i feel bad


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my parents convinced me to go with them to visit my distant half uncle for a big lunch. i didn't really wanna go because i never met this uncle before but i was really hungry at the moment so i went with them.

when we arrived i noticed there were a lot of other people there too. well, one of those people was a single mother with her really weird kid. he was small, fat, greasy pimple covered face, a bit of facial hair, and smelled like an old septic tank. by overhearing some conversations i learned that he's 12 years old, heavily autistic, and got hit by puberty really hard last year.

anyway, we finished the food and i started to get bored. suddenly my 14 year old cousin popped out of his room to grab some food and when his mother saw him she immediately told him to take the weird kid to his room and show him his playstation.
i laughed a little on the inside and felt kinda bad for the poor guy for getting stuck babysitting that weird kid. the cousin didn't seem happy about it either but judging by the looks he exchanged with his mother he didn't have a choice.

a few more minutes passed and i was bored to insanity so i decided to sneak outside for a smoke. as soon as i entered the backyard i heard voices and realized i'm standing outside the cousin's room. his window was slighlty open so i could clearly see and hear everything that's going on in there so i thought i'd spy on them a little because i was so bored.

the weird kid didn't seem to like the playstation very much and tossed the controller away which made the cousin visibly upset. he went to check if the controller is okay and the weird kid suddenly flopped on his belly and started digging around under the bed. a few seconds later he popped back out with a black object in his hand looking really excited and loudly said "wow i always wanted one of these" then the cousin turned around and froze. he tried to take it away from him but he wouldn't budge. i quickly realized the black object was a fleshlight (a male sex toy shaped like a vagina) and the weird kid seemed to know exactly what it was. cousin was desperately trying to take it from him but the weird kid was completely determined to keep it and started yelling which caused the cousin's mom to enter the room. without seeing anything, she dragged him out and i heard her giving him a lecture about being patient with mentally challenged kids.

as soon as the room was empty, the weird kid started shaking the fleshlight and it sprayed some big drops of liquid around which made him look even more excited. he pushed his finger in it a few times then pulled his pants down and i had to stop looking. i took a few steps away and felt a bit upset over that kid. soon i heard moans and wet squirty sounds. about two minutes later it all stopped and i heard him exit the room. i went back to the window and saw the fleshlight lying on the floor with a big puddle dripping out the front end. a few seconds later the cousin came back and saw the thing. he didn't touch it, he just sat down on the ground, buried his face in his hands and i heard him cry something like "it was so expensive.. i barely sneaked it through the mail.. and now this.."

nobody ever found out anything about the incident but i feel really bad. i had one of those sex toys myself a few years ago and i can't imagine how i'd feel if some weird kid found it in my room and tainted it. but this distant cousin i met for the first (and definitely last) time had this exact thing happen to him. that weird kid was so autistic he didn't have any sense of decency and didn't care one bit about sticking his schlong into someone else's used sex toy. i almost feel a bit traumatized when i try to imagine how the cousin must've felt when he saw his expensive sex toy ruined forever by this weird kid..


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Yeah, sexuality in autistic people can be rough at times to say the least.

I know an autistic person that has a fleshlight. He'd be drying it out all the time in very open locations. Took some work to get him to understand why that is a very private object and why people don't want to come across it, especially in places like the kitchen, front yard, etc.


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Damn... I'm not very sensitive, usually, but this one almost got me. If I were there, I'd probably have a rely hard time keeping the meal where it belongs.
This cousin of yours probably got a trauma now.