1. G

    What did you do when you where young for diapers?

    For me it started at a young age finding some pull ups that belonged to my sister, under the bathroom counter. I would just put them on and wait around in the bathroom for a while and hide it somewhere. That was the very start, after somebody threw them away I was left without them for many...
  2. C

    First Day in Diapers

    For a couple years now I've watched videos of guys wetting their pants, but I was never really turned on by diapers. I decided that I should try them out, so I ordered some Tena Super Pants from Amazon. I got home and got straight into one. I drank so much water, coke and coffee until i was at...
  3. M

    Bedwetting Fakers

    I used to see a lot more of these threads but figured I would start a new one. Hopefully, we all realize the dangers of faking bedwetting when we were younger, (unhealthy, deceitful and unfair to parents, unnecessary doctors visits, ..), though I don't judge anyone who was young and stupid and...
  4. sandboxphil

    Expat Brat

    Hello All! I am a 24 y/o AB/DL who lives and works in Dubai (originally from Bean-Town, USA). My favorite diaper is Abena X-Plus or Bambino's. I love to travel and am also a private pilot for fun (small stuff Cessna 172's...). I love all genres of music and play on a Saturday night softball...
  5. harris


    I have worked with kids for three years now, both genders, rich and poor, ages five to eighteen. And now I teach people ages eighteen to twenty-five. What strikes me when I discuss the youth generation is that unreasonable prejudice some people carry about the youth, that every teenager is a...