"A Lonely Man Is Reborn" (Part I)


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"A Lonely Man Is Reborn" (Part I)


It was a warm, pleasant, summer evening the night that I died. The date was June 20, 2043. I was 75 years old that year. I went to bed, tired from a long day of working on my music; putting the final finishes on my latest masterwork. I was anxious to hear it performed in concert. I fell asleep, dreaming of the performance.

At some time during that night (I did not know exactly when), I awoke briefly with what felt like a headache. I turned, and rolled over to my left side, and tried to fall asleep again. It seemed that my attempt was a success, for after a while, I was greeted with what was apparently a beautiful, tender dream, manifesting itself upon my mind’s eye.

I found myself, or at least the essence of myself – my soul, spirit, et cetera, floating above my bed in a wonderful, illuminated ether that supported me, embracing me in a strangely familiar energy of love, joy, and beauty that was indescribable in capacity and substance. This ether then began elevating me ever higher, up to the ceiling of my bedroom, until I could no longer perceive any walls or boundaries. I began to realize that I was then floating in the sky, amid the clouds.

I climbed ever higher, until I left the confines of the Earth, and found myself amongst the stars and planets. Then, after a fashion, the Universe itself faded away, until I was bathed in a celestial light of eternal majesty and beauty. I found myself in this place, surrounded by other spirits like myself, and I had no fear, or pain whatsoever. It was at that moment that I found myself standing in the midst of the assembly, being addressed by the Goddess Mother.

“Welcome, my son, I am the Mother of All, the Goddess. I am She who birthed the heavens, the universes, and all that has lived, is living, or will live. You are now in a special place; a place of love, wisdom, and rebirth. This is the home of all who have lived an Earthly life.”

“The time has come for you to fulfill your destiny. However, first, you are owed an explanation. This very night, you succumbed to what doctors on Earth would term an “aneurysm,” albeit a small one. Nonetheless, it was your time to die, and I called you home to me. Now, forevermore, you will suffer no further pain, nor loss, nor sadness. You shall eternally remain within my bosom, in joy and peace.”

“Child, I know much of the suffering you endured during your life on Earth. As a boy, your adopted parent abused you quite severely. You were punished for alleged transgressions you were innocent of, and you were never corrected for misbehaviors you should have been corrected for. Assuredly, your adopted parent has answered for these crimes, have no fear of that.”

“Therefore, it is my will and my wish that you receive a special gift from the Goddess. You will be re-born into a special, parallel universe, not unlike the universe that you came from. You will live on a planet much like the Earth that you first lived on. However, this place is unique in many ways.”

“First and foremost, your new residence will be in a small, suburban neighborhood, where the time is always the 1950’s, a time when old-fashioned, traditional ways were the norm. I can see in your heart, my son, that you have always hearkened back to a time when you were only five years old. I shall grant you your wish, then.”

“You will now live as a five-year old in your new home. This new universe is ageless: for every 100,000 years the universe grows older, you will only grow one year older, until you are age 10. At that point, you will again be reborn as a five-year old, if that is your wish, of course. At the end of every rebirth circle, it is entirely your choice whether to be reborn again. Freedom of choice is the ultimate Law of the Goddess.”

I was amazed by the Goddess’ speech. I found myself so eager to begin my new life, reborn as the child that I always wanted to be. I vowed from that moment on that I would be the best little boy that I could possibly be. I knew, instinctively, that the Goddess knew of my truest intentions, within my heart of hearts, at that moment.

“Yes, my child,” the Goddess continued, “yes, you shall be a wonderful little boy, and you shall be adored by your Caretaker. Your Caretaker will be what you referred to in your former life as your “Father,” or “Daddy.” His name is Edward Henderson, and he will explain more to you very soon, when the time comes. He is very anxious to meet you and take you home. Are you ready for your transformation and rebirth, so that you may meet your Caretaker?”

“Yes, Goddess Mother, yes I am,” I said confidently.

“Then, so shall it be,” the Goddess said.

Suddenly, I felt myself getting smaller and smaller with each passing moment, my clothing gradually falling off of me as I became child-sized. I felt all the age of my olden years dissipate from my face and body. After several minutes, the transformation and rebirth was complete. I was provided with a mirror, so that I might look at my newly reborn self. Indeed! I was now a five-year old boy. I stood about 3’3” tall, and weighed around 40 pounds. I had deep, soulful, brown eyes, dark brown hair, and a clear skin complexion, just like when I was a boy in my former life. I took time to regard my small hands, my little feet, and my chubby, plump little bottom as well.

