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Every now and then I go to nappies and decide to wear 24/7 usually it only lasts a few weeks before I stop but this time I'm really not wanting to. I've become financially secure to the point I'm considering early retirement now, a lot of my close friends know about my AB aspects to varying degrees, my missus is totally supporting of it also, to the point changing dirty nappies is just something that needs doing. My question is this how many people if in my situation would just go full-time in nappies?
I would not go diapers full time just because of the extra hassle and expense. My personal preference is to switch between diapers and normal underwear. If I was planning an early retirement, I would probably save even more toward that and be more frugal with diapers and other things. There are times when I want to wear diapers 24/7 and there are times when I do not want to worry about diapers. I figure out what works for me in the moment and go with it. When I am busy, diapers seem to slow things down and generally interfere. I am also not one to carry a backpack full of supplies. If given the option, I would decline always wearing diapers.
I've always liked wearing for extended periods of time I've just never been able to properly a few weeks here a few there. But like I said i now have the means to not have to work at all so I could avoid some of the hassle with taking changing supplies to work etc

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I've always liked wearing for extended periods of time I've just never been able to properly a few weeks here a few there. But like I said i now have the means to not have to work at all so I could avoid some of the hassle with taking changing supplies to work etc
I'm on an extended run at the moment. I'm a piker in the realm of long term 24/7, but I feel like I need to stop when it becomes too commonplace. As a result of this experience (2 months and counting), I'm starting to think I could go indefinitely if I had someone around who also enjoyed it to mix it up a bit.

I'm not pining away for that, at least not right now, it's just an observation in my long term enjoyment. I'm still having a good time but I'm also really looking forward to getting back to underwear.
I'm lucky enough to have a partner who is very accepting of it. I imagine that makes a world of difference to the longevity of enjoyment but then again I think I would wear 24/7 as much even if I were single. But that's probably due to my circle of friends knowing about me.
Go 24/7 if you want to, but you're right in that it brings along a lot of hassles and complications depending on your situation. If you do decide to though, there are lots of threads on wearing-related stuff and lots can realte to 24/7.

I'm not sure what you meant when you said "i now have the means to not have to work at all " but if you were talking about giving up a job or anything I don't think it's worth it to be honest. Wearing 24/7 is awesome, but there are only so many sacrifices you can make before it becomes not worth it.
Though I've never tried wearing diapers 24/7 myself, I know quite a few people who have. Some of them say that diapers lose their appeal after a couple of weeks or months. Others say they enjoy diapers as much as ever after 2+ years of being in diapers 24/7.

People who wear diapers 24/7 take different approaches to it. Some declare the toilet off limits and use their diapers for both of their intended purposes. Some only wet and use the toilet for #2. Some use the toilet whenever it is more convenient to do so.

I do not know anyone who has quit working in order to wear diapers 24/7. All of the 24/7 DLs I know find ways of incorporating diapers into an active work and social life. I think one or two of them found jobs that allowed them to work from home. Most found ways of concealing their diapers effectively and wearing them in an office or other work environment.

I don't know you, your, your work, or your finances, but I think that for most people, retiring at age 29 would be a bad idea. Financially, it is very risky, especially given the low interest rate environment we're in. It's also psychologically important for most people to have some kind of productive work. (Of course that can include unpaid work as a volunteer or caring for one's children.) If you are thinking of retiring, I have to wonder whether it might be better to pursue a career change rather than retiring altogether.
I'm diapered every night, usually around 7-8pm until the next morning before I take a shower and go to work. I alternate on the weekends, sometimes its a 24/7 Saturday / Sunday, sometimes its for the morning, it depends what we are doing.
I wouldn't go 24/7 personally as it could cause proper health problems and just for carrying around a bag full of changes I think would be a nightmare. I wouldn't quit work either money doesn't last forever. Is your other half completely happy with you thinking about going 24/7 in diapers? It will probably affect her a lot more if your going round to friends houses. This is what I was like when my other half tried this. I felt slightly awkward as he is still really close friends with a few of his ex partners and being around them both while my other half was in a diaper didn't feel right. Just something to think about.
I am in dydees 24/7 anyway, since I have Cerebral Palsy (& Autism).
For me, 24/7 is not a choice, but necessary.
How do you retire at 29? Are you rich?

I have been 24/7 for three years and loving it.
I'd give 24/7 a shot, though as everyone has mentioned, it can be a hassle and diapers can loose their appeal. I personally feel it would be great at first, but think they would indeed be a hassle in the long run and feel that they would loose their appeal. If I went 24/7, The toilet would be off limits.
I'm actually home alone (college student) for a week and wearing as much as I can. Currently, I've been diapered almost 24 consecutive hours without using a toilet. I've used about 5-6 Goodnites since yesterday afternoon, as my supply is low and more diapers should be in tomorrow or Tuesday!
Like others I probably wouldnt want to go 24/7 as it might just become a hassle. I'd be afraid of diapers losing their meaning and the feelings they bring.
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