A Huge Step!


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So after many years of both lurking on not only this site but other ABDL sites and forums too, I was reached out of the blue by someone who was curious about the ABDL scene and after seeing my profile wanted to meet! We talked on and off for a few days and she mentioned that she was looking to take the mommy role and has never been around a little before and was curious to try.

We eventually met up at a museum did a little tour and during it all, I gave her the like "elevator pitch" on like everything you need to know about the community. We talked about outfits, pacifiers, toys, diapers etc and I told her that when we got back to my car after the tour I could show her what they actually look like. After the tour we go back to my car and I pull out my backpack that has things like my abu diapers, wipes powder and paci and she was blown away at the size of everything and even though they were bigger they looked just like actual baby items! And to my complete surprise she goes, well let's see what a diaper looks like on you and asks if I would like to be changed into one and while I was somewhat expecting this to happen I didn't expect for it to happen so quickly. So I agreed, found a nice quiet area and she proceeded to change me in the back of the car asking me if she was doing everything correctly from the tapes to the powder and to be honest, for a first time "diaper-er" she nailed it! It was truly sublime and put me into a headspace unlike any other I have experienced before and we hung out the rest of the day grabbing lunch and walking around the mall where she again indulged in like discreetly checking me every now and again. At the end she said she looks forward to doing it again and wants to meet up more!

So all in all I just feel so blown away as looking back on it, last week I could have only dreamed about something like this happening and now it happened and as a little, its everything you could have ever imagined!

Has anyone else in here had a similar situation happen or even been changed in the back of the car before? Because while it was in a secluded area it was still a little nerve-wracking for the both of us but we both felt that this would make it feel like a real mommy-little situation.


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Congrats on finding her. Hope you two have more times together.


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Lucky you ! Still, be careful, and always have an escape route if things turn funky...time will tell.
I hope this turns out to be heavenly for you and wish you (both) the best !
And please do keep us in the loop if you choose to.
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I sincerely hope this works out well for you both. Don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, but the potential for future "unpleasantness" is there. Good luck and stay safe!