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A Late Motherly Love


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Hi Guys, this is my first story in the terms of MDLB. I had the idea for a while, this is the Prologue in which I pulled from real life experiences and real world events.
Hope everyone is staying strong and staying safe in these dark times. Here's the prologue.

Please be kind it's my first story.

A Late Motherly Love


*20 note lullaby plays* It's the exact sound you hear at the beginning of Solo Dolo by Kid Cudi

Brad sat in his mother's house, he was waiting for his virtual appointment with his therapist. Reality is, he's been through hell and back with this pandemic. His mother died, he tried to fix his relationship with his estranged father and it backfired horribly, he survived an abusive relationship with both of them and now he's finally on his own.
Now that he's free, he's ready to get on with his life. But there was an itch waiting to be scratched. These four words have been ringing in his head for all these years, and it only got louder and louder: I Want My Mommy. He wanted his mommy... He was an ABDL, he rediscovered that part of himself while in quarantine. He accepted this part of himself but it took a long time.

A notification sound broke his thoughts, she was ready

He logged in, trying to keep his composure.

He sat down and she asked him, how are you doing Bradley?

I'm doing great but also anxious, I want everything to go back to normal but I feel like I won't readjust.

Well Bradley, these last few months have been a challenge for us. But the main thing is that you are home and safe.

As Bradley listened to her words, all he could think about was how much he was lonely.

So Bradley, how has your little side been taking all of this?

Bradley told her near the beginning of therapy that he was an ABDL, it took a lot of grit and courage but he did it.

I mean he's doing fine. We are United against the forces of loneliness. If that's what you wanna call it.

The session went on and on, but Bradley wasn't having it. This therapist wasn't working for him, blame the pandemic? What a joke. Time to find a new one.

He paid a fee after she logged off and then got into his car. He went to his favorite mall, Journey Mall and walked around. He had never felt so lonely in his life.

He later came back home and lied down in bed. Then the bad memories, the demons, the evils came rushing in to play with him like with every other night.


His dead mother's voice was ringing in his head and he couldn't do anything about it, his little side came out whimpering, and he had to take the pain. He was lonely and he couldn't do anything yet because of the virus ravaging the world.

Then the tears came to his eyes and the pain became unbearable. He started to cry and bawl and as soon as that kept going, it crescendoed into a cache of agonizing cries and bawling.

He cried himself to sleep once again.

This was his reality.

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Any feedback or advice is appreciated. Chapter 1 will be up soon


Adult Baby, Diaper Lover
Is a good beginin I am curious to see how you gonna progress the motherly between him and his therapist


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Is a good beginin I am curious to see how you gonna progress the motherly between him and his therapist
No, it's not about between him and his therapist. You'll see in chapter 1.


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Good start, I'm definitely interested to read more. I look forward to chapter one.


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should listen to the instrumental while reading the start of this will pull u in try it
Kid Cudi's song, Solo Dolo (Nightmare)

and can't wait for next part
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Hey Guys, thanks for the feedback.
Here's Chapter 1, Feedback and suggestions are appreciated. Enjoy!!

Chapter 1: Days After The Pandemic

*Baba O Riley by The Who plays for a few seconds until the piano part plays as we enter his dream*


The pandemic died down, and everything was back to normal. We see the skyline of this new city that he moved to. We later pan on a house. His new home. He's been there 6 months already.

We see Bradley asleep in his bed, he was having a dream about his non existent mommy:

"Who's mommy's good boy?

It's me mommy!!

Is it... This stuffie?

No!! Mommy, it's me!

Is it... that dog in the yard?


Is it...." *Google Alarm plays loudly*

Talk about a rude awakening....

He jolted out of bed, and was pulled out of little space. But he had no time to grieve, he was late.

Shit! I'm late!

He jumped into the shower, he showered and got dressed.

He made himself a cup of chocolate milk and took a banana from the kitchen, he grabbed his suitcase and got into his car.

He made it into the office on time, he hated this part of his life. He hated adulting, but then again, he was pretty much forced to be one his whole life.

He snagged a good paying job at a marketing firm and they were about to bag the biggest client in it's history. He was so good at his job he quickly moved up to a position meant for senior officials. But these days have been stressful. However, the pay is good for a graduate job and he was able to move on comfortably from his past life, so that's all that mattered for now.

