A big bro in need of guidance.

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Hello to all the big bros and sisters, daddies and mommies, little bros and sisters and babies reading this.

As you might have guessed, I need a bit of help. I have recently gotten back into this AB/DL thing (2 months ago). It's all super new when it comes to the AB side of things, but I'm enjoying every second of it. Especially, because in practically no time I found myself the perfect little sister and daddy, who were already together before I got to know them. What makes it even better is that we're gonna go on a road trip this August. As you might expect: I'm bursting with excitement.

Here is where I need you guys's help: because it's all so new to me, I need some advice on what I can do with my little sis during a road trip and how I take good care of her. My mind is drawing a blank when it comes to games to play and I'm not sure if I'm capable of taking good care of her, but I want to be the best big bro I can be, so that's why you are reading this. Any advice is welcomed. From play time, to sleepy time, to feeding, to anything that comes to mind really that can make me a super big bro :3

Hopefully you all can point me into the right direction. Thanks in advance :)

- Finn
Wow that sounds exciting. It could be helpful if we knew what approximate ages you and your little sister are, then people could offer appropriate suggestions.
I'm kind of unclear on that myself, but I'd say that I'd be around the age of say 3-4 and my little sister can range from 1 to possibly 3, I think. I'm really not sure, but I'll say those figures and if I see it going in the wrong direction, I'll adjust it.
I'd try coloring, that is always a fun option. If you guys have an ipad or something that a child would normally be allowed to handle, you can watch movies on the road. Get an icebox for bottles of milk and juice and things like that. Bring stuffed animals, maybe a blanket, babies often fall asleep on the road, maybe she will want to.

Sounds like a really fun activity, your a lucky baby.
She (or even you) might want to wear some high-quality diapers. Then there'd be less of a need to find bathrooms.
Those are all amazing ideas, Tyger. Especially colouring seems like such a great thing to do. Movies and blankets are taken care of. Not sure if we have something to cool bottles with, but I'm pretty sure that's covered as well. I'm also totally bringing my stuffed animals with me. I need them quite a bit and we can have fun playing with both hers and mine.
Also, we'll be restricted from potties, so not only am I gonna be padded for the first time in 5 years, it'll be 24/7 as well for 3 weeks. Daddy knows all about that stuff so I won't have to worry about that and sis is actually IC, but they both wear 24/7 already.
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