5 phrases you want to hear as an adult baby


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Please post 5 phrases you would love to hear as an adult baby
Mine are:
1. Let me check your nappy sweetie
2. Are you hungry? Do you want Mummy to pop a breast out for you.
3. I am putting you to bed now.
4. If you do that again, you are going over my lap.
5. Don't hold in it sweetie, just go in your nappy, that's what it is for.
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Probably my favourite phrases from when I was a baby/very young child...
  1. Did you do a poo?
  2. Have you done a poo? [Yeah, it's cheating but I'm counting it as separate]
  3. Do you need a smack?
  4. Are you wet?
  5. Time for bed.
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And give me that flashlight.


Get up, now!



OK not what I want to hear but ...accurate.
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1. Did you eat today, little one?
2. I know you don’t like it, but it’s time for medicine!
3. Good job!
4. You’re a silly little thing
5. Finish your sippy before it gets too warm
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Let’s get you changed
I think somebody needs diapered
Did you want your teddy bear with you
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1) Hi kiddo

2)Have you got your Peter bunny

3) are you padded

4) do you need changing

5) yes you can sweetheart
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  1. Uh oh, did you wet your pants?
  2. Lay down baby, let's change your yucky diaper.
  3. Drink your ba-ba
  4. You need to wear a diaper for the car ride sweetie.
  5. (caregiver talking with another adult) I put him back in diapers, I got tired of dealing with wet & messy pants.
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1) do you need a diapy change?

2) where's your pacifier

3) want me to make you a nice warm baba?

4) do it again and you're definitely going to be spanked

5) time to eat your veggies

6) good girl
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1- Accidents happen big guy, I know you didn't do it on purpose.
2- I know you think you are too old to still be wetting the bed, but lots of kids even older than you still do it.
3- Why aren't you wearing your pull-up/diaper?
4- Again? I am so done with this. I guess you just aren't ready for big boy underwear.
5- Yes you are going to wear a pull-up until you prove that you are ready to be a big kid. If you keep complaining about it, then I'll be happy to put you in a diaper instead.
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1. You're a good girl
2. You're a big girl
3. Katie go bye-bye?
4. Katie want ba-ba?
5. Katie wet? Did Katie go pee-pee?
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1. Good girl
2. Hi baby (but said like hi beebee, idky I just love when Daddy says it lol)
3. Yes/sure/you can get it (I love getting my way in littlespace ha)
4. Any comment about me crinkling ☺️🙈
5. Can you (insert task here) for me?
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If I had a daddy he would say.. 😈😏
1. I know everyone wants a good girl like you. you’re all mine.
2. You can’t talk your way out of it. Don’t pout.
3. I’m going to spank your bottom. Pull em down. (Applies hand). Are you sorry? Say yes daddy.
3. Lay down baby.Let daddy change your diaper.
4. You can have anything you want. Be careful what you ask for!
5. During a diaper change- “daddy needs to check your bottom,,(finger in)…oh no baby..is your poopy stuck? Does your bottom hurt? Don’t worry. Daddy will fix it. let’s check your temperature before your medicine” then suppository given and diaper on.
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1. You are such a little stinker!
2. Stop squirming... We have to get you strapped into your highchair so you don't fall out!
3. Come here Mr. crinkle pants.
4. Somebody needs a new diaper.
5. Who's a good little boy?
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1. did someone make a stinky
2. you look cute in your nappy
3. lets get you nappy changed
4. hay baby come here
5. does baby want some din din's
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1. It's OK that's what you're diapers are for sweetie.
2. Hi my baby.
3. You look adorable in just your diaper!
4. Morning little one.
5. Come here baby let's get your diaper changed.
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1. There's my baby girl.
2. I think someone needs her diaper changed.
3. Is my baby hungry for her bottle?
4. My baby looks so cute in her dress.
5. You've been a naughty baby, so I'm gonna spank your baby bottom until it's red.
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i can't think of an entire phrase, let alone five of them, but i do enjoy being called a good girl.
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1. I'm going to smack your bottom.
2. Let's get you in your playpen, and I'll lock you in.
3. It's special story time/prezzy wrap time: come here, and I'll blindfold you up.
4. (After 3) You can't see, can you?
5. Let's get your shoes on. (When I'm not wearing socks)
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1. How's my baby boy?
2. Need to go poo poo? It's ok, that's what your diapee is for.
3. Baby need a changey?
4. Pottys are for big kids. You're a baby. Your potty is your diapee, so use it.
5. Good morning, baby! Let's get that diapey changed!
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1. PU you stink!
2. Do you need a diaper change?
3. Do you got a stinky diaper?
4. Are you wet/poopy
5. Come here, let me check your diaper.
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