xp medical

  1. PaddedSuperboy

    Absorbency Plus-Regular Size

    I've seen a few threads on this brand, but it's been awhile. I tried them out, today. I have to say, I dig them a lot. I guess when they first came out earlier this year/last, they had issues. But taping one on and using it, I didn't have much to complain about. I like my diapers to swell, this...
  2. PaddedSuperboy

    ConfiDry Issues

    I have ordered two cases of 18 from XP Medical, and both have had defects. I am wondering if others have been having issues? The first case had rips in the plastic, tears in the actual SAP, and the wings were extremely thin. The replacement case has no rips and the wings are normal sized, but...
  3. WearingClouds

    Terrible new from XP MEDICAL

    I was on xpmedical.com and saw that the Tena Sip Maxis are discontinued and they are finishing what's left of their stock. Compared to bambino where I usually go to as a second option for TSMs, XP med. is by far cheaper. Heads up if you need to stock up on these beauties before they run out...
  4. xtrabulk

    Should I get Superios or A+4s?

    OK. I'm done with the OCD. Never thought I'd be asking somethinglike this, but here goes. Should I buy Superios or XP Medical level 4s? I like both, and with the 15% off Superio, the cost difference is negligible. I like a nice, thick, wet diaper. But, I like the wettness aspect as well. So, the...
  5. abdl690

    Help with absorbancy rating conversions!

    I love XP Medical, because they list the absorbancy in fl. oz. This I can relate to, unlike the "drops" and "bears" rating used by Bambino and ABU, respectively. Is there anywhere that states the range in oz. or mL, or whatever for these two companies? Thanks!