1. PaddedSuperboy

    Changes In XPMedical and Their Supplies of Incontinence Products.

    I emailed the owner of XP Medical, and Gary had this to say about changes to their site and their products starting soon. Pretty much, better order now rather than sooner. Not great news.
  2. DLMunky

    Bambino or XP Coupon Codes??

    I am going to be making a rather large purchase from either Bambino or XPmedical very soon. I was wondering if anyone knows of (or do they ever have) any coupon codes for either vender?? Being able to save even 10% on my purchase would be awesome and I could buy more. Thanks for any help!
  3. Rational

    Attaining A Covert Dry 24/7 & Reintroduction

    'Ello all, It's been a while since I've last made a thread, but I've been stretched, twisted, and contorted with my rigorous educational habits. I'm fresh out of high school and into college on a neat merit scholarship. There may be a thread on the topic of which I'm about to speak of, but my...
  4. Dolphins2011

    My Friends Answered the Delivery for my Diapers!

    Ok, so recently I moved out of my dad's house and got my own 1 bedroom apartment. It's been pretty chill and all, and I knew ordering diapers would be easier than ever. I ordered a pack of Abri-form M3 (why get M4 when there's only 14 in the pack vs 22 in M3?) from XP medical. I must say, XP...
  5. Dan09

    Quick Question about XPMed/UPS Store

    Heya everyone. Forgive me if this has been asked before, but I have a question about the possibility of having XP Medical deliver not to my house, but rather to a local UPS Store where I would be able to pick up the package at my convenience (by biking there). Does anyone have any experience...