Bradford keighley leeds skipton area meets and walks to socialise with fellow abdl

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Hey all im kev im DL or diaper lover i live in a town on the outscerts of Bradford and i cant spell for s#*."%#
Ha ha my goal here is to start a social group for ABDLs thruought west yorkshire focusing on good walks good food and socialising with fellow ABDLs something I've never done.....ive never met a fellow ABDL or even talked about it other than on the Internet.
And meeting someone i found online?!?!?! Hell no im taken 100% spoken for im looking to chill and chat to people like me not a one night horror show of shame
Now if this is alowed in our beloved adiscs rules i would suggest we wait for a minimum of ten people who 100% intend to be a part of the first meet.
On that subject i think the first meet should be simple bowling the right mix of public and private
The first ten should be the board members for lack of better word
Interested to hear opinions if this is allowed and Isn't removed
Been abdl can feel lonely its up to us as a comunity to change that
Not open for further replies.