A Little Irrationality


May the "force" of acceptance be with you
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A Little Irrationality

My own interaction with this seemingly insane part of myself had caused me to feel as if I was forced into the recognition that I am not as "rational" of a being as I might like to believe. Perhaps a little irrationality in one's life can be a "good" thing (within reason). Actually perhaps the "rationale" of day to day mundane existence isn't really as "rational" as I might like to pretend or imagine.

In my own life I've found that being a successful ABDL has required me to develop three certain skill sets:

  • First I've had to develop a certain amount of self discipline in my social and work life so that these were not compromised by whatever I might choose to do in private.
  • Second, it's required that I culture an ability to tolerate and accept the intolerance of others (especially family members) towards such private habits.
  • Third it's required that I develop a certain amount of "self toleration" for my own private preferences, however unusual these may have seemed to be, and to do my best to fully accept myself exactly as I am.

After several decades of attempting to "control my thoughts" about this, I finally gave up and allowed myself to sleep each night in diapers without any further serious efforts to "control my thoughts about this." Only then, and when I was finally able and willing to tell the courageous woman whom I had decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life with (then at age 62) that this was what happens to come along with "the package," was I able to begin to find some sort of a "peace" with this. I had told my fiancee about this ahead of any "romantic activities" with her. Fortunately for me, knowing what she was getting herself into, she was still willing to accept (the package).

While she didn't really want to partake in any of my diaper fantasies, neither was she hoping to change me regarding this. Much gratitude to my wife, who has now been together with me for four years. I've never felt judged by her for this. Thank you so much my dear wife for accepting me exactly the way I am, just as I tried so hard to do for myself. The way I see it, how could I ever expect another person to accept this in me if I myself had not yet accepted it in myself?

So based on my own experience at age 66, I might suggest to my "comrade ABDL's in diapers" who might be in a position to be able to pull anything like this off:
  1. First work at accepting yourself within reason wherever you may be in this. (I believe that this first suggestion can apply equally to all and any who may feel they must wear diapers for whatever reason.)
  2. If at all possible, get a normal day-job, and keep your diaper wearing activities to after hours only. (I recognize that not all ABDL's might yet be ready or able to do something like this, but if you feel you might be ready for it, then by all means go for it! The fully incontinent would obviously have to accommodate their condition in other more demanding ways.)
  3. If possible, do your best to have a "normal" social life, not letting this "kink" cause any problems in the rest of your daytime life. (Hey, we are the exceptions to the rule in this world, and we can't afford to hold our breath waiting for the rest of the world to finally catch up.)
  4. If planning to find a significant-other, no matter what your "flavor" might be, first make sure you know yourself well enough to be able to present a full and accurate picture of yourself to your intended, so that your partner might be able to generally know what to expect from you, before you might have any "night-time adventures" with them. (My first marriage suffered from my belief that somehow I might be able to "free myself" of this kink after we were married. Boy oh boy was that ever a mistake!)
  5. Don't feel you have to limit yourself to a significant-other who must be a fellow ABDL. Just work to find somebody who will not judge you, and who will still love you for just being who you are. (Of course fully ABDL couples can and do sometimes work too.)
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