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So, as a lover of undergarments that you can go in. I'm blown away by how many diapers we sale a day. I don't know if every country has them, but we have big wearhouse stores. Like B,js and costco, sams club. Where you buy diapers by the case.

any way whats odd is that online every time some one makes a comment about there child in a diaper there are tons on negative comments. But in fact most people must not listen. Because we sale goodnites/drynites buy the case and moms seem to love them. And as for adults, well we sale as many adult products
in a day as we do kids. That's a-lot of diaper clad adults. Where not talking all old people every age. lots of middle aged moms run for always brand underwear.
The world is changing one diaper at a time.......
About 80% of the adult diapers sold in stores today are cheap low absorbent and not worth it to use.

The diapers i use must take at least 3 wetting or i don't buy them.
i buy my diapers on the cost saving per change.

Depends leak after one wetting. One Depends cost $.93 per wetting.

The Prevail® Extended Use diapers i wear i can wet 3 times and they don't leak at a cost of $.29 per wetting. but i have to special order them.

The other diaper i use is A+ from XPMedical at $.58 per wetting and even these are cheaper then Depends per wetting
rymnd said:
any way whats odd is that online every time some one makes a comment about there child in a diaper there are tons on negative comments.

This probably has to do with a sort-of taboo on diapers and the embarrassment of wearing them.

Do you live in the US? It seems like here we try to push children to grow up so if an older child is wearing diapers then the parent "isn't doing their job." From this probably comes the thought that only young children and the elderly should be in diapers so when someone in between those age groups wears them it can be embarrassing (though I'm sure it happens more often than we know).
Western countries don't try to push their kids to grow up as fast as many countries, but there is still a lot of judgement. As an ex-teacher, I have to say one of the scariest forces on Earth is Mum-Politics. Mum's are horrible to each other and judge each other's parenting constantly and harshly. I do think that nappy companies are trying to make parents relax on toilet training so they can sell more. Societies over reliance on day care centres doesn't help either since they don't generally help with toilet training.

As to the pushing kids... There is this thing that came about because of this push for early toilet training. Some bright spark said "Oh, people in third world countries don't use nappies." They forget that people in third world countries aren't the picture of health and well being. Plus, the toddlers just go on the street when they want. As a result of a well marketed, and under researched, book, lots of alternative type parents took up the new way of parenting, including my brothers wife. (Who is very hippyish) "Evacuation communication." They don't use nappies from birth and teach a child to hold it in until given a signal. Turns out it is actually bad. Children aren't meant to hold on when they're babies. My niece has been constipated most of her life and, as a result, is scared of pooing. She holds it in, which makes her more constipated. This leads to urinary tract infections... which is bad and diarrhea.. whic is bad. In short, she has never worn nappies but she pees and poops her pants quite often, just like other 2.5 year olds do. But her's is because she always has these medical problems. Doing some research, I found a urology article saying how huge the problem is from these children. In short, I think if I ever had kids I would take the expert, scientific, advice and not the sensationalist, hip, advice. Just because it's in a book doesn't mean it's good. If it's in 10 doctors books you can generally assume it's alright.

I always use Tena Maxi. I haven't actually calculated per wetting. I pee more sometimes than other times. :) Sometimes it's a $0.05 wetting and other's a $3 wetting. (It makes a patch on my bum)
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