Leveling Up on ADISC

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On ADISC, the more active you are, the more neat things you earn.

Here are the tiers:
  1. Guests
    • Guests are visitors who are not logged in.
    • Guests can read some of the site, but that's all they can do.
    • Guests need to join or log in to unlock the rest of the site.
  2. Registered Member
    1. This means everyone who is logged in.
    2. Members can read almost all of the site, but there are some things they need a higher rank for, like starting Conversations (private messages) with other members.
    3. The first thing a new member should do is post an introduction. After doing this, they will rank up to Contributor within an hour or two.
  3. Contributor (C)
    • Contributors are members who have contributed to the site by posting at least once.
    • By continuing to participate in ADISC, they can level up further to Established Contributor.
  4. Established Contributor (EC)
    • These are members who have at least 20 posts, and have been around for at least a week.
    • Most ADISC members are Established Contributors.
    • ECs get several additional benefits unlocked, such as access to EC-only areas, the ability to start conversations (private messages) with other members, and more.
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