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In a couple days, I will be getting a biopsy of my uterus. If I get a clear biopsy, I'm having a hysterectomy. After not getting any clear answers, my question is will having a hysterectomy make my incontinence worse or will it end my incontinence? 🤔
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Hi Sweetheartpanda, that is a very good question to ask the Gyno, it depends on the condition of the pelvic floor muscles i could imagine.
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Hello SweetheartPanda,

I'm not a doctor and I don't think your question can be answered so easily, but I can tell you what comes to my mind...

If and how a hysterectomy affects your incontinence depends massively on the cause of the incontinence. All in all, I would assume that the incontinence will not get better, but rather worse.

Essentially, two things play a role:

1) The removal changes the "statics" in the lower abdomen and as a result the supporting apparatus of the bladder also changes. This can lead to stress incontinence or aggravate an already existing one.

2) There is a small risk of bladder nerve damage during the operation, as the nerves from the bladder run very close to the uterus. The good news is that they are duplicated (right and left) and very rarely both are affected. The bad news is that when it happens, often the bladder level is not properly perceived anymore or an atonal bladder can occur.

Since I suspect that cancer is the reason for the surgery, I would not worry so much about the inco. Everything else is clearly more unpleasant...
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