Thinking about the future more than the present

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I should have saved up money and I've tried at times, but it is really hard when The Government wants people to suffer so they stay slaves to the system, never able to get ahead.

So maybe I spending more than I should lately on not truly necessary things, but my bills are paid, I have food, and hopefully things go up in price in the future (mainly DBS Cards, and trading cards can be hard to guess, it can range from going up a lot in price like MTG to crumbling in price like Yu-Gi-Oh; but also seeing what happens with Cryptocurrency, I have some $ invested, but I wont be ruined if the price somehow goes cheaper).

It is almost a requirement to either have things going on the side, whether that is buy/selling things or a 2nd job, otherwise you probably wont get ahead.

At any rate, going from a bad job to a great job will help a lot and I dont plan on continuing to spend the same money if not more when I do switch jobs, so either way things are looking up lol.
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