2-piece diapers (pads and stretch pants)


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I’m working on finding a good and reliable incontinence pad (also called open diaper or 2-piece diaper system) which offers good protection from multiple small leaks, yet still has decent odor management.
I find Abena despite being cheap and actually quite good absorbency, really lacks an effective odor management. Sadly The Abena pads very quickly begin to smell of wet diaper / urine.
I’ve tried Seni pads also, which performs like Abena when it comes to absorbency, and Seni pads are somewhat better in masking the smell of wet diaper / urine. However i Want to expand my list of useable diapers, as diaper manufacturers / retailers tend to change their product portfolio.

also are there any sites where products like open diapers / 2-piece diapers are tested like the one done by “diaper-metrics“ for instance?