3.7.4, rep transparency, kindness

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Changes made today:

  1. Software Updates - more speed, more stability, fewer bugs.
    1. We have upgraded to vBulletin 3.7.4. This fixes various bugs.
    2. Some behind-the-scenes upgrades.
  2. Rep & VIP - more transparency, less drama.
    1. The requirements for VIP are now public. The details are here.
    2. The exact rep score of users with 10 or more rep is no longer displayed.
  3. Other - more kindless, more utility, more fun.
    1. Lurker status is now only given to those who have been active, but not posting, for a month. Previously the time limit was 2 weeks. This will avoid demoting people to lurkers unless they really are lurking.
    2. Added 'strikethrough' tag. The tag for this is ''. Alternatively, you can use the 'ABC' button when writing a post in advanced mode. To use advanced mode, click 'Go Advanced'.
      [*]The "Thread Games" forum has been renamed to "Fun & Games".

Possibly coming soon:

  1. A "Verified Identity" group will be created. Members of this group have either met another RL verified member in real life, or they've shown the group leader a picture of themselves holding up a hand-written sign saying 'I'm <someuser> at ADISC.org'. Being in this group does not grant ANY permissions. It does NOT imply the user is trustworthy. It just means that they are the age/gender they say they are - or can dress up as it convincingly.
  2. Changes to the dark theme.
  3. A re-write of the rules, so that all rules are posted in the same thread, with examples.
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