Trumpy Bear???? WTF????

:detective3 Okay... Perhaps the title of this thread is a bit much. But seriously?!!! Coming up with a plushie bear that is associated with Donald Trump? God forbid!

Here is the link to the commercial. [video=youtube;i9qv8RSreIM][/video]

I saw the commercial advertising this the other night, and at first thought it was a joke. But it truly is not.

Some company has thought that if it worked for Theodore Roosevelt to name a plush toy animal after the president of the US, then they would market another plushie after the current president?

Am I the only one offended by this?

Perhaps because I am TeddyBearCowboy, and I truly associate my own persona with that of what most people think of when they hear of a teddy bear -- a soft, plushie toy animal that brings security and something to snuggle with and the like. But comparing that to the rough, and very bully-like persona of the current president... I find the two very much disassociated with each other.

AGAIN... This is not about politics, but it almost seems like in a religious sense that some might consider as "blasphemy", to take something that children from around the world have come to know as a soft cuddly friend, and liken it unto the name-calling, bully-like persona of someone who uses twitter and the like to bad mouth and use his bully pulpit to make little of others.

One of the few friends that children (and even adults) may turn to when the world seems against them is their teddy bears or other plushies, who unfailingly and unjudgmentally listen and offer hugs, giving love and consolation.

:educate: To take the image of someone who demonstrates much animosity, judgement, non-accepting of others different to his own views, and so forth, and try to make this into the likeness of what is otherwise now known as a soft, loving, unconditionally accepting, and cuddling friend who can be trusted with your upmost secrets, seems to be the extreme opposite.

OKAY!!!! I truly don't mean for this thread to go political into whether or not you are pro-Trump or not. That truthfully is not my intent.

I know, I know, once unleashed this inevitably may do so... but rather, my question is this... Does the extreme difference in what is normally considered a teddy bear or plushie and what is being portrayed here... well, does it bother you?

Logically, it is no different than any other product where someone is trying to make a profit. I agree, there technically is nothing legally or specifically morally wrong with the product.

...But am I the only one who sees such a strikingly contrast with what is normally considered a product of love, compassion, non-judgement, and friendliness with the otherwise hard, driven, and critical persona of Trump?

I am not against toys associated with Trump. For instance, how about an action figure of trump instead? Something along the line of Rambo or such? I had plastic army men when I was younger and played many imaginary games with them. I had heroes among them and waged many an imaginary war as they fought out battles among the rugs that I propped up as mountains and artificial terrain, but I did not cuddle with them or seek them out when I needed a close friend to confide in. Somehow the war heroes just don't present the same feeling as a soft, cuddly, plushie such as a teddy bear.

The good soldiers always won, and it was part of my growing up experience. It was really no different than Star Wars, Battlestar Galctica, and so on... but these characters were not the ones that brought me safety, comfort, compassion, and most of all... LOVE.

Does anyone here, speaking honestly... seriously think of our current president as a symbol of "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND COMPASSION?"

For at least that is what I associate teddy bears with. They don't care if you have screwed up. They don't care of your ethnicity, your religion, your gender preference, or if you show up wearing diapers. They love you for who you are and are there to be held, and then hold you in return.

That certainly is not the image I get with this "Trumpy Bear".

Again, I get that there is nothing technically wrong with a Trump Bear. Theodore Roosevelt wasn't exactly the iconic image of compassion and love either. He was certainly very opinionated and strong willed. But the "Teddy Bear" as we know it today came about as a result of his unwillingness to shoot a captured bear simply to declare to the press of his success on a hunting trip. And since that time, even though the "Teddy" bear was named after this president, it is now known entirely different. I certainly never associated any of my teddy bears with Roosevelt, but rather as an object of affection and simply something that makes me happy. There certainly is no association with political differences associated with teddy bears. To create such an object and insert the possibility of it being an object that symbolizes the like of such is a sad thing indeed.

Is there nothing that can be kept innocent and free from political views and stance?

So yes... personally I am offended by it.

:dunno: Your thoughts???


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Ha ha! Trumpy Bear! He only shits in the woods, but he never stops trumping! :laugh:

I saw the commercial advertising this the other night, and at first thought it was a joke. But it truly is not.
What?! There's a star-spangled blanket to wrap yourself in! :laugh: There's a marine who says he's proud to take Trumpy Bear everywhere! :laugh: It's supposedly sold for two payments of $19.95!!! Who buys a teddy bear on credit?! :laugh:

It's definitely a joke. :)


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That bear is ugly too. Better than Drumpf's current image, but just yuck. That company should have gone with a Trumpy rat instead. It definitely takes away and discredits all other loveable bears, and that's just not fair to them. So yeah, I'm also quite offended.


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I first saw it a few months ago and also at first wondered if it was a joke. I can't say I have the same feelings as you on it, but I can't be the only person who thinks they missed an opportunity here and should have gone with Trumpy Cat? Maybe they were worried about copyright infringement...


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I wouldn't get offended, it's just another thing a company is doing to try to make money off of Trump being president, much like the Beer with Trump on it, the "Make America Smell Great again candles" and the sign I saw in FL one time that said "Make Ice Cream Great Again".

It's just marketing somebody came up with to try to make fast cash.


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Teddy bears get drafted for a multitude of purposes. This strikes me as one of the less appealing but I doubt it will be the last I see that strikes me that way. Maybe this will comfort someone, somehow.