“Child, you are a very handsome, adorable little boy,” the Goddess continued, “but before you can begin your new journey, you must be clothed appropriately.”

With of a wave of her hand, the Goddess cast a spell upon me. Instantly, I found myself adorned with a very smart outfit: a pair of Osh-Kosh overalls that ended in short pants above my knees, a white t-shirt and white underpants under the overalls, and a pair of white ankle-length socks, as well as a pair of Buster Brown shoes with pinstripe laces. I regarded myself in the mirror again, and indeed, I was a very adorable little boy.

“Are you now ready to meet your Caretaker, little one?” the Goddess asked.

“Yes, Goddess, I am ready. Thank you very much.”

The Goddess alighted from her throne, then walked toward me, until she stood in front of me. She took me by my little right hand, and coaxed me to walk with her at her left side. We walked for a little while together, until a man appeared in the distance, growing closer in our vision with each passing moment. Eventually, we stopped, standing in front of him. It was my Caretaker, Edward Henderson.

“Greetings, little one,” my Caretaker said, cheerily. “I am Mr. Henderson, your Caretaker. You may, however, refer to me as “Daddy,” if you wish. We have much to do, and much to talk about. By the way, ‘Happy Re-Birthday!’ Please come with me, and we will go to your new home together. I am so very happy and proud that you are now my son.”

- - - Updated - - -

I walked hand in hand with my new Caretaker, Mr. Henderson for a while, then turned absentmindedly to wave goodbye to the Goddess with my free right hand. I could see her in the distance, waving back to me, and blowing me a kiss of blessing as well. I knew that she would always be with me, wherever I went, from that day forward.

Mr. Henderson stopped for a moment, then squatted down to meet me at my eye level. He was a tall man around 50 years of age, about 6’ 2”, with dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes, just like mine. He was clean-shaven, wore glasses, and had a soft, kind face. It seemed as if we were meant for one another.

“Now, don’t you worry, son, the Goddess is always with us, no matter where we are,” my Daddy said to me as he tousled my hair and stroked my soft, round face. “She is the Sun which warms our hearts throughout endless days.”

“Thank you,” I said, relieved. “Um, may I call you ‘Daddy,’ please?”

“Sure,” Mr. Henderson said, “you are my new son, and I love you very much. Oh, and before I forget, you have a new name, since you were reborn here. Your new name is ‘Peter-‘ ‘Peter James Henderson.’ Do you like it?”

“Yes, Daddy, I really like it a whole lot. In fact, I’d like it even better if you just called me ‘P.J.’ – everyone else can call me ‘Peter’ or ‘PJ’ if they want to as well, OK?”

“Sure thing, son. ‘PJ’- hmm, I like that nickname a lot too. Now, one other thing I should tell you now is that since you’ve been reborn, you still remember all the knowledge, skills, and talents you had in your former life. However, you will now think and behave, as well as physically appear as, a five-year old boy. It’s admittedly going to take some time to get used to, and it might even be quite frustrating for you, but I know that you will rise to the challenge very well, I’m sure.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” I said in reply. “Is there anything else that I should know?”

“Well, yes, PJ, many things; many things that we can talk about when we get back home. However, I want you to know a little bit about me first. Like you, I died a lonely man. I always wanted to have a little boy like you as a son, but I never got the chance. I was so honored when the Goddess appointed me your Caretaker. In my former life, I used to take care of children like you for my friends, but I never had a child of my own. Now, I do, and I am so happy that you are part of my life.”

“I’m happy you’re my Daddy,” I said in reply. “Let’s go home, OK?”

“OK, PJ, let’s go home. Do you see that lighted doorway up ahead? That is the entrance to our new universe, and our home. It is a one-way door, however. This means that the Goddess seals it shut once we go through, and only She can open it again, if She desires. So there is no going back unless the Goddess desires it. I hope you understand.”

“Yes, Daddy, I do, I can’t wait to go home with you.”

“All right, then. So let us go home, then,” my Daddy said in reply.

My Daddy stood up, taking me by my left hand again, then we walked side-by-side toward the doorway. We entered our new universe through the doorway, and it sealed shut behind us. We felt a “whoosh” of air as it did so. Then, we were gently pulled into an ether of light, not unlike the one that contained my spirit earlier. Eventually, after some period of time, we found ourselves alighting at the front door of our new home.

