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Im gonna be very blunt. If i have in anyway offened anyone i am sorry. I just watched binki-princess"s video on ignorant people and our community. Second off i speed type all the time so pls forgive me if i abreviate stuff like your as ur. If your offended by this i am sorry. But in all honesty what is the harm in typing like that? I was reported by some one who has nothing better to do. I have tried to uplift this community as much as i can. And as for the baby talk ok i get the picture and yet i am sorry for that as well. We here are adults and if yall got a prob with me i would appreciate yall come to me not report for i will rectify the issue to the best i can. Im just tired of people kicking me to the curb when all i have done is either help or give props. Well i hope this post and my account isnt deleted. I like reading the posts.
I've never understood that either. If you have an issue with someone, or something they've said, why not just say so to that person- and most importantly give them a chance to correct themselves. And when in direct response to something it absolutely is ok to pm that person elsewhere, but not here. Wtf. And why does everyone have to instantly go over that offending persons head, and go straight to an admin/mod.

People say were supposed to all act like adults around here, yet that kind of behavior is more baby and tatletale like than anything else.
I'm sorry you're having difficulties on the forum. A quick review of the rules might indicate the problems others are having regarding "txt speak" and even why they might report rather than addressing it with you directly (Item 11). While sometimes a tactful word aside can be the best approach, they can also be misinterpreted and lead to arguments. We've seen both here and the admin has a preference for letting the staff handle these matters. I would say just try not to take it personally, do your best and go forward. Nobody is going to be 100% compliant with the rules at all times (and I don't even think they should be) but taking them as a strong guide will save lots of hassles.
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Your rich in the heart my friend, the reason why I say that is because you care enough to apologize and to to rectify, personally I don't think you did anything wrong, maybe baby talk was found enoying by someone, idk.
I've been on here for about a year I think, the other day I discovered I had an inbox, I had messages from someone that said they didn't want me contributing to a thread about how to shave or keep clean down there because I said I used nare which to them was a poisonous chemical, I laughed when I read this because I thinking well there was a thread, I responded to it with what I do, figured its diversity, multiple options
Yes some people look for drama (i know because of certian people in my life always start drama for no rhyme or reason)
I wonder what the meaning of "drama" is?
(sorry I ask this for me can understand more about the rules).
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AEther said:
I wonder what the meaning of "drama" is?
(sorry I ask this for me can understand more about the rules).

Drama is sort of like the old story of the US Supreme Court justices trying to define pornography: http://blogs.wsj.com/law/2007/09/27/the-origins-of-justice-stewarts-i-know-it-when-i-see-it/. The short answer was "I know it when I see it." It can be difficult to define. I see drama as the posting of material that serves no significant informational purpose with the intent or effect to anger, upset, or otherwise disrupt the community. There are lots of things you can talk about productively but if you do them in a certain way, they result in drama. Think of it as not the same but related to trolling if you're familiar with that. Not all drama is trolling but any troll worth his salt knows how to use drama to advantage.
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