He entered the office and saw his colleagues, Joel, Laurie, Matt and his Boss, Mr. Higgins

Morning Guys!

Hello, Mr. Higgins.

Morning Brad!

Good Morning, Mr. Hunter.

So what's on the agenda?

We have Cobalt on line 1.

OK, let's make some good money, I'm trying to pay off my loans with my bonus!

I wanna go to Can Cun!

Alright guys! Let's focus. Mr. Higgins said.

Bradley puts them on Speakerphone.

Mr Higgins started the conversation:

Mr. Meyers!, I take it that you read our pitch?

Yes, and we have decided to go with your firm...

*Bradley and his co-workers say YES really silently*

However, the board needs to approve it, the pandemic really changed the way we do business and we are trying our best not to lose anymore money. However, keep the same energy and you will be our exclusive partner.

Understood, we will hammer out the details and schedule the meeting with the board.

Thank You Sir.


OK, so we need the board's approval. We will need to make the presentation for them

Bradley, I want you and your team to make a presentation. We have to get them on, or else we are in deep shit. I trust all of you can pull it off. This pandemic pretty much put us on life support and we don't want to go back there.

Yes Sir, we will pull it off.

Let's get to work then, we have a client to woo. Brad, you're in charge!

So the rest of the day, was spent brainstorming and drafting. Bradley was throwing idea after idea around and taking notes, he later decided to take a bathroom break to pace around. Then he saw her, and his world went into slow motion.

It was Rebecca. She was a high level employee, the same age as his. She was 5'7, had strawberry blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She was lovely to look at and she had a spunky aura around her. She was the only thing that made it worthwhile in his lonely life.

Then his little side decided to scream out inside his mind... MOMMY!!!!!!!

His big side, shushed him and kept him quiet

Apparently he was staring too long because, she gave him a weirded out and surprised look. He ran into the bathroom and then decided to be low-key the rest of the day.

5 PM rolled around, it was time to leave. He peered out the doorway of the office and decided to high tail it to his car. As he sped out of the office complex, he saw her again, she looked like she was crying. What was wrong with her? She couldn't have gotten fired, she was Mr. Higgins favorite.

As he got home, he decided to make himself dinner then he went into his closet and took out his little gear, he chose his favorite Pacifier, a Nuk 5. He powdered himself then put on a fresh thick diaper, then his onesie, it smelled fresh considering he did the laundry the day before. He clipped his paci and went to town

He went down to the kitchen and made himself strawberry milk and put it in his Baba. He waddled his way over to his couch and put on Disney+ and watched The Owl House. He was so deep into little space, that he didn't notice the eventual warm spot growing where his groin is. This was his safe place, no one could hurt him anymore.

He later snuggled his Teddy Bear, Natalie. She was there for him when no one gave a damn about him back where he used to live. She went pretty much everywhere with him on leisure time and on little space adventures. It helped that he still looked like a high schooler/college freshman, so no one gave a damn.

Sometime later, he made it upstairs and tucked himself in snuggling Natalie, then he dreamed the same dream about his non existent Mommy again but this time it was Rebecca playing the role.

He then woke up and was pulled out of little space. Then he felt stupid for wanting someone out of his league to fulfill his fantasies, he would probably be lucky to get a first date with her at the most. She was probably the type of girl that only cared about her career and shopped at ParkSide Mall on the weekends. He loved that mall!

After letting the shame pass, he went back to sleep. Sometime later, the alarm rang, he took off his little gear and got ready for another day at work.

Just as he stepped in the door of the offices, Rebecca was standing there talking to a receptionist and she looked and gave him a smile but he kept his head down. He was red in the face, just what he wanted to experience in the morning.

"Just keep your head down, you are better off single." he kept repeating to himself in his head.

He made it to his area, no one from his team was there, so he took out his phone and stared at a picture. It was a commissioned drawing from a year ago that his favorite artist made him, it was a girl holding a regressed version of himself down on her lap. This was something gave him hope during the pandemic. Then all of a sudden a really pleasant sounding voice broke all his thoughts.

"I hope I'm not bothering you."

Rebecca was standing in front of him.

He jumped from out his chair and his phone flew up in the air, she caught it just in time.

He was on the ground and was beet red in the face again. She was looking at him with a concerned look.

