a statue.

"Vir...ginia..." I tried to mumble.

"Ted...thank god." She cried quietly. "I thought I lost you! You've been out for 3 days! I had to leave Jamie with my parents. She doesn't understand much, but she's worried about you."

Ginny gave me the lowdown. I had been shot in the gut. The slug had torn up a lot of tissue, and my bladder muscles. I was going to be diaper dependent for life. Other than that I got lucky. She explained that I would need 3 months off of work to recover. I told her about my trip to Limbo. She's not a religious person, but she saw it as a sign from above. I was then confronted by a doctor, and bombarded with a bunch of medical garbage. I then fell back to sleep as I was pretty tired from the drugs.

I spent two weeks in the hospital. Learning to walk again. Jamie had gotten her casts off and visited me every day. Ginny always had to hold her back to make sure she wasn't to rough on me. It was hard having to wear diapers. At least I could make it to the toilet for the other...movements. I was on a liquid diet for a week. The recovery had taken it's toll on me, but I had grown so much.

After I was discharged, I was driven home by Ginny, with a very bouncy Jamie in the backseat. I was basically couch bound except for toilet trips. It took me three weeks to even be able to use the crutches I got. Jamie was now officially my daughter. I had a lawyer come over and do the paperwork. It was difficult considering the oddity of my situation, but it was worth it in the end. And a month after I got home, I fulfilled my promise to the 'other' Jamie. I bought a beautiful diamond ring to go with the locket I had ordered solid two months ago. When Bosco delivered the ring, I called Ginny in to my office."

"What's wrong hun? Need a change?" She asked cutely.

"No." I said, cuing Bosco to help me kneel. "umf...Virginia Chifkofskey, please do me the honor of becoming my wife. I love you."

"Yes!" she shrieked, pulling me back into my armchair.

It was a whole new beginning for me, no...for us!

--------------------------to be continued---------------------------