1000w of power on the speakers

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so I went from a 50w/rms total amp to a 200w/rms amp, to two 200w/rms amps, then 1 100w/rms amp, 500w rms power and 1000w maximum power

now you know this slab can punch, so far I have had 5 victims

1. Plate
2. Bowl
3. Hallway picture
4. Medicine cabnit
5. Bathroom towel bar

I want to demo this thing to whom ever wants to see, Presumably Johnathan because he isn't too far away

-- So what is being drove? --
1x Lightning Audio P4.12.4 @ 200w RMS <50w over rms>
2x Pioneer white label 6x9s @ 50w RMS <20w over rms>
2x Pioneer Blue Label 6.25s @ 50w RMS <20w over rms>
- 1x Sony Center <era 94> [email protected] 75w RMS <35w over rms>
1x Soundstorm F100.4 @ 4 outputs of 50w rms @ 4ohm, 100w rms @ 2ohm
1x Lightning Audio B3.200.2 @ 2 outputs of 75w rms @4ohm, 1 output of 200w rms @ 4ohm, 350w rms @ 2ohm
1x AGI HEC-300AR 300w power supply <driving the amps>
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