"Um, Hi!" Bradley said trying to keep his composure. She helped him up and handed him his phone.

You must be startled easily huh? I'm Becca. What's your name?

Bwad... I mean Bradley.

"I almost outed myself, I'm such an idiot" thought Bradley despairingly.

Nice to meet you!

Same here!

Mr. Higgins asked me to be a part of your team, I hope I'm not a bother to you guys.

Not at all.

They gave each other a smile and then was interrupted by the door opening.

The rest of his team came in, they all looked surprised to see them talking.

Not to break up a tender moment, but we have a presentation to complete!

Right, let's get to work.

The rest of the day went on smoothly and then as the workday ended, Brad walked out confidently and more relaxed than ever. He earned his little space time tonight.

Then Rebecca caught up to him and asked him if he wanted to go to a party that she was hosting.

Sure! He said without hesitation. He needed to make more connections after all.

Great! See you Friday night!

He then walked away and she was smiling at him then got on the phone to talk to her friend Kimmie

"So... I think he's a little. Yep. He needs a mommy. I have to pull this off. He's gonna hate me at first but I know deep down he likes me. He was staring at me for the last few months."

She then looked at the office door and her face slowly contorted to a cunning smile.

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Here's Chapter 2! Happy Friday!

Chapter 2: First Date and An Accidental Relevelation

What the hell was I thinking??? Bradley said aloud in his thoughts at home. He was too stressed to enter little space or pad up.

Did he really out himself as an ABDL in front of the girl of his dreams?

What will she think of him?.

"It slipped out dude, it happens" he tried to say to himself.

As he went on to sleep that night, he tried to sleep but another enemy, from his past, got inside to play. His anxiety.

He hated it, although back in his hometown he used acupuncture to curb about 70% of it, it made up with the 30% that was left of it.

He felt the familiar heart palpitations and stomachache along with the mind racing at a trillion miles a minute.

He decided to go run a hot bath and soak a while, that usually beat it down. In the bath, he closed his eyes and just focused on his breathing.

Then his little side said these four words that were all too familiar these last couple of years.

I Want My Mommy.

Every time he tried to put the thought down, it got louder and louder.

He was able to sleep sometime afterwards, but the next morning he looked like hell.

He trudged into the office with a stoic face and saw Becca, she smiled then gave him a look of concern.

What's wrong with him? She wondered

He entered the office and finished the presentation. Then lunch rolled around. He found one of the newish sleep pods that the company invested right before the pandemic. He got in, curled into the fetal position and drifted off.

He then drifted off to sleep.

He suddenly found himself back at his childhood home, the familiar feeling of fear set over him. His stepfather was arguing with his mother then he decided to turn the attention to him, and then he want ballistic on Bradley, he was chasing him around the house with a belt, swinging at him.

He begged his mother to help him but she shook his head with fear and cowardice in her eyes. He found a place to hide but not until the belt hit his back repeatedly, he felt a searing pain like never before.

He crescendoed into an agonizing scream

*End Dreamscape*

He screamed himself awake, cold sweat dripping all over his body. He checked himself, if he had any accidents. Everything was fine, he was in a sleep pod. He opened it and then saw Rebecca getting out of one too.

Trying not to make any more attention to himself, he tried to get himself out of the room but he then felt a tap on the shoulder.


"Uh, Hey!" Bradley said

I was going to tell you, the party got postponed till next week.

"Oh that's fine, it's just a party. I'm not losing any sleep over it."

But, I want to be upfront, I think you are cute.

Um... Thanks.

There was an awkward silence between the two, then Bradley decided to take matters into his own hands. He always said to himself that was better off single, but something told him to take a leap of faith. And if it didn't work out, at least he could say that he tried.

I was thinking,


I was thinking, we could do, I don't know. Um maybe we could do something or we could do something else.

Bradley, are you asking me out on a date?

"Yeah" he said shyly.

"Then Yes" She said enthusiastically

He looked surprised and relieved. This has to be a joke, girls never gave him the time of day back in his hometown, they all either trolled or rejected him. That took a major hit on his self esteem.

Umm, Friday Night then?


Ok... See you then.

He walked out of the office, skipping discreetly. He didn't care. He got a date with a girl out of his league. Little did he know, he was in store for something else.

