Texas Furry Fiesta (TFF) 2019


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We're just about 3 months away from Texas Furry Fiesta 2019. A furry con held in downtown Dallas. This con has a HUGE population of cubs / babyfur / littles / diaperfurs / AB / DL / Mommy / Daddy / etc.

This furry convention has official cub programming and panels that you can attend. There are other non-official cub events that will be happening as well.

If you've ever wanted a chance to meet with others, be sure to come visit us at this convention. There will be a large group of people that will be attending that are members of ADISC.

There is a lot to see and do around the hotel, and even more if you want to explore further into the city and surround areas.

The convention takes place in the Hyatt Regency Dallas - Hotel (300 Reunion Blvd Dallas, TX 75207). Across the street you can see Dealey Plaza, the 6th Floor Museum, The Old Dallas Courthouse, and the JFK Memorial.

The website for TFF is https://2019.furryfiesta.org

Be sure to register to attend. If you're not a local to the area, you'll need to find a hotel to stay at. There's a bunch of us on twitter and telegram, as well as some telegram groups specific to the con.

If you don't have a ride to the convention and that's the only thing keeping your from attending, don't let that stop you. Visit with some of the other people that will be attending on her, twitter, or telegram. You might be able to find others going that can help give you a ride. Same with rooms. You can help find a spot.

If you're new to everything, don't let that stop you or intimidate you. Everyone was new at one point or another. I'll be showing a couple of people around, and it'll be their first time.

Get to know others before going. It can really help make the difference.

Hope to see you there!