I was amazed to see that there were fantasy and mythical creatures everywhere: creatures from the Narnia Chronicles, Pokemon characters, all sorts of ‘furries’ (at least that is what I heard them called before), and even cartoon characters, and characters from comic strips.

“Yes, my boy, this is a fantasy universe, not only for human children, but for every other sort of fantasy character as well. In fact, our nearest neighbors are the Mitchells, right across the street from us. I hope you will make fast friends with Dennis and Joey soon.”

“Oh, Daddy,” I exclaimed, squealing with delight, “this is too neat for words!”

“I’m glad you like it, my boy, I hope you will truly make it a home for you. Now, let’s go into the house, there are some things that we need to do and discuss immediately.”

My Daddy took me by the hand, leading me to the front door of our new home. He unlocked the door, and we entered, then, he closed the door behind us.

“Ah yes, 7 Willow Lane,” my Daddy remarked, “this does indeed seem to be the place; it was a described as a ‘quaint, 50’s-era style two-bedroom house in the town of Pleasant Corners.”

“I like it, Daddy,” I said in reply.

“Let’s go check out the bedrooms,” Daddy said, “besides that, there is something that needs be done in your bedroom right away.”

“What would that be, Daddy,” I asked, curious.

“Never you mind that, son,” Daddy chided gently, “you will soon find out.”

“OK, Daddy,” I said, as I bounded up the stairs, my Daddy following close behind.
Once we had reached the top of the stairs, I saw a large, spacious bedroom ahead.

“Yes, PJ, this must be my bedroom, the master bedroom.”

The master bedroom had all the amenities: a private bathroom, a king-size bed, a nightstand with a lamp, a large office desk, two bureaus, a dresser, a couple of floor lamps - everything a busy father would need. There was even a large, bay window overlooking the front yard.

“Very nice, Daddy,” I replied.

“Yes, PJ, very nice indeed,” my Daddy said as he perused a thick folder that had a very recent picture of my reborn self paper-clipped to the front of it, with the words ‘Peter James Henderson, Child # T 30477’ on it. “The floor plans say there is a large bathroom on the ground floor with a big, clawfoot, cast-iron tub in it. That sounds like that will be perfect for bathing you.”

“Yes, Daddy, it sounds great!” I exclaimed. “Um,” I asked, curious again, “is that folder about me?”

“Yes, son,” “it’s all about you, your last life, your new life so far, my responsibilities to you as your Caretaker, and also your responsibilities to me as my son.”

“OK, Daddy, can we check out my bedroom now, please?”

“Sure thing, champ!’ my Daddy said, excited. “Let’s go!”

I bounded down the hall toward another, smaller bedroom, my Daddy following close behind again. I was so happy, because this was also a very good-sized bedroom, but was definitely appointed for a small child. There was a small bed with rails on either side, to prevent me from falling out, a nightstand beside it with a lamp, a small dresser and bureau, a small table and chair, a toybox at the foot of the bed, and an ample closet.

There was also a good-sized bay window, similar to the one in my Daddy’s bedroom.
Curiously, in one corner of my bedroom, there was one, large, adult-sized wooden chair. It was armless, and very solid and sturdy. It looked like a large man like my father could easily sit in it comfortably.

“This is a really nice bedroom, Daddy,” I said, “Thank you.”

“You are most welcome, PJ,” my Daddy said in reply, “Now, I can see by the look in your face that you are wondering what that large chair in the corner is for.”

“Yes, Daddy, I am.”

“Well, son,” my Daddy said, clearing his throat. “There is something I must do, and something that we must discuss, here and now, that is part of our relationship as father and son. Honestly, it is unpleasant business, and I didn’t want to have to do this so soon after your rebirth, but the Goddess insisted, and what She says is Law.”

“What’s that, Daddy,” I said with a quizzical look on my face.

“Well, PJ, you see, there are Laws in any universe, and this one is no exception. These are the Laws that we are all bound by.”

I watched with curiosity as my Daddy pulled out the chair from the corner, then picked it up and set it down in the middle of my bedroom, then sat down on it.

“PJ, please come and stand in front of Daddy.”

“OK, Daddy,” I said, as I cautiously approached him, standing before him.

