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Recently I've been having issues with diarrhea for about 5 days and I bought some cheap diapers from a store. If this continues what brand of diapers will be good or what can I do to reduce the smell. Please help any advice is appreciated. I plan on seeing a Doc if this goes on much longer
1st and foremost make sure your staying hydrated, switch to a rice diet, rice is a natural binder. After a week of this you def want to call your doctor.
As far as diapers any high end will do, make sure it's sizes correctly and has leak guards.
Activated charcoal in double zero capsules is popular because it binds you up some and deodorizes, this is the poor mans Nullo which is a expensive fecal feodorant, going to see a physician and a tweak to your diet are the first steps in addressing your issue.
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