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I moved in a group home with 24/7 staffing a while ago. Has made everything easier. Anyone else in a similar situation?
Yes, there are ups and downs of being 24/7. The up is you no longer have to stress about your bladder, the down's is that you do have to change, and prepare for leaks.
I went 24/7 more than a year ago, due to OAB and Urge incontinence issues,
I now have caregivers around me 24/7 and they take care of all my daily needs. Bathing, dressing, feeding, diapering etc
I now have caregivers around me 24/7 and they take care of all my daily needs. Bathing, dressing, feeding, diapering etc

I too have Cerebral Palsy, but mine is mild and I still take care of myself at age 57. A question I have is about how you are dealing with your loss of freedom, being now in a Group Care Home?
I have cerebral palsy too. Now that I am getting older, a someone comes in and help me for 5 hours a day.
It's interesting that you would ask about loss of freedom. Obviously, you are thinking of a nursing home. I don't live there. I live in a group home run by an agency. I have freedom. Just yesterday I went to an adaptive sports expo. I have plans to go to a Yankee/Red Sox game and I am planning to go whale watching. I do what I want and need to do. I always have staff with me. For me, alone time is bad and boring. I am much more active then when I had less care.
I don't have CP, but I do have Syringomyelia which is a rare spinal cord disease. I am a wheelchair user when I go out, I also have progressive weakness/paralysis in my legs and arms. I currently also have a torn rotator cuff which I will be having surgery in July to repair. Right now, I need much help with my ADL's Trying to get help from the state for that. But after my surgery, I will most likely be in a rehab center or nursing home for a period I'm guessing anywhere from one to six months. I'm also B/B incontinent as well as a result from spinal cord damage.
Hi, I am a disabled wheelchair user, I live at home and have a carer that comes in the morning and evening. So far she hasn't changed my nappies for me as I've been too embarrassed, however the other night I had an episode of bowel incontinence and managed to clean up before she arrived. I obviously told her what had happened and she said she wouldn't have minded helping me and changing me etc as it is part of her job. I still feel a bit hesitant to let her do it, although she is now starting to come and help me get ready for bed at night so maybe actually putting a nappy on me for the night might be a better way to start.
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