“Laws, Daddy,” I said, “how do you mean, Laws?”

“Well son,” my Daddy continued, “what this means for you and I is that if you behave, and are a good little boy, you will be rewarded. However, if you misbehave, and are naughty, then I must punish you, and as your father, that means a spanking.”

“A spanking, Daddy?” I gulped, incredulous as to what I had just heard. “But I was never, ever spanked before.”

“I know, son,” my Daddy continued, “I know how poorly your mother treated you in your past life. That’s why the only Mother you will ever have now is the Goddess, because she loves you, and all of us, so very much. But you need a loving father in your life also: a father who knows what is best for you, and also a father who will be firm but fair when the need arises. That’s my job. Your job is simply to behave, and be the best little boy that you can be.”

“OK, Daddy, I suppose you are right,” I said, shifting my feet as I continued standing in front of my Daddy. “But, you said we had to do something, right here, and right now?”

“Trust me,” my Daddy said, “Daddy knows what’s best, rest assured of that. And, yes, we do have to do something, right here, and right now. Daddy is going to give you a spanking now, to show you what a spanking feels like, and to show you what will happen if you are naughty.”

“A spanking, right now, Daddy?” I said, alarmed. “Gee, Daddy, I don’t want a spanking. I’ve been a good boy all day.”

“I know, son, but it is the only way you will truly know what a spanking really is, so that you won’t be tempted to get into trouble. I’m sorry son, but this is the way that it has to be.”

“But, Daddy, it’s going to hurt!” I said, even more alarmed.

“I know son, but don’t worry, it will soon be over, and I won’t be hard on you. I will never, ever, spank you in anger, and I will always do it because I love you. You will understand this, given time.”

“OK, Daddy,” I said hesitantly. “I trust you.”

I then suddenly found myself lifted in the air as my Daddy picked me up, and gently, calmly, and swiftly turned me over his knee. I laid in his lap, my head and chest over his left side. All I could see at that moment was the floor below me.

“Now son, don’t be afraid,” my Daddy said, “this will be over very soon, and it’s all right to cry.”

Suddenly, I felt a rush of air near where my bottom was, followed Immediately by the muffled, yet distinctly audible, sound of my Daddy’s hand as it found its target. I felt a stinging sensation on my bottom. This only meant one thing: the spanking had begun. I began to cry fitfully.

“There, there, my little one, it’s all right to cry,” he said to me soothingly.

As quickly as it began, the spanking was over. My bottom ached: it was an entirely new sensation that I had never felt before, and I most certainly did not enjoy it. My Daddy picked me up again, and gently sat me down in his wide lap. It was hard to sit down with any measure of comfort, but I was consoled, as my Daddy embraced me in his arms, offering me a tissue to blow my nose, and wipe my tears. He hugged me for a good long time, soothing me.

“There, PJ, now that wasn’t too bad, was it?” Daddy said. “Now, I can guarantee that all your spankings will be like this one. I assure you I will never spank you when I am angry, I will never hurt you intentionally, and I will only spank you because I love you, and because I want you to be a good little boy.

“I love you too, Daddy, thank you,” I said, now in a much calmer state of mind.

“Thank you, Daddy,” I said.

“Would you like Daddy to play with you for a while? There’s some nice toys in your toybox, I’m sure.”

“Sure, Daddy, that would be really nice,” I said as I walked over to the toybox.

So, Daddy and I spent the rest of my first day playing together, and getting to know one another better. We had a nice dinner in our new kitchen, then my Daddy gave me a nice bath in the downstairs bathroom. I was still a little sore from the spanking earlier in the day, but the bath made me feel a lot better. Daddy dressed me in my pajamas, and tucked me into bed with a kiss, then read me a bedtime story until I fell asleep. It was wonderful being a child again.


Wow! This is terrific and inspiring. Your writing is very refined.

My favorite part is when he goes to the spiritual realm and speaks with the Goddess.


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Thank you very much. I am very glad that you have enjoyed my story so far. Compliments are always appreciated. I plan to continue writing new parts of the story very soon, especially considering the fact that there are folks out there like you that appreciate my writing. Please be on the lookout for more continuations of the story. Thanks again!


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A Lonely Man Is Reborn (Part III)

The next morning, I slowly woke from what, at first, I thought was a beautiful dream. Fresh, new memories began flooding my awakening consciousness: memories of alighting from my bed the previous night, floating in the sky, meeting a woman named “the Goddess,” and most curiously, being taken home by a man named Mr. Henderson.

