Am I developing incontinence?

Hello, everyone. As you can see in the title, I would like to ask if I potentially am developing incontinence?

Here's some background for my question:

I've for a while been wearing diapers because I enjoy it- But I've pretty much always suspected that I have an overactive bladder, without a doubt. (I have not gone to a doctor and discussed this, mostly because I haven't seen it as something I couldn't manage myself.)

Now, I feel like my OAB have gotten a bit more serious, and I am pretty much at the point where diapers just are a thing that I also wear because for some reason I don't feel like I have an OAB when I am wearing.

I don't know how much I should worry, or even if I should be worried about it.
But I can't help but wonder if I am developing incontinence, or if I have a higher chance of developing incontinence?

I hope someone is able to help.

I wish you all a nice day.
Best regards.


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If you suspect that your OAB symptoms are getting more serious over time, you should definitely go see a doctor about it. OAB symptoms can simply be OAB but they could also indicate more serious conditions. To me, these could be the first stages of incontinence. One more thing to remember is that wearing diapers DOES NOT cause incontinence.

If you go to the doctor and there are no other more serious conditions causing your symptoms, then I would say that you can decide the route you want to take in managing the condition. There's absolutely no problem wearing diapers to manage OAB or incontinence. Since I've become incontinent, I've tried some treatments and for me, they didn't work very well. Now, I choose to wear diapers 24/7 as I don't want to try the more invasive treatments for my condition.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask me. I have OAB and I may be able to answer some questions through my own personal experiences.


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Well, first off you don't give us any of your symptoms, timing, frequency, etc. That really doesn't matter though, because as mentioned we are not doctors. If you're looking for a diagnosis then you need to see a doctor. And if you're wondering your problems are bad enough to be concerned, then you definitely should see a doctor.

And as we have said soooooo many times now. Wearing a diaper in itself will never cause incontinence. However, always using a diaper at the first sign of needing to go, will.

ps. OAB is doctor speak for "we know something is going on with your bladder, but we have no idea". You are going to want a better diagnosis than guessing OAB for yourself.


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Hi Edward

Since you are comfortable wearing diapers already it will make managing your bladder issue so much easier, however you really need to see a urologist to make sure what’s causing you incontinence issue is not life threatening.

The urologist will run a few tests and yes they can be embarrassing but they are worth while having done,I have had two rounds of tests and they have not determined the cause but at least I know its not life threatening and can manage it with being diapered 24/7. Do your self a favour and make a doctors appointment so you can get a referal to a local urologist.


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If you suspect that you have an OAB I would say go to a doctor and get yourself checked. I know you shouldn't worry about your prostate at such a young age, but get it checked out, for your own sake. I am not incontinent in any way and I wear diapers because I feel comfy and I don't wish to be running to a toilet every time I have to go. I use my diaper. I wish you luck and diapers do not make you incontinent. Get checked and be safe my friend.