My Day Today -_-


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Here's why today sucked:

5:30 AM/Took the walk of shame from my computer to the bathroom, locked the keys to my bedroom in my bedroom during the process
7:00 AM/Tried two cups of coffee to wake me up and recover from the key incident, didn't work
8:00 AM-9:00 AM/Looked for someone who knew how to help with the situation, found no one
9:00 AM/Found out the hard way that a Rocky Mountain Tumbler truly does keep drinks hot forever
11:00 AM/Got 90% through the coffee to find a ball hair floating in the cup
12:00 PM-2:00 PM/Had my lunch, the news, and one episode of Jerry Springer crashed by my mother and her boss
2:00-3:00 PM/Had the other episode of Jerry Springer crashed by porch pirates
All Day/Had my mother breaking my balls about my door when she's the reason I lock it in the first place
All Day during the News/Assholes in circulation throughout the country
All Day/Removed more mold out of more VHS tapes, still nowhere near being done
Nowhere during my Day/Cleaning up some of the mess in my room
7:30 PM/Found my mother secretly trying to open the door, snapped and broke the door down

Conclusion: today sucked
Clock: 8:00 PM

Shit. I still have four more hours. -_-


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Today I watched the last of my kids go back to their homes after staying over for the Christmas holiday. Sigh........... Home alone again.


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0800 hrs Had breakfast with a new friend at the restaurant across the street.
1000 hrs Raped gifts for this Saturday's family holiday
1030 hrs cleaned bathroom
1100 hrs cleaned Kitchen. started dishwasher.
1245 hrs lunch.
1300 hrs spoke with my two best friends from Detroit on the phone.
1305 hrs two best friends from Detroit will be here next weekend.
1410 hrs US mail delivered my Amazon order.
1415 hes vacuum bedrooms, hall, dinning room, and living room.
1500 hrs dust apartment.
1700 hrs soak in a HOT bath.
1800 hrs YouTube on Ruku
2000 hrs Star Trek :)


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BabyTyrant, what's this about $1500?
And dogboy, I'd be pretty sad if all my loved ones left, too.
Debt collector BS from having a credit card before, finally I get a better job and have some hope of a settlement with the Credit Card company, but they moved on and it was either gonna be settle with the debt collector or get forced to pay significantly more.

Combine that with 8 days off of work and I only get paid for 2 and things are not going too well for me.

And I don't have the money sitting around or anyone to borrow money from, so here I am realizing im gonna pay it all on my own because anyone I could get money from would result in transferring debt from one person to another; which makes no sense.

I haven't even felt truly happy in weeks, it's just all stuff to pass the time with.

Also I am kinda lonely because it's just me and my younger brother, but that much isn't different from normal, so not effecting me that much.