Or, was it all just a dream?

Slowly, gradually, I became more oriented to my present surroundings. I found myself tucked into my bed quite snugly, much akin to being swaddled like an infant. I felt very small and innocent lying there. It was then that I recalled the miraculous transformation that the Goddess Mother had performed on my body the day before. I was no longer an old man. I was now a little boy; in fact, I remembered that now I was five years old.

The sun began to peek through the windows, despite the fact that the shades were drawn, and the curtains were closed in front of them. A shaft of sunlight alighted upon my face, warming it with its soft, bright glow. I took the opportunity to take my hands from under the covers and look at them.

Indeed, my hands were small and delicate, just like those of a child, as were my arms. I grasped the blankets with my now free right hand, so that I could pull the blankets up just enough to peer underneath them. I could just make out the features of a child’s small body – my body – from the light coming through the window.

So, it was true! This was all very real and tangible. I had indeed been changed, and now I was a little boy. Then, memories of my past life on Earth began to occupy my thoughts. I recalled at that moment that I was told that all of my knowledge and experiences from my past life would be available to me, despite my physical size and appearance as a small child.

As I lay in bed, I began to grow increasingly more uncomfortable. Not long after, I determined that the problem was isolated to the fact that I was soaking wet, My pajamas, which consisted of a one-piece sleeper with a zipper all the way down one side, and what would be referred to as “footies” at the feet, as well as my underpants underneath them, were absolutely drenched. My sheets were also soaked. It did not take long to realize that I must have wet the bed during the night, which was not an uncommon thing for a five year-old boy to do when sleeping in his bed.

I lamented my present condition as I lay in bed, sopping wet and cold. I began to whine, fuss and cry ever more with each passing moment, until I was bawling loudly, large “crocodile tears” streaming down my cheeks and face. Fortunately for me, my cries did not go unheard. I heard the heavy footfalls of someone coming up the stairs to my bedroom. Then, I saw my bedroom door open as I looked over from my bed. Mr. Henderson, my Daddy, entered my room and came over to my bed where I was.

“There, there, little one, hush hush,” my Daddy said. “What’s wrong?”

I blushed beet red from ear to ear, embarrassed about the very real possibility of being found wet in my bed.

“PJ,” he continued, “don’t be upset, you can tell your Daddy anything – anything at all, there’s no need to be embarrassed, I think Daddy knows what’s wrong with you, please let me check.”

Mr. Henderson gently bent down as he stood next to me in my bed, then, reaching under the covers, he felt my pajamas and my sheets. He knew then that I was wet.

“Ah, I see,” he said, “you wet the bed last night, son.”

“Oh, Daddy, I’m so sorry,” I said, ashamed, “Are you going to spank me?”

“Why, of course not,” my Daddy exclaimed, “Perish the thought! It wasn’t your fault at all. Lots of little boys your age have trouble staying dry during the night. It’s perfectly normal, and there’s nothing wrong with it at all. There is no need to be embarrassed or ashamed. Now, Daddy is going to get you out of your wet bed and your wet pajamas, give you a nice bath, and get you dressed in some nice dry clothes. Won’t that be nice?”

“Yes, Daddy, I guess so,” I replied, trying to be appreciative of his efforts to make me feel better. “It’s just – it’s just – “ I stammered, my voice trailing off.

“Hmmm?” he said with an air of curiousity. “What’s that? Please tell your Daddy what’s wrong?”

“Well, Daddy, you told me yesterday that if I misbehaved, that I would get a spanking – you even spanked me yesterday to show me what would happen. I guess I’m confused. I mean, why did you spank me yesterday when I had not done anything wrong, yet this morning you’re not going to spank me for something I thought I had done wrong?”

“Ah, I see,” my Daddy continued. “Now I truly know why you are upset. To be honest, I was upset about having to spank you yesterday. It did not seem quite fair to me. So, I asked the Goddess about that. You see, even though we cannot return to her realm without her permission, she can communicate with us if there is a need, or if we have a question. That is the special magic and power of the place we now live in.”

“I see, Daddy, that’s really neat,” I said with an air of astonishment and fascination.

