Finished A New Playmate Part 2


  1. Adult Baby
  2. Diaper Lover
  3. Sissy
So there I am standing in my room a soaked nappy between my legs having a minor panic attack after the fire alarm ordeal. I stripped down took off the nappy and cleaned myself up putting on a pair of boxers. Then I looked for a different pair of jeans, as the ones I was wearing before were now slightly damp, found some in wardrobe put them on and pulled on my t-shirt again. I looked in the mirror at my reflection and it had a look that said “what the hell are you doing with your life?” so I packed up all the baby things in their place under the bed and just sat for a while and thought about what had happened.

A couple of hours passed and I came to a conclusion, the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with what I was doing just the way I was doing it. So after that I looked at my timetable and planed out when I could indulge myself with minimal risk. Of course no one can expect the fire alarm to go off but it had gotten me worried. I liked my flat mates and I actually liked being normal around them or maybe I just like having the knowledge that they would be completely shocked if they knew the truth about me? In any case I didn’t want to ruin the friendship I’d managed to make over the first term so I would have to be more careful.

With the incident a week in the past and the rest of the day to myself at 11:30am I delved under the bed again and brought out the same outfit as before. The Blue checked gingham romper with matching bonnet, mittens and booties. Although it had been a week I had kept shaving my body to stop it growing back. With a certain amount of determination I got a nappy out of the pack and lay down of the changing mat. As I put the nappy on I could feel the tension and doubt release and disappear so I lay there for a little while maybe ten minutes or so just to enjoy that feeling. Then I started to dress myself just as I had a week ago and I smiled at the slight struggle to close the crotch of the romper due to the bulk of my nappy. I put on the booties and carefully tied the bonnet to make it look perfect. I pinned on the large dummy and started sucking on it, loving how it filled my mouth and stayed securely there even with my mouth fully open. Finally I pulled on the elasticated mittens and picked up my teddy.

This was bliss it was true relaxation it was a totally carefree state of mind. Then I remembered that I had made up a couple of bottles of milk and had brought them in before I got everything else out. Making them hadn’t been as difficult as you might think with eight people using the same kitchen but in actual fact it was empty most afternoons. As it was past twelve and now lunchtime I reached over and grabbed, on my second attempt due to the mittens, the still warm bottle of milk. I pulled out my dummy and started to suckle on the bottle of milk as I lay down on my bed. As I suckled on the bottle I could feel the innocent bliss that came over me intensify. I lay there a while after finishing the bottle and then I just snuggled with my teddy and started to wet myself, feeling more and more relaxed as I did so. After about 20 mins or so in my wet nappy I felt that I should probably change my nappy.

I stood up and grabbed the changing mat, a fresh nappy, the wipes and powder sort of cradling them all in my arms. I put them down on the bed took off my mittens and started to lie down on the mat. It was a quick change and soon I was clean and “dry” again so I put the mittens back on and picked up my teddy hugging it tight. Next I looked under my bed and found the toys that I had. What I got out consisted of some building blocks, a colourful shape puzzle, a large rattle and a doll (which I put back as I was a baby boy at the moment). I shifted the bed and the contents underneath over to the far side of the room and found that a decent amount of floor space had been created so I laid out my duvet to act as a play mat and sat down to play. The hours flew by and the next thing I knew it was 4 o’clock in the afternoon. I decided to change into another outfit and picked the white PVC onesie to wear. So as I started to undress I looked around room and saw the toys strewn around and smiled then I looked down at my nappy as I took the romper off and my smile faded. It was wet, at least the indicator had moved up, my nappy was wet but I didn’t remember doing it and this was a troubling thought or it was until I remembered that I was pretending to be a baby and it wasn’t exactly wet more ever so slightly used.

So I brushed it off and started to put on the PVC onesie, I call it a onesie but perhaps it was more of a romper I just remember that the website had called it a onesie. As I continued dressing I could hear the plastic crinkle and enjoyed the feeling of the cool plastic on my skin. Soon I was all dressed with romper, bonnet, mittens, booties and sucking on a dummy. Another couple of hours flew by and it was of course the evening now so I reached out for the other bottle and realised that it had become room temperature but it still tasted nice and I started to suckle on it. The bottles I had were 1.5 litres and so they held a substantial amount of milk. I stopped halfway through to use my nappy then I continued drink the rest. Feeling surprisingly full I went back to playing, I was surprised by how much fun I was having with such limited toys and looked up again to see that it was eight o’clock and I decided to change into my footed sleeper for the rest of the evening.

I started to undress and as I sat there wearing nothing but my nappy and sucking on my dummy. This made me feel a little uncomfortable as I stood there and started to think the worst about having to run out of the flat again was soon lost in worried thought. After a moment or two I snapped out of it and remembered I was going to get the blue footed sleeper. As I fetched it from the far side of the room I could feel my nappy squelch. Feeling this I grabbed a nappy, wipes and powder at the same time and changed my nappy. After putting on the footed sleeper I discovered that it was now quarter to nine and had lost a frightening amount of time to worrying. The combination of worrying thoughts and a full tummy made me want to sleep so I put my room back to normal and decided to have an early night. I turned off the lights then snuggled in under my duvet, hugging my teddy tightly, and soon found myself drifting off into a contented sleep.

To be continued…