31 more sleeps to go before my birthday

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Hi every one little Sisi hear.

Gess what?

I have 31 more sleeps to go before my birthday.

Daddy said that I have to put my thinking cap on. And make a list of things I wont.

I would like to have a little AB birthday party but I bont know any one that lives in the southwest of the uk.

Daddy said also we have about £100.00 to spend on this. But I bon't understand money so is that like lots. It sounds like lots.

Any way could you please help me make my list for Daddy.
What toys do you think I should ask for?
Is there a cool place you like, where we can order little AB stuff on line.?

And there's 31 more sleep which is like forever. So can you make time go faster?

Thank you every one.

How old you gonna be Sisi?
My Selly body will be 48 and that like really old.

The real me is about 5 ish.
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