Fecal seepage - could I be lactose intolerant?


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I have been drinking more alcohol than usual over the Christmas period. Larger only and I do drink excessively sometimes. I am faced with a watery seepage from my back-passage with stains my underwear but not a poo-ey stain (sometimes red stains) and makes me paranoid and very sore. It feels like I have a wet backside between my cheeks which is uncomfortable. This completely clears up when I've been off the alcohol. Last year not drinking alcohol for 8 months I didn't have any seepage problems. The thing is I am overweight (280ib) and can't wipe myself properly as I have sort arms. With the seepage I can't clean myself properly which is causing soreness and I think the soreness is making me leak more?

I know it is the beer. I know I need to lose weight. Do you think it can be anything else. I'm 33. Do you think I should tell my mental health nurse when I see him tomorrow as he can get me tests. Or does it sound like introlence to excessive beer combustion as it clears up when not drinking.?

I had full blood works and urine sample done in September(just a check up) and everything came back as O.K..


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Red seepage usually means blood (unless you've been eating a lot of red food dyes). It's possible you have a really bad rash from not getting clean enough back there. Enough so that it has turned to a bleeding sore. And it doesn't sound like you're lactose intolerant, it sounds like you are alcohol intolerant. Based on what you said it is a pretty clear trigger for your seepage. Maybe you should stay away from any alcohol (and yeah, loose that weight too).