“Yes, it is, son. After I talked with the Goddess, she informed me that the real reason that she wanted me to spank you yesterday was not only that you would know what to expect if you misbehaved, but also that it arose from an incident in your earthly childhood when you were the age that you now are in this place.”

“What was that, Daddy?”

“Well, I am very sorry that I didn’t tell you about this yesterday, my little one,” Daddy began to explain, “but I didn’t know about it until the Goddess told me to check into your file. There was a document that recorded something very naughty you did back in 1973 on Earth. Evidently, it was a summer day, and you were playing “gas station” outside with your toys. You took the garden hose, turned it on, put it in the gas tank of your parent’s car, and flooded it. This, despite the fact that you were repeatedly told not to even go near your parent’s car without them being there.”

“Oh, yes, Daddy,” I said, “I remember that now. “I was never punished for that. In fact, they never even yelled at me for it. I was just sent to my room for a while. I remember my father saying that he had to pay a huge bill to get the car repaired, thanks to my ‘little stunt.’ I thought I had gotten away with it.”

“Yes, indeed, son, that was very naughty, very naughty indeed. You rightly deserved to receive a very severe spanking for that, however, the Goddess is not without mercy and compassion, nor am I. Indeed, there are rules that must be obeyed in this realm, but they are tempered by the fact that we all love you very much, and only want what is best for you. The spanking I gave you yesterday was purposely attenuated to have maximum effect with the least physical and emotional injury to you. That was an example of giving you loving correction for something that you rightly should have been disciplined for, even though, at the time, I did not know the true reasons behind it. I hope you understand, son.”

“Yes, Daddy, I do,” I said after a long, thoughtful pause. “I do understand what happened and why. Thank you for caring about me enough to find out the whole truth.”

“PJ, Daddy will always have your best interests at heart. I will always love you as your Caretaker. You may never doubt that fact. Now, let’s get you out of that wet bed and in the bath so that I can get you dressed for the day.”

He bent down, embracing me, and kissing my soft, round face, drying my tears. Then, he untucked my covers, and picked me up, scooping me out of bed with one motion.
He held me in his arms, laying me over his shoulder. He patted and rubbed my back soothingly, and stroked my hair with his free hand. It felt wonderful being cuddled by my Daddy in this way.

He carried me out of my room, down the hallway, and into the bathroom. A nice, hot bath had already been drawn in the large clawfoot tub next to the sink. We were in a very large and spacious bathroom. There was even a chair, a dresser bureau, and a very solid, good-sized table in the bathroom, in the corner of it. I did not know the purpose of the table at that time.

“OK little champ,” Daddy said as he set me down carefully, standing me on the bathroom floor facing him. “Let’s get you out of your wet pajamas.”

He sat down in the chair by the sink in front of the radiator. He unzipped the zipper of my sleepers, and carefully took them off of me. For my part, I stepped out of them, lifting one leg up at a time, as he instructed me to do so. Then, he quickly pulled down my wet underpants, and took them off of me, as I stepped out of those as well. I stood in front of him, naked, yet unashamed. He regarded me lovingly as he looked at me.

“You are a very sweet, adorable, little boy,” Daddy said, “I am so proud to have you as my son.”

He got up out of his chair, and picked me up again, cradling me in his arms. He carefully put me in the bathtub. I felt the warm water surround my body as I sat down in the tub.

Daddy took a washcloth and a large bar of soap, and began scrubbing me all over. We had a long talk as he gave me my bath, discussing the day’s plans for me. It was evident that all he wanted to do that day was what would make me the happiest. I had never had so much positive attention paid to me before, and it was curiously refreshing.

After the bath was done, he took the stopper out from the drain,, allowing the water to drain out. He carefully picked me up out of the tub, holding me in his arms, then stood me up on the floor in front of the tub. He sat down in his chair again in front of me. He took a large, thirsty, bath towel, and began vigorously drying me off.

“There, that must feel much better, little one,” he said with an air of wisdom and poise. “It’s so nice to have a nice bath after you’ve been wet. “Now, it’s time to get you dressed for the day.”

“Daddy,” I said, “what is that large table for in the corner?”

“Ah,” he said, “I thought you would be curious about that. I declare, the Goddess thinks of everything. That was her idea. As it turns out, she decided that you will be wearing diapers from now on, so as to prevent you from wetting your pants. That table is a changing table for you, so that I can change your diapers when needed.”

