A Praphiliac Chasim, now with Grey Areas!

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DlGrif, good friend of mind, and quickly becoming a best friend had questioned me about my interest in.. regression. I told him that its mostly a non-sexual innocent thing for me, but at times i feel like a pedophile and want to die because I felt sexual feelings when trying to regress. While in the conversation... the weight of it got to me. i went away for a few minutes and... danced with the devil so to speak. Just for peace of mind.
As it turns out... I was wrong... it was something entirely different.

  • I, when in a babyish state of mind have no interest in sex. To achieve a regressed state of mind, I need to be subject to wearing diapers and loosing control.

    I also have a highly arousing to me fetish that involves diapers, and loss of control.

Both are entirely separate. Except for three key things.
Diapers, Submission, and the gray area... Loss of control.

I really don't know how to.... navigate the gray area. I could set out on doing my baby thing with my caretaker, or alone, what have you. But the end up extremely randy.. and masturbating several times. Or.. if I am with somebody (sharing the same kink of course >.>) ... then cant preform.

I'd just really like to know, how to go about getting though it, and if its more common then me. (I'm sure it is)
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