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Okay so here's the thing... I've been dating this wonderful girl for a while now, and we've known each other for a number of years, but not too long ago I finally told her about my AB side (when I finally came to terms with it myself) and while she didn't uderstand it, she began to understand when I regressed.

Well, recently (like within the last month) we've found she's a five year old Little. At first she only regressed once in a while, but lately, she seems to be doing it pretty much every day.

Now don't get me wrong, I find it wonderful that she's expressing that side of herself, and the last thing I'd want is to put her off regression, but here's the thing... When she's a Little, she always wants her big brother (basically me, but it's a little more complicated than that) and, well, two things, really...

1) If she's a Little every day, when do I get to be an AB, and when do I get to just spend time with my girlfriend?
2) If we're physically apart (we currently live in different countries) what sort of things can we do while she's regressed?

1: As I said, I have no problem with her regressing. I think it's good she's getting the stress out, and I'm more than happy to encourage her to be herself. But even my caretakerness has its limit, and sometimes I want to regress myself (double regression doesn't work well with us, due to our age difference - as said, she's 5, and I'm 1-3 - and then there's the fact she gets moody if she doesn't have her big brother) while other times I just want my girlfriend. How do I break this to her gently, without her misunderstanding me, and feeling like her Little self is a burden? (She's really sensitive, and if she misunderstands, she may withdraw and not want to regress, which is the last thing I want)

2: This ones a little easier. Basically, we color, and I read her stories, but i don't know what else we can do. (We watch movies while we're big so idk how that'd work while we're both regressed - we can get pretty whiny if we want different things) If you can give me ideas, I'd appreciate it.

If you can help, I'd really appreciate it. :) (and sorry if I don't make sense, I've been unwell lately, and that really messes with my head)
Wow Entropio that is awesome to hear that your GF likes to regress! It sounds like this is all new to her still and as she continues to embrace it she will probably indulge in regression a lot. Think about the first time you started regressing - did you regress a lot too? It might be a "newcomers phase" that will wear off a little bit in time. I feel like the best way to approach this with her would be to relate how she feels as a little to what you need as little yourself. For example, maybe you both sit down for a heart-to-heart discussion and ask her how she really feels about being a little and maybe draw some connections to how you feel as a little (i.e. if she feels like it reduces her stress substantially and it does for you too, maybe explain to her that the things she is getting from being little is what you get from being little and you both need to have that time). Relationships are all about give and take, so its important for her to understand that the little thing for you is relateable and that the best thing you both could have is if you both get to experience the wonders of being little. Maybe ask her to apply what she has learned as a little to a caretaker role for you. I can't say I've been put in this situation before so I can't imagine there is an easy way to approach this. As for the second point, I can't provide a good answer there because I'm still figuring out the caretaker thing too. But good luck and keep us posted!
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