7 Mil Plastic Pants

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There are currently two or three vendors selling 7 mil pull-on vinyl pants. With the exception of high vs. normal waist, does anyone know if all the pants are identical and made by Gary Manufacturing?
As in, plastic pants that cost $7,000,000, or the brand 7 -mil :)?
kitterdafoxy said:
As in, plastic pants that cost $7,000,000, or the brand 7 -mil :)?

I believe that 7-mil is a common term of measurement. Specifically referring to the thickness of the pant material. One Mil is one thousandth of an inch, or written as .001 inches. So, therefore we can write the measurement of 7-Mils as .007 inches. For reference, a credit card is approximately 30mils thick…or .030inches.

Or…I could be way off and 7-Mil is in fact a manufacturer of plastic pants.
I bought mine from Babypants and it came with a gray tag.

These are the thickest and most durable. They are also very hot to wear.
Sorry for the confusion. As Llayden surmised in my context a “mil” is a measurement of thickness. Seven mil is .007 inch which is thicker than normal for a vinyl pant. Here are some examples which I’m guessing are Gary that differ only in waist height.

Normal Waist

High Waist
I bought some 7 ml and found them to be uncomfortable. They aren't soft at all, but they will last a long, long time if you wash them and hang dry.
I started with them while I was working. With care they last longer when you are very active.
mil as in millimeter is a thickness of the plastic used
7 or 8 mill plastic pants are more durable but more expensive then regular plastic pants that are usually 3 or 4 mils thick and less durable.
I use 7 mil at night and find them pretty good. Mine are by Gary. When new, they are quite soft and quiet. As they age, they start to stiffen similarly to the standard 4 mil. But they hold up much longer.
It’s been a long time, but in my mind these thick vinyl pants are similar to the ones mom used to contain my bed-wetting. That was a special time for me.
Yeah...I had a dozen 4 mil plastic pants wear out in about a year. The 7 mil, while starting to split at the edges here and there, are still going 4 years in. I'd say the larger portion of the US market plastic pants are made by Gary Mfg.
I use 7 mil. plastic pants exclusively. I find that they most closely match the type I wore in my youth. My favs are Gary Comfort Snap from Changing Times and Suprima S1250 available from b4ns.
I do not have those thickness of plastic pants. [Removed]
They are 4-mil, translucent, and come in a package of 3 for < $20.00.
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