A Little Town Called Friendship


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Klaus Fisher was a young 23 year old man. He had everything a human being could want: fame, fortune, and fans. But fame and wealth can take its toll on a young man, especially poor Klaus. As a world famous musician, he had little to no privacy even at his own home. One day a 'rabid' paparazzo had climbed the fence of his country home to take pictures of him in the shower for an internet article. Klaus Fisher went off the map the next day, with only his six string and some cash on him.

Klaus had never had an easy life growing up. He had lived on the streets. Hungry and alone, Klaus had lost his mother at a young age and had never met his father. He remembered how his mother loved the guitar. Her old Gibson '89 Acoustic was all he had left of her. He made money on the streets playing for passersby, as music was in his blood. One day, a recording agent came by to over him a apprentice position under the guitarist Rocky Fin.

Although he had food, shelter, and clothing Klaus was constantly in fear. Rocky did drugs constantly and would be unconscious most of the day. Klaus held no resentment however: he was a goodhearted boy who saw the best in everyone. When Rocky died of an overdose when Klaus was 10, he began writing his own music, and quickly moved out of Rocky's shadow. He had to learn how to cook, pay bills, and clean so fast he had no time for childhood. He rose to the top, and his music was heard all over the world.

After his departure from L.A, Klaus had been going town to town, playing music under a new alias. Since Americans were oblivious, they didn't know this talented young man was the once world famous musician who had made millions off one album. Klaus traveled all the way from California to Colorado on foot. He was running out off money and was tired. After walking along the highway for a day he came across an exit that was not on his road map. Thinking of an opportunity to settle down, Klaus followed the road to arrive at the entrance to a little town called Friendship. Klaus decided to stay. Little did he know how his life was about to change (figuratively and literally).

-Chapter 1: a fresh start-
(we will now see things through Klaus' eyes)

I arrived at the little town around sunset. The town was lovely. Flowers were blooming, and all the houses looked like modern storybook cottages. I walked around for awhile. The town had so many things to see. I was glad to hopefully find a place to settle down. I've been running from my own fame for weeks now and I'm very tired. My shoes are completely worn, and my guitar needs to be re-strung. There was no one out as it was getting dark. It was around 7:00, so I thought it would be best to find a place to stay the night. I was about to walk to the inn I saw when I bumped into a young lady who looked to be about 20, if not for what she was wearing.

She had ribbons in her hair, and was wearing an over sized toddler's sundress. What was even stranger was she was wearing a diaper. I figured she had a developmental delay or something. I am a very understanding person. I am not the type to judge. The poor girl must've thought I was a creep, because she started crying. I felt bad for her so I reached out my hand and helped her up. I needed to help her, so I began to talk to her to calm her down.

"Hey there 'little' one. Are you hurt? Do you understand me?" I asked softly.

"Nn no, I'm fwine sir." She said with childlike innocence.

"Can I help you get home? It's dark and little ones shouldn't be out this late." I said trying to help find her family. I also needed directions to the inn as it was dark now. I figured her parents could help me.

"Swure sir. My house is dis way!" She said pulling my free arm that wasn't holding my guitar case towards a purple cottage.

I saw the house and felt relaxed for some reason. The place smelled like lilac and had a homey feel to it. I walked up to the door with the girl and knocked on the door. As soon as I stepped back, a young woman in her mid 30's opened the door. She was wearing a purple dress with an apron and had beautiful black hair. She saw me with the girl and lit up.

"Hello Mr, I see you found Janice. I don't believe I've seen you around here. I'm Matilda Cartright. You've already met my little girl here. Why don't you come in? You look tired, and I just made supper."

"Thank you M'am," I said. "I'm Klaus." I felt like I could trust her. " I would love to come in.

Matilda escorted me into the house. We passed though the entry way into the dining room with Mac 'n Cheese. It looked like it had been made with such care and love. I hadn't seen food this appetizing in days. As Matilda strapped Janice into her highchair, she looked at me and asked.

"So what brings you to Friendship? We don't get many outsiders as we are a pretty odd town."

"Sorry M'am." I said. "Odd town?"

"Please Klaus call me Matilda. Our town is filled with people who love wearing diapers. We don't let our children grow up until they want to. My Janice is a little Peter Pan she is. Most people get freaked out by our town and run."

"That explains Janice." I said. "I'm on the road. I was a famous musician, but the fame was too much. So, I decided to find a place to settle down where I could live in peace. I hope you don't mind that I left my guitar in the entry way."

