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28/10 14:32

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i rarely feel acknowledged for my achievements and i fret asking for the help i need .
i'm an established contributor to this site but whimpered away 8 months ago, ...
since then i've had 2 jobs attacked by a dude with an axe, grew some my own vegetation and climbed into my house twice..
i'm for the "Your Life is a joke button" ,..? guess you guys removed it.
So where do the freaks hangout !?


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Hi funkybeanie from down under. Sorry that you have been away for 8 months, but getting acknowledgment for what we do right in life rarely happens. Best not to desire it, just be pleasantly surprised when it occurs.
Not quite sure what help you need or what has recently taken place in your life; you or two of your jobs were axe attacked? You or the axe attacker climbed into your house twice? Excuse me for not understanding. Bad things can happen to good people, but life is no joke.
We are also growing some vegetables here as we approach our summer. What are you growing? Hope things are getting better.
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