We then see Rebecca looking at him with awe and then she checks her phone.

*3 new messages from Kim*



Did you invite him??

He asked me out on a date, I said Yes because he's such a cutie and he's very polite and sincere. But I decided to reschedule the party, I'm gonna have to go with Plan B.

Well, let me know!!! I want to see his little side!! I need a playmate!!

Okay, Kim. Just be patient *Smooch emoji*


After exchanging numbers and texting all week about the location of where they were going to have a date. They decided on the most traditional thing: Dinner and a Movie

"OK, OK, OK, OK, you got your best outfit on. Teeth brushed. Car cleaned. You're gonna give her a good time tonight, just be smooth, be a gentleman and play it cool. Be kind to her." Bradley said to himself

"I'm the boss, I'm the boss, I'm the boss, I'm the boss, I'M THE BOSS!" He said to himself as he was coming down the stairs.

He jumped into his car, it roared to life and he sped out of his neighborhood. He was well on his way.

He turned on Spotify and played several songs.

*Do It Like This by Daphne Willis plays as he gets on the highway*

*Transmission by Zedd plays as he's driving around city*

He parked in front of Becca's house and then she stepped out.

It was like all time stopped. She was wearing a blue dress and it complimented her frame. It hugged her waist, she had a banging bod. She also had high heeled pumps on and her hair done in a bob, her strawberry blonde hair was more vibrant, she had really pale blue eyes. She looked like an Angel.

His inner little self screamed MOMMY!!!!

Just like before, his big self had to get him to be quiet.

She got in the car and smiled at him.


"Let's Do This!" She said in a mocking accent

She giggled then put on her glasses.

They bonded over dinner, they talked about their lives and it went as well as it could go. They found out they had so much in common and they enjoyed each other's company.

"I think I got myself a badass girlfriend" thought Bradley

"He's so adorable, he's going to be my only little boy!" thought Rebecca.

They were leaving the restaurant, then Bradley remembered, his little side. How will she react?

Then they went to the movie theater, they had a good time. As they were heading out, he saw someone that looked like his stepfather Then it all came crashing down in his mind. His anxiety and OCD roared into overdrive once again.

He was having a panic attack, on his first date, in front of the girl who was out of his league.

Bradley?? What's wrong?? said Rebecca

He was about to faint, but he got his composure back

I'm fine, just a little stressed said Bradley.

"I'm gonna drive, you're in no shape. I don't want to end up being roadkill" Rebecca declared.

Bradley got into the passenger seat and she started driving.

"My sister had panic attacks, I know from first hand experience. Why didn't you tell me about them?" Rebecca asked in a concerned tone.

"I didn't want to scare you off" interjected Bradley

"Listen, I really like you and I want you to be mine but you really need to be honest with me" said Rebecca

Bradley thought, "maybe I should tell her about my little side".

"No, no don't scare her off. Give it time."

They later made it to her apartment and Bradley's panic attack just got a lot worse. She then motioned him to the couch and he lied down. She later came out with a cup of tea.

As he drank his tea, he started apologizing profusely

"You can't help it Bradley, it's OK. I still like you"

Her words put him at ease and then he felt his eyelids starting getting heavy.

Then he started going black, this panic attack drained him. His little side decided to come out with the little energy he had left.

"Thank You... Mommy...." The last thing he saw was her reassuring smile.

End of Chapter 2
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Any advice or feedback would be appreciated!


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Here's Chapter 3. It took me a little longer because of personal issues and some emotional stuff going on that made it hard to write this. Enjoy!

Chapter 3: New Digs


*Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra plays*

Bradley takes two sodas out of the cooler and hands them to his aunt and uncle.

"Thanks sweetie"

"Thanks buddy"

"You know, I wanted to slow dance to this song"

"Now that I have to see!"

"Aunt Jen... Stop it"

"Here she goes"

"Hold on a minute"

"May I have this dance?"

"That's my nephew!"

Bradley slow danced with a girl from his past, her name was Kat, she was one of his best friends until she got caught up in a cult. From there their friendship deteriorated. Bradley almost had a chance with her but he was too late. He struggled with the guilt the year before in quarantine. He couldn't save her like she saved him while he was dealing with his abusive parents.

While they slow dance.