"You're Klaus Fisher?!" Matilda screeched. "I have all of your CD's. You are a legend here. Your progressive attitude is really popular here. I would love for you to stay here, and don't worry...people here are civilized. You can relax you are safe here!"

"I am flattered Matilda, and I would be honored to stay here. I've never wanted to admit it, but I've always wanted to try diapers. As you know I run a charity that gives funds to help AB/DLs live in peace. And your cooking is divine. You put the chefs in L.A to shame."

I spent a good half hour at the dinner table talking with Matilda and Janice. They where so sweet. Matilda was a single mom who helped found the town and ran the local all ages daycare. Janice was 22, and never wanted to grow up. I was so happy...for the first time in years I felt like I belonged. After dinner Matilda cleared the table while I got my guitar out and sang some old country songs to Janice. Eventually Janice fell asleep and I was tired. Matilda got Janice changed into her nighttime diaper and onesie while I took a clean bath. I hadn't bathed in days and it felt amazing. When I got out of the tub. I noticed a diaper and T-shirt on the counter. There was no toilet in the bathroom. Only a diaper pair, sink and the note Matilda had left me.

Dear Klaus. Sorry we don't have a toilet for you. We don't have any men's clothing here ,so until we shop for you the shirt will have to do. Since I can tell you have never worn a diaper before, I will be in to help change you after Janice's bedtime story. Hop up on the changing table, and I'll be in soon.
P.S: Don't worry dearie. The changing table can handle up to 300 pounds so you won't break it.
Love Matilda

I stared at the note. People back home were never this nice to me unless they wanted money. Maybe I could find a family in Matilda and Janice. I was laying on the over sized changing table deep in my thoughts when Matilda came in. I quickly covered my same before she came in.

"Move your hands honey." She said with a motherly tone. "I work at the daycare in town, remember? It's nothing I haven't seen."

Matilda slid the thick medical diaper under me and taped it up. It felt so soothing. I then got up and put on the shirt. It was a 'Klaus Fisher and the Rock Solid Fisherman' T-shirt. I began to think. If the guys saw me now, they'd never live it down. But, I was safe with Matilda. She felt like a mother I had never had. I tried to walk but the diaper made it impossible without a slight waddle. Matilda carried me to the guest bed, because it would've taken me all night to get there most likely. She almost tucked me in before stopping.

"Sorry Klaus. I don't know if your a little or not. But since I have to register you on the town roster, would you like to be a little? I've always wanted a son."

All of a sudden, I felt so young. All the love I never received before childhood came flooding in to my head. Matilda smiled as I slipped into my younger pure head space. Under a tired yawn I whispered 'yes mommy' before falling into the best sleep I've ever had in 20 something years!

to be continued in chapter 2 onward!


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-chapter 2-

I was knocked right out. I slept so soundly, that I couldn't even dream. It was like I was floating. All of a sudden I woke up with a jolt. I had fallen out of bed. I looked at the digital clock on the nightstand. It was 8:00, and that was my usual breakfast time. I figured Matilda would be happy if I repaid her kindness by making her and Janice a meal. I'd been cooking all my life and figured I could at least make omelettes from whatever Matilda had.

All of a sudden, I felt the increased bulk in between my legs. I remembered how the previous night, Matilda had diapered me. I went over to the dresser mirror to look at myself. The wetness indicator was blue. Oh damn! I haven't wet myself since I was 3. I decided to wait for Matilda to get up to change. I did look rather interesting in just a long T-shirt and a diaper. I was finally getting the hang of walking with a diaper.

When I entered the kitchen, I noticed the large beautiful window above the sink, along with a beautiful view of the back of the property. The house was on a lake! The sunrise was so beautiful. I was so happy to be in scenic Colorado. I went over to the fridge and grabbed some eggs, cheese, and milk. I then searched the pantry cupboards until I found some oregano. I found a frying pan, a bowl, two measuring cups, and a spatula and got to work. As I cooked, a heavenly aroma wafted through the house. I then put a pot of coffee on, and set the table.

After about 20 mins of my preparations Janice came out of her room, probably from the delicious smell and looked at me. Something was off. She seemed less childish and more aware. She could she the gears turning in my head because she spoke up.

"Hey Klaus. I know you are surprised to see me acting like an adult. Especially after yesterday." She said in a very adult tone.

"Yeah, what's up with that?" I asked as I finished setting the table.

