3year old girl needs hug

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3year old girl is lonely. need hugs.
Maki713 said:
3year old girl is lonely. need hugs.

I'm sorry you're lonely. Hugs.........

Do you normally have friends IRL that you hang with? I think that we are social creatures, and for most of us, we need to be with others, maybe not always, but certainly to some degree. I was an only child with no brothers or sisters, so I always had a best friend, someone I could spend time with and be close to. Once I became married, my wife became my best friend, and of course, we have always been close to our children.

I hope you have some friends that you can talk with, go out doing things. To be alone can cause terrible depression. I know that some people prefer to be alone, but that's never been me. I hope things get better.
Me too :( Cuddles are the best! I'm a cuddly person and it makes me sad when people don't want cuddles :( :hugs:
One big one
From me

Hope you fell better soon
Maki713 said:
3year old girl is lonely. need hugs.

Safe hugs to you. I know that being lonely is hard. Hope you have a good day,
Here's a giant hug kiddo I sent this weekend with my two best friends. Have not been in the same place since before I died so it was the hugs I needed to keep going and therefore able to pass along.

thank you dogboy

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Thank you little belle. Hugs back to you.

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Thank you.

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Thank you hookah

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Thank you Tetra
Big hug from me too!!!! i know the feeling, just moved far away from home! there are a lot of great people here... but i miss my familiar hugs :)
What part of japan are you in I will be heading therer near the end of winter
I'm very familiar with the feeling and it's not fun. *Hugs*
Maki, if you visit Sevilla (Spain,) I can try to help with your problems. As not for much info, so in some part it looks like "we've the same kind of problems." I'm fun of personal hugs ;)

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