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i love wearing diapers when sleeping now for a couple years. have everything from the bulky adult diapers to pampers and huggies and goodnight diapers.
seems i've settled with using pampers. waking wet most of the time and not having a wet bed is a great thing. Don't know about everyone else but its a great feeling to wake up in a wet pampers diaper.
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For an AB, waking up wet is a very childish experience. Makes me feel better all day. With a 34 inch waist, I don't think I could get any use out of Pampers. What size are you?
How can it not leak? Pampers are designed to contain babies and toddlers wastes.
I also can't understand the connection some AB's form with baby diapers. Using them as stuffers, sure, and they smell awesome, yes.

But even with the smallest adults, they just look too small. Each to their own, I suppose.
I have several boxes of Pampers that I use almost as decoration. I love having them around; they make my nursery feel so much more authentic... But I could never wear them. They're so tiny. :eek: It's great that you can enjoy them, though. Do you have them modified in some way?
I only use pampers as stuffers if I happen to have them, but waking up in a wet diaper after going to bed with a dry one is a great feeling.
I've been using pampers baby dry and they serve me fine, they hold both number 1 and 2s. Which pampers nappy do you like?
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