What Brand of OverNight Diaper do you sleep in?


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I wear Abena L4s at night. During the day I wear medium Northshore Supremes...but for night time I size up to larges. That way I know my diaper will hold my accidents, have plenty of room to expand and not get too tight and uncomfortable while I sleep.


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I wear Tenas. They have big leg openings so they're very comfortable. Compared to the classic ABDL Night time diapers, they have a small capacity. But if you don't drink like a cow before bed, it holds enough.


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I don't actually need diapers, so most of the time I'll sleep in something on the thinner side. Thinner diapers tend to be cheaper and also more comfortable for sleeping, so it's a win/win unless I think I'll actually need to go during the night. Depends Protection with Tabs used to be great for that but since they went back to plastic, the tapes are worse and they almost inevitably have at least one or more of the six fail during the night. Right now, I'm mostly using Northshore Care's Lite Supremes.


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Boosted Abena M4 is my usual go to for night, but I really like Rears Seductions, ABU Simple or CDTC's Bear Hugz for increased bedtime cozyness and security ^u^


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Here lately I've been wearing Crinklz diapers day and night. For night time; my caregivers or if I'm at Ryan's will put a doubler inside my Crinklz Astronaut diaper (which I wear for sleeping and sleepovers). The doubler when I'm at home will be a generic doubler or a special needs diaper but at Ryan's it's usually a size 7 Pampers that gets used as the doubler inside of my primary diaper.
HDIS's Reassure Premium Overnight pull-ups, or Abena M3 (?) pull-ups, either with briefs over, to keep them snug (a bit like wearing a onsie), and always with a protective pant over the top.


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I like to keep a variety on-hand, and I pick a diaper that's appropriate for what I expect to need overnight in terms of capacity. (I don't always get it right...) I usually drink a fair amount before bed, and my kidneys seem to increase production overnight instead of dialing it back, so I need moderate to heavy protection depending on the night. And of course when it's a Friday or Saturday night and I'm going to get to sleep in, I go with something really thick.

On a typical week-night, I'll usually pick from:
- crinklz/betterdry (still have mine on this morning as I type this!)
- Inspire/Select
- DC Amore
- Bambino
- Confidry247
- MyDiaper Plus
- Tykables Overnight/Galactic
- Abena Xplus
- space/paws/simple
- Kiddo

Weekend when I need maximum protection:
- Safari / InControl
- PeekABU
- MyDiaper Ultra
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Seeing as I don't need them for medical reasons at night I usually go with the best deal available. Currently, I am stocked up on some of the Tranquility Select Briefs. They are awesome and affordable. I think I managed to pick up 90 diapers for $50. Overall, for something may only wet once or twice, they are excellent and affordable. Plus, they have a decent capacity.


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I sleep on my side, and stay well hydrated, so I've only ever found two diapers that normally won't leak on me. That's Betterdry/Crinklz, and PeekABU. And unfortunately it seems Crinklz has very recently either had a bad batch, or had the sap content purposefully reduced. So now they have been periodically leaking on me too.

I've also tried the various no-lower-tape diapers like Bambino, Simples, Tykables, etc. They all leak on my realy bad like abena and tena do. Even Confidry24/7 and Northshore supreme will leak on me too, though not as badly. Cloth isn't an option for me either as they need to be so thick to work they cause me hip pain. It really sucks not having many choices.


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Yeah, seeing as I am in graduate school at the moment I have to be frugal when it comes to padding. So when I decided to pad up every night I chose a diaper that would be ok if I wet it once or twice but would also not break the bank by wearing 1 every day. Plus my schedule isn't conducive to long periods of wear, seeing as I'm at the school 12+ hours a day, so premiums didn't make much sense.


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I prefer Kiddo by ABU to sleep in and other times and rarely get a leak but use others as well.

Preference in rough order if I don’t have any Kiddos:

Little Pawz
Fabine Teddies
Rearz Rebels


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It all depends on what I feel like. I don’t have a specific set nighttime diaper because I prefer thicker, higher-capacity diapers to begin with. Usually it’s whatever ABU or Rearz diaper I have on at a given time, though there are some nights I’ll throw a cloth diaper on just to have the bulk without actually using a diaper for its intended purpose.


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Northshore Supreme w/a large size northshore booster. I tend to get leaks out of the backs of my legs with other diapers that do well during the day.