1. D

    Well Beginnings Sleep Pants

    So I was looking on the Walgreens website and found their version of Goodnites and they are much cheaper. I was wondering if there were any differences between the different packages and/or if anyone has tried these recently cause they claim to be "new and improved" while reviews since don't...
  2. dogboy

    Clarence Clemens and Young Love

    I saw in the news today that Clarence Clemens had a stroke. Though they aren’t giving out details, it sounds like a very serious one, perhaps a life ending one. I apologize that this will sound like something which belongs as a blog, but I felt compelled to share this on the bigger platform...
  3. harris


    I have worked with kids for three years now, both genders, rich and poor, ages five to eighteen. And now I teach people ages eighteen to twenty-five. What strikes me when I discuss the youth generation is that unreasonable prejudice some people carry about the youth, that every teenager is a...