A Recent Purchase: Portable Playpen that works great for AB's!


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Hi, I wanted to share that I recently purchase a portable playpen/play yard that folds up easily, is fairly compact to travel with and comes with a nice bag to carry it in, is quite spacious when inside, and has tall sides. I thought others here might be interested to know that this product exists as well! It has a lightly padded base (though I recommend carpet and/or foam tiles underneath it) and is quite sturdy.

Hiccapop 69" Portable Playpen

I'm happy to answer any questions about it! It is a lot of fun to play in as an AB, and I can even nap in it with my legs slightly bent (I am 5'6"). I can fully outstretch my legs when sitting upright in it though. There is also a version that comes with an attachable dome; I do not yet have that piece, but I plan to purchase it in the future.
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You are absolutely correct.. .the same portable play is now permanently set up in my living room.

I live in Australia & was totally fed up with my husband spending all his time with his mates, coming home drunk etc.....I told my mother in law I intended divorcing her son.

The very next day I came home from work & was flabbergasted to witness my mother in law diapering my husband & placing him in a babies play pen.

I had no idea what an ABDL was ...had no idea my husband wanted to be in nappies (diapers).

I now know where my husband is ... every night & his mum is now my best friend.

All thanks to a baby's play pen
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The carrying bag looks like could be very handy !!