"Well, I've actually been growing up when Mom isn't around. I can read write: the whole gist. I just like staying little around her, but I like to be 'big' sometimes you know." She said.

"You certainly are someone else." I replied. "Why didn't you act adult when I 'ran' into you? And how do you live this double life?"

"I'll explain later, when Mom takes her daily jog around the lake." Janice said. "Just treat me like you did last night, I think I hear her getting up now."

"My my my." Matilda said walking into the room, while rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Looks like we have a little Chef Ramsey here! Oh Klaus you made coffee! How sweet!"

"It's the least I could do for your kindness M'am." I said.

"Oh Klaus please call me Matilda or 'Mommy'." She said. "And speaking of which, don't I get a good morning from my little strawberry?"

"Mowrning Mommy." Janice cooed.

"Both of you, please, sit down." I said. "This is a delicious dish I learned back home."

We proceeded to eat the breakfast I made. Janice got strapped in her high chair, and Matilda and I sat down. Matilda loved my cooking, but there was something that seemed like it was bothering her. Like something was wrong with me. It was like she was starring into my very soul, and seeing all the hurdles I had to overcome. She then began to explain how today we were going to go shopping to get me some clothes, and help me get acquainted with the town.

"So, Klaus honey..." Matilda said, interrupting my thoughts. "How long have you known how to cook dearie?"

"Well, My dad disappeared when I was a baby. And mom died when I was four. So I've been cooking and doing everything for myself for most of my life." I said. I began to notice Matilda looking sad again. "Matilda, did I say something to upset you? You seem upset."

"Oh, no no no dear!" She said reassuringly. "It's just so sad to hear you never had anyone to take take care of you, or feed you, or cuddle you. Did you ever get to play or do kid's stuff."

"Well not really." I said. "After Rocky Finn took me in as an apprentice. I had to take care of myself still. He was a stoner. He was usually passed out or so mellowed out he could barely move. He was an okay guy though. Just not a good roll model. Taught me to never touch those darned drugs though,"

We talked a little. Matilda still wanted to ease me into the little lifestyle. I agreed, as long as she promised to take it slow with me. Matilda promptly agreed, telling me we would start with the outfits and diapers and go from there. I was in! Matilda began to clear the table, when she noticed my diaper. She told me to go on up to the bathroom, and she would change me after she cleaned up.

I headed to the bathroom, and waited after about 5 minutes: Matilda came up. She quickly got me changed, and gave me another T-shirt and some baggy sweat pants to wear and told me to meet her and Janice downstairs. It was already 10:00. I washed my face, and headed back towards the living room. To my surprise Janice and Matilda were already dressed, and waiting for me.

"Klaus, we need to go into town and get you a wardrobe, and some extra diapers." She said. "The stores are already open, so we should leave before things get crowded."

I began to blush. The idea of living even a tiny part of my desire outside of the little purple house I called home terrified me. All of a sudden, I began to hyperventilate. I was having a panic attack. Janice looked downright terrified, which only made my panic worse. Matilda came over and embraced my trembling body in a hug.

"Klaus honey!" She said. "What's wrong? Can you tell me honey?"

"Guitar Case..." I said in between breaths. "Emergency...pill...bottle...!"

Matilda knew what to do! I swore she was a superhuman. She laid me on the couch and found my Ativan in my guitar case. I've been taking that stuff all my life for anxiety. She popped a pill in my mouth and told me to sallow. She then held me close to her, stroking my dirty blond hair while singing a french lullaby. After I calmed down, she could tell I needed to rest.

"Klaus, I'm going to go to the store alone. I'll have Janice stay here and watch you. Yes, I know about her 'grown up' side." She said looking at her blushing daughter.

"I...can...explain...." Janice began to say, before Matilda cut her off.

"You don't think I didn't notice those books hidden in the craw space. Or the Nintendo in your pillowcase. You need to be big for me and watch Klaus til I get back." She said. "He'll be out of it for an hour or two."

That's the last I heard before dosing off. I remember Janice sitting next to me with a loving look in her eyes, like I was the brother she never had. I remember hearing Matilda saying something about getting me more pills, before hearing the front door close and everything fading to black.


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(just a heads up: Twist alert!)
-chapter 3-

I when I woke up, I was very stiff. I forgot were I was for a second, so I looked around. I was in a living room on a sofa. There was a big window with a bench in front of it. I remembered where I was. All of a sudden, loads of thoughts began to enter my mind. Janice was nowhere to be seen, so I did something that I don't do in front of people...I crossed my legs (which was a little difficult to do with a diaper on mind you), and began to meditate. After breathing in and out for a minute, I entered the library of thought: the imaginary place I go to think.

