Diaper sighting while skiing

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I had a diaper sight while skiing some time ago. Of course, every day in my skiing holidays I was diapered under the one-piece ski on the ski slope.
My suit came from a well known adult tailor in Poland, and the manager there has done a lot for me according to my own design wishes.
I saw then an older woman, where you could see very clearly that she had worn a diaper under her one-piece ski suit. Of course, I also wore diapers for the day, and I always look at myself in the mirror in the morning after getting dressed to see what the one-piece ski suit with the diapers underneath looks like. First, I saw this lady get off the chairlift. That's why I became aware of them, because I really liked the ladies in the one-piece ski suit. Then we were both on the same track and as she passed me, I noticed something on her butt immediately. He was a little more rounded than usual, and his knees were bent so that he could see it on the belt because he was slightly different on the back. He was slightly down in the middle, as if she had put something thicker underneath. And with the movements when skiing and in the wind I immediately thought that could be a diaper underneath. Because when I looked in the morning in the mirror, my butt just looked like this.
Of course, I also saw several people in the one-piece ski suit, but none of them looked exactly like this lady.

The lady paused for a moment, and I walked past her, then stopped below, and as she walked slowly past me, she looked at me briefly. I caught up with them on the piste, and then I realized that it was strangely thicker in the Popo area, and it was also more rounded. She came to the same lift, and then she looked at me a little longer and a bit strange, actually surprised, while we waited. I noticed it, when I looked at the panorama, then she came to the chairlift in front of me, and when her ski pole fell over and she leaned in front of me to pick it up, I could see it clearly - there it was a diaper underneath. We met again on the track, but she always looked so funny. So I'm absolutely sure, when she looked at me on the ski slope and then on the chairlift, she realized that I had also put on diapers.

Of course, I do not know why she went with diapers. Perhaps because it is more practical for women with one-piece ski suits because you do not need to go to the bathroom, this is safest to assume. Or because she was a little older, she needed diapers for health reasons, so she had to wear them, and she did not want to stop skiing. Of course, it may be that she puts on diapers, as I did for fun. But I will never know.
Anyway, it was a great experience, although I've heard that there are many people who ski with diapers, but also see with their own eyes, that's something very special.

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