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Iv been working on a gaming project since about high school, were I was doing its as a senior project. It a rpg with a lot of differnt themes, staring a small squad of 20 somthings working for a comapny called hope in an alternet Newyork city. Thers alot of story and lore that iv jotting down over the years. If anyone is interested I can post general terms and maybe some lore. Im not as wiiling to post more but I could possibly be covinced. If I get a few replys I'll post more.

Screw it, ill post some anyway.....

And Enemy Type
Beings created through thoughts, strong emotions and force of will. Commonly weak and only dangerous do to sheer numbers, they can effectively be any were. They congregate in places related to there appearance, and common ones should be of no issue to anyone with combat training. Though common figments are weak, rumor “figments” can and will be stronger based on local knowledge of them. The most dangerous are figments created by will makers. Mostly inadvertently, there “source” having at least some spiritual power makes them a threat, and in the rarest of cases conscience.

And a group belonging to a villan in the game described by a local NYPD in game


“This is Geralds merry band of wanna rapists and murderers. This group of young people seem infatuated with the evil little bastard. They'll do anything, and I mean anything, in his name. They tend to be at the richer end of the money spectrum, thinking there superior humans to most. He’s only been in the city for about a week, and he's go 30 – 40 of these kids on his side. He's a complete sociopath using and disposing of people left and right. These kids don’t seem to care though, they'll die for him, witch is a problem for us, I’m not letting the NYPD get more blood on there hands, so put on the kid gloves for this one.”
Local NYPD.

Not everything in this game is gonna be dark, I just need to find my notes.
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