A day to myself...

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I spent the 4th of July alone aloeing my stash. Wearing and relaxing. It was awesome. For those ABDLs who live with others but are closeted, it can be rejuvenating to wear openly in your home. I had Bambino diapers, classic. Perfect fit at medium since I lost 78 lbs over the past year. PEACE!! Let's make our nation better!
I totally agree. My folks are out of town for the week...so I've been diapering up every day as soon as I get off work and wearing until morning. It IS so refreshing.
That awesome I'm glad you had some time to wear and not worry about anyone finding out. My wife knows and has no problems with me being AB/DL but I only wear (most of the time) late at night after work and when she goes out of town which rarely happens. When she is gone though I wear 24/7, which is usually no more than a night or so but I luv it! Also congrats on the weight loss!
When I get a chance to be alone it is diaper time! Enjoy
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