I began to ask myself a very big question. Why was I so attracted to AB/DL. What made me like diapers? Why did I form the charities that provide services for people who struggle with harassment related to that lifestyle? All of a sudden my childhood began to play back on a screen (I have a photographic memory). I saw how I was forced to grow up too fast. Was that it? I didn't know. All of a sudden, I saw something unusual in my memories. Something I only saw when I was relaxed and my mind was clear. It was a memory of the night mom died.

I began to replay that night in my head over and over, until something clicked: mom never died! She ran away, for some reason. I remember seeing her unscrew the truss cover on her guitar, and put a piece of paper in it. I instantly snapped out of meditation mode, and crawled over to my guitar case. I took my mother's guitar out, and used my repair kit screwdriver to undo the cover. Sure enough, an old piece of paper fell out. It was a note from mom. It read...

Dear Klaus,
It breaks my heart to be writing this, but I'm afraid by the time you read this I will be long gone. I'm sorry to have to leave you, but I am in trouble. I've been harassed by some very bad people for a long, because of an interest of mine. So, I will be far away in a place where people like me can be safe. Should you decide to find me one day. I'll be at a town known as Friendship! I will be using a fake name. If you ever end up in this secret place. Look for Amanda Tilly. I am doing this because these people put you in danger. Forgive me my little Kinderlein (babe) for I am doing this to protect you.

After reading the note, I broke down in tears. I just sobbed. Mom was alive. Why couldn't she take me with her? I felt so confused. Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around me in a loving embrace. It was Matilda! I hadn't heard her come in.

"Klaus honey, what's wrong?" She asked softy.

"My mom is alive!" I sobbed, with something mixed between a smile and a shocked face. "Read this!"

I handed Matilda the note. She began to read it. Suddenly her face lit up. She carried me over to the adult stroller she must've bought for me, and strapped me in with no difficulty. Janice crawled out of the kitchen with a baby bottle in her hands and saw what was going on.

"Mommy?" she said in her little voice (She must be acting little again) "Where are you two gowing?"

"We are going to the diaper store." Matilda said. "There is someone there who would love to see little Klaus!"

After that exchange, Matilda grabbed what I can assume was Janice's harness, attached it to her shoulders, and hooked up the leash. And before I knew it we were out the door, and going down the street. The town was even more beautiful during the day. This place was amazing. There was a teen aged girl in one of the front yards, splashing in an inflatable pool with floaties. There was also a young adult boy in overalls running with his Mommy. I was so caught up in the warm feeling the houses and yards gave off, I didn't even notice we were in town.

We walked down a strip of shops, and then crossed a crosswalk. Janice was joyfully skipping at her mommy's side. I looked up and saw a sign: Mommy Amanda's Diaper Emporium. Below the sign a slogan read: "You never are too old for diapers!" When we entered the store, I couldn't believe what I saw. It was like a general store except all the shelves were full of diapers, there where racks full of onesies, and there was even a pacifier section. The last time I was in a store like this was when I preformed at a ribbon cutting ceremony in California.

I was looking around astonished and amazed. Matilda then rang the bell on the counter. A somewhat familiar voice told us to wait a second. I was nervous. Why where we here? And why did that woman sound like an older version of mom? Suddenly, all my questions were answered, as the woman I once called mom entered from the back room. She was older, but it was her. My real mom!

"Hello Matilda, did those diapers not fit your newest little tyke? I can get you one size up if you don't..." She stopped when she saw me in the stroller. Tears began to fill her eyes. "My god! Klaus?! Is that you? My little superstar?"

I couldn't hold my emotions. Matilda knew what was about to happen. She unbuckled me from the stroller. I wasted no time. I rushed over and embraced my mom. I wasn't angry. I was relived to see her safe. I cried into her chest for what felt like forever before looking at her and saying.

"It's me mom. I'm all grown up! I've missed you!"

I stood there in my real mother's arms. Matilda began to cry tears of joy. Janice hugged her mom. What had started as a stressful, panic induced day, had turned into the best moment of my life. I was finally seeing my real mother, in the flesh. All of a sudden she held my head so she could look me in the eyes.

"We have a lot of catching up to do. I'm sure you want to know everything!" She said as she pulled up some chairs, and closed the store. I was about to hear everything. Years of questions were about to be answered, and I would soon learn so much about myself.