1. Lupan

    I am soo happy to be back.

    I did not know where to post this, but I felt I had to reintroduce myself it has been literally years since I was here, and I won't lie I missed it, I missed everyone: I joined here when I was 15 years old, and through this site I met many people, mostly digital only, but I also met people irl...
  2. M

    Help Request Maintenance - Update: Calendar Appears related... Calendar does not show 2015. We will probably like to have the upcoming Awards posted in the calendar too. If that's not something that we can enter ourselves; Please contact egor for dates to be entered... (once we...
  3. Miku

    how to confess to a roommate

    When I move out I am moving into an appartment with a girl my age,while she is going to college I am getting a job to pay the rent.I want to wear diapers, but I am sick and tired of keeping it a secret.I want to tell her when we both move in but I don't know if she will accept it/me or reject...