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Hello! And welcome to ADISC!

You most likely found this article by looking around these forums, or, you maybe you have been linked to this article by another member.

Whatever the case is…. welcome. I have written this article to encourage you to join this forum and to become a regular member of this support community.

What is ADISC?

ADISC stands for "Adult Baby/Diaper Lover/Incontinence Support Community", with members ranging from 18 to the wise old ages.

A common misconception of ADISC by guests and new members is that we talk about diapers all the time…this is not true at all. Our forum is full of discussions including diapers, but includes a wider range of topics like babyfur, console gaming, and politics. While ADISC, is an AB/DL support community, the AB/DL aspect of the site is only part of the forum – we’re a community of people with diverse interests, rather than a single-track hive mind.

Encouraging Words From Our Members

Over the past few days, I have asked several questions to a range of our members:

  1. When you first joined ADISC, how hesitant were you to join up? Were you nervous or scared?
  2. After joining up, how friendly were the other members? How welcomed did you feel?
  3. How has this community made you accept yourself with regards to infantilism?
  4. What would you say to people who want to join but are hesitant?

Here’s a sampling of our members’ responses:


"Once I posted an intro and let people know what I was about they were very accepting and made me feel welcome and that I belonged there and it was ok to be what I was."

"Take the plunge! It's a great community [full of] people that are always willing to lend a hand."


"Extremely hesitant, and nervous. It took a few weeks before I finally decided to join."

"Very friendly, it was really awesome, it was better than I'd expected."

"I'd say to look around the site, get a feel for the general flow around here, and take your time. Whenever you're ready to join, don't worry about the introduction too much; a lot of people are nervous when they join. It's also helpful to read the ['Cheat Sheet' to a Great Introduction] thread for an idea of what to say."


"I was very hesitant, I did quite a bit of lurking, like possibly 6 months worth. I was mainly nervous, and I had been to other sites like deeker and that didn't help much."

"The people for the most part were as friendly as anyone random on the Internet can be. I wouldn't say it was a warm welcome, but they didn't shoo me out the door, however, more recently, as I've gotten more active, I've begun to feel a greater acceptance of the lifestyle, I guess I think the chat has probably lead to the community becoming friendlier in my eyes. It's easier to get to know people through here."

"I’d say that there's no rush in joining up really. There's no harm in lurking around and seeing other peoples perspectives on things before you're willing to add to them. This community is based on a very personal issue that carries a great stigma to the general population. It's ok to be nervous about joining up. Like everything in life, you should do things as you feel most comfortable, but keep in mind that there's nothing to lose as long as you keep things personal and online separated."

So, after reading these testimonies from ADISC members, I urge you to join this forum.
Take the plunge, and be welcomed with open arms. :)

Tips on Getting Started

There are multiple ways to make friends via ADISC. First and foremost is just being active on the site. If you respond to threads and creating your own about interesting topics, people will start to talk to you! Second, ADISC has its own IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel, open 24/7, where a few members are always to be found. Thirdly ADISC has lots of social groups to join, based on where you live, hobbies, and various other things.

Here are a few tips for getting started:
  • Choose a decent name, without any words relating to diapers or babies. We get that you like diapers, so be original.
  • Make a decent introduction thread. An introduction thread introduces you to us - make it a good one! Tell us about yourself, about the real you. Mention a little about diapers, but what we really want to know are your interests and hobbies and such, the things that make you unique within a community where everyone shares a diaper interest.
  • Don’t be gross: we really don’t need to know about how long you have stayed in a messy diaper, or how you love to pleasure yourself in diapers. Please be thoughtful.
  • Be nice. If you are rude or mean to members when you first join, you will not last long.
  • Don’t lie. Experienced members can easily spot lies. Please don’t lie.
  • Don’t expect to get a date; ADISC is not a dating site, so you won’t find any hot diaper girls to change you.

…So, are you ready?
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