1. happiesxxl

    Huge size baby diapers size 7!

    These are huge size 7 Diapers. Tried them and they are the biggest I have ever found anywhere in the world! Love the cute packaging as well. A nice find for my collection. I collect vintage and modern baby diapers in extra large sizes. Definitely worth the price in my opinion. I know how...
  2. Pokogirl

    Important Step Towards My Diaper Life

    Today was a big step towards my DL life. I finally bought the diapers I've dreamt of wearing since my childhood. 2009 they used to air the commercial in tv. Still now whenever I see the commercial I feel some kind of urge. Here's the commercial link --> https://youtu.be/j5et3Hsvyio I was potty...
  3. ShortGuy

    Got my G.OONs "baby" diapers, pic and some comparison pics

    Hey all. Just got my GOO.N diapers, ordered from Germany. Just thought to show it with some comparison with a few other known and unknown diapers. From left to right Goo.n Super Big XXL, DryNites L-XL boys, Girls underjams L-XL, Kiwisto size 7, Pampers Baby dry 6 Only managed to upload one...