The song is actually playing from a smart speaker in Rebecca's house. Bradley is sleeping in a crib in a soaked diaper and Dino themed pajamas, he's in a room that's baby blue and has a galaxy projector in it. It's also a nursery. He is snuggling Natalie, as he kept her in the backpack in his car from a prior little space adventure. He's smiling in his dreams.

Rebecca is looking at him with awe and admiration, and decides to wake him up as the song ends. Then decides to stroke his jet black hair.


They continue to slow dance, and then he notices everyone starting to leave. Bradley asks what's going on. Then she leaves, Bradley is left alone and the background disintegrates to black

*Dreamscape ends*

Bradley opens his eyes as the song ends, he sees Rebecca looking at him with a very nurturing gaze.

"Good morning sleepyhead!"

"What happened? Where am I?"

Then he saw the crib, the Pokemon blanket, the new stuffed animals, he felt himself, the thick soaked diaper in between his legs, his pajamas. Then he started to panic.

All he could think about was to get out of her house and then go to the airport and leave the country for a while.

Bradley then jumped out of the crib and waddled really fast to the bathroom and locked the door. A trillion thoughts raced through his head.


"Please, I'm not mad."

"GO AWAY" Bradley said trying to fight back tears.

This was a scenario that he only read about in stories. This had to happen for a reason. How the hell did she know about ABDL?

He tried to take the tapes off his diaper but he still felt weak from last night.

He couldn't get his tapes off. He broke down crying. He felt his life is over.

"Bradley, sweetie please. Let me help you, it's OK, let me help you."

"Bradley, I know you're a little. I am friends with one, I get the diapers, the pacifiers, the shyness about yourself. It's OK, you don't have to hide that around me"

"No it's not OK, I'm a freak! Everyone thinks I'm a freak!" Bradley said while crying.

Bradley was faced with a decision, trust this girl and risk everything he fought for back in his old city. Or run and play it safe.

She was very nice to him every time they interacted in the past. All he knew now was that he needed to get this diaper off of him.

"Leap of faith" Bradley shakily said quietly as he closed his eyes.

He opened the bathroom door slowly and he saw Rebecca with a concerned look on her face.

His face looked really tired and his eyes look red, probably because he's been crying a lot.

"I'm sorry that I overreacted but I need a change, can you help me? I can't take the tapes off. I feel weak." he said in a very shaky tone and about to burst into tears.

Sure thing. Rebecca said and then gave him a tender hug.

She helped him onto the changing table, he then covered his face to avoid his embarrassment.

"It's OK Bradley, I changed a lot of diapers before."

"Probably baby diapers", he thought

She then took his old diaper off and threw it away in a diaper pail. She later wiped his groin area, he never had anyone touch him in that area before. So the sensation was a mix of cool air and tickles and sexual arousal. He squirmed a little and It felt good but he was too polite to try not to make any noise or any sudden movements.

She then powdered his groin area and took an ABU diaper from the nursery and put it under his butt, then lifted the front flap and positioned it for a snug fit. Then she taped him one by one. After taping the last one, she tapped the landing zone.

She then booped him on the nose. He felt embarrassed and blushed.

She then helped him down and put his dino PJs back on.

"You must be starving, want some breakfast?"

Bradley noticed his stomach was growling.


They made their way to the kitchen, Bradley sat down at the table. She had a nice apartment. Then again, she made a lot of money. It was in an affluent area.

She made him breakfast and served him. He was surprised, this girl was a good cook! Where has she been his whole life?

After they ate breakfast, she gave him his clothes from the night before folded and cleaned.

He got back into his clothes and looked at her.

"I better get going"

"I had fun, Bradley"

"Let's do it again sometime"

"See you on Monday"

Bradley exited the front door and went to his car and he looked back at her house with a very sad face. He pretty much shot his chances at getting love.

Rebecca thought to herself, "This guy is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met, he needs me, I can't let him leave. I need to help him, he looks like hell and his mental state isn't healthy."

"What am I doing??"

Just as he was about to shift his gear into reverse. he heard a voice. It was Rebecca


He rolled the window down and she ran up to the window.

"Listen, I know we just had our first date and you exposed this side of yourself and you expected me to run for the hills, but the truth is, I like you and I think this side of you is really amazing and I don't think you should leave and spend the weekend alone, I know that you're a very lonely person Bradley, please don't do this to yourself, I feel like you're gonna cry all weekend."