“But Daddy!” I said, incredulous. “I’m five years old, only little babies wear diapers, don’t they?” I felt myself blushing again, embarrassed.

“Ah, but like I said,” Daddy explained, “there’s nothing wrong or shameful about little boys who wet their beds or their pants. And, there’s nothing wrong about little boys who wear diapers to help them stay dry. Wouldn’t you rather be dry than to be wet, son?”

“Yes, Daddy, I suppose you are right,” I said after a slight pause. “I certainly don’t want to be wet like I was this morning.”

“There, that’s my little boy,” he continued, “Now, let’s get you diapered and dressed so that we can go have breakfast. Then, you can go play with your toys for a while.”

He got up from his chair, scooped me up in his arms, and carried me over to the changing table. It had a soft cloth pad on top of it. He laid me down on the changing table on my back. The table easily accommodated my small frame. I looked up at my Daddy as I lay on my back, fascinated by the curious feeling of knowing that I was going to be diapered by him.

Daddy opened the top drawer of the bureau beside the changing table. He took out a cloth diaper, several ducky safety pins, and a container of baby powder. He set these things on the table at my feet. Then, he closed the top drawer, and opened the drawer below it. He took out several articles of clothing, and put them on top of the bureau, then closed that drawer as well.

“You are going to be so cute in your new diaper and play-clothes,” he said, beaming. “Now, first, I am going to diaper you.”

Daddy took the cloth diaper in one hand and unfolded it. He took me by the ankles with his free hand, lifting my legs over my head, then he slipped the diaper underneath my bottom. He took the baby powder, opened it, and liberally applied it to my diaper area. It felt cool and made me feel very comfortable, as it dried up any excess moisture as well. He put my legs down, and wrapped the diaper around me, then pinned it around my hips and thighs with several of the ducky safety pins.

Then, he reached over to the top of the bureau, and retrieved the clothing that he had put there previously. He picked me up in his arms and carried me over to the chair. He stood me back up in front of it, and then sat down. He put the clothing on the corner of the sink.

“You look very cute in your new diaper,” he said. “Now, it’s time to get you dressed in your onezie and play-clothes,” he continued.

He followed his words with action as he picked up the onezie from the pile of clothes on the sink, then put it on me. It was a printed onezie, with pictures of little toy cars all over it. It had snaps on the shoulders, as well as snaps at the crotch. Daddy snapped me into it. It fit very snugly over the diaper. Then, he put a nice t-shirt on me over the onezie, with a matching car print as well. He then put a pair of Osh-Kosh denim shortalls on me, buckling the shoulder straps, and snapping and zipping the fly closed. The shortalls ended in length just above my knees.

“Oh, my” he exclaimed, “You look simply adorable. Now let’s get your socks and shoes on, and we can go down to the kitchen and have breakfast.”

He picked me up and sat me down in his lap in the chair. He put a pair of white ankle socks on me, then put on a pair of Buster Brown shoes on my feet, tying the shoelaces securely. Finally, he stood me back up in front of him, and turned me around to face him.

“There, now you are all dressed,” Daddy said as he took a large hairbrush and began combing my hair. “Let’s go have some breakfast.”

He stood up, took me by my little hand, and led me out of the bathroom. We went downstairs, where the breakfast he had prepared was waiting for us: cereal, eggs with cheese, and toast. He led me to the kitchen table. There was a large kitchen chair with a booster seat in it. He picked me up and put me in it, securing me with a seatbelt of sorts. He served our breakfast, and we both ate it hungrily. It was a great start to what would turn out to be a wonderful day. We talked at length about our big plans for the day as we ate our breakfast.

“There, PJ, wasn’t that delicious,” Daddy said after breakfast was finished. “Now, let me get you out of your booster seat so that you may go in your playroom and have fun with your new toys. Daddy has to clean up the kitchen, change your bed, and do the laundry.”

“OK, Daddy,” I said happily as he helped me out of my booster seat.

“All right, little one, you may go and play with your toys. Daddy has chores to do.”

“OK, Daddy, thank you,” I said as I eagerly scampered out of the kitchen.

“You are most welcome, son,” Daddy said.

Daddy began cleaning the kitchen as I went into the playroom to play with my toys. I plopped my little diapered bottom on the floor in front of my toybox. I found some blocks to play with, so I began to stack them one on top of each other. It had truly been a great morning, and I was certain the rest of the day was only going to get better.

To Be Continued…