Bradley turned the car off and was floored, no one was ever this nice to him before let alone a really pretty girl. Could it be that she saw something in him?

Bradley closed his eyes and got out of the car and faced the girl of his dreams.

"Thank you, that's really nice of you but I can't let you do that"

"Bradley, based on what you told me in past conversations, you don't have any family or friends yet to go to, you need friends."

"C'mon Bradley, I know you're gonna go back to your house and cry all weekend to your stuffie"

Natalie!, He totally forgot about her.

Bradley then thought about a quote from his favorite movie, Inception.

"Do you want to take a leap of faith or do you want to become an old man filled with regret waiting to die alone?" Those words ringed through his head

"Leap of faith" he said to himself.

He looked at her eyes, it was pale baby blue, he loved that color.

"OK. I'll stay the weekend"

She was overjoyed and hugged him, he later grabbed his Eevee backpack from the backseat and they made their way back inside.

She told him to make himself at home and she went upstairs to shower.

He later opened his backpack, this was his little space arsenal, toys, wolf blankie, iPad, iPod classic with a baby blue case, Coloring books and a custom made colored pencil case, his Nintendo Switch that was in a case along with his game library, and of course the crown jewel, his favorite Pacifier. This one was special, it got him through one of the lowest points of his life. It was blue and baby blue and on the guard it had a picture of Sonic The Hedgehog, his classic design. He then took his pacifier clip and attached it to his pacifier and clipped it onto his T Shirt.

He took his coloring book out and started coloring. He later decided to lie down in the fetal position while sucking on his pacifier. The events of this morning was getting too much for him.

He thought about what she did for him this morning.

"She's so caring, and nice, a little stern but loving too. She will be an amazing mom to her own kid"

Meanwhile upstairs, Rebecca was showering and a million thoughts raced through her mind.

"I did it. I found my little!, And my new boyfriend"

She got out of the shower and she dressed up in a very nice outfit. She had the gentle femdom look down. She then grabbed his stuffie, Natalie from the nursery and made her way downstairs, and she saw Bradley asleep again.

She then stroked his hair and it woke him up. She then handed him Natalie.

He had a look of shock and spat his paci out of his mouth instinctually.

"Nice paci"


"You like Sonic?"

"Yeah, he was my childhood, I grew up with Sonic Advance and stuff but Sonic Mania was one of the best games I ever played in my life..."

As Bradley kept talking about Sonic, Rebecca couldn't help but smile at him and think of him as the most adorable boy she has ever seen.

Her thoughts went back down to earth and then she listened to Bradley.

"...but to be honest, I love Spider Man"

"That's awesome!"

"Listen, Bradley, I'm gonna be honest with you, youre gonna need a makeover and some new clothes. I'm going to the mall, to buy something I wanted to get for a while. And I'm gonna buy food and some other things for the house. Would you like to come with me?"

"Sure!" He squeaked.

"One question though, can we go on another date?"

That took Rebecca aback, no boy has ever warmed up to her quickly.

"Sure" she said

Then they got ready, Bradley got his backpack and put Natalie inside and then they made her way to her car, a 2017 Tesla.

Bradley instinctually climbed into the passenger seat, he tried to reach for his seat belt.

"Not so fast little guy!" she giggled

She then put his seat belt on him.

"You're too smol to do that"

"She really has this mommy domme thing down to a science." He thought

Then she got in the drivers seat, got in gear and drove off.

She put on some music.

*Freedom by Pharrell Williams begins to play*

They made their way to the mall, he took his paci out and stared out the window.

"I got really lucky" thought Bradley.

As he sucked on the pacifier, the route looked familiar. It couldn't be.

Then sometime later, they ended up approaching a familiar haunt of Bradley's.

ParkSide Mall.

End of Chapter 3
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Any advice or feedback would be appreciated!


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I am currently going over ideas for Chapter 4, and I am also developing a Prequel story along with an extended edition of this story to go onto Wattpad sometime after this story is complete. This prequel is kind of a thriller/drama, it has some violence in it and it's based on what it's like to be alone while fighting bad guys that are trying to take ones future away while learning that one has a little side. This story is more of a romantic drama and
a redemption story.

Any comments and suggestions on what you would like to see in this and the